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New Copyright Rules

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Posted 14 September 2010 - 11:14 AM

Over the past few months or more, with the advent of weheartit and the increased use of tumblr and flickr along with copyrighted images from sites like deviantART, myself and some of your other fellow members have created a sort of guide to using images, especially stock but not exclusively, without risking copyright infringement. The following posts are mandatory reads and the rules and guidelines stated within MUST be followed. This may sound harsh, but it's really for everyone's safety because hey, who wants to get into a lot of trouble for using one image?

PM hayley jade with any questions happy2.gif.


1. Make sure to look at the artist comment or for copyrights before taking any images.
2. Link to the artist and not the site in general when taking stock.
3. If required, notify the artists of which stock you are using and ask them if you are allowed to use them multiple times.
4. Include your credits somewhere in your gallery.
5. In requests, choose your own stocks to be safe, especially if you want to place something you've made into your gallery.
6. For challenges, list your credits as well unless you are posting your work in your gallery as well.
7. When writing a tutorial, don't forget to credit who the stock belongs to. (I often go to tutorials to find stock and this would be really helpful)
8. When starting a topic in the Inspire Me! section, be sure to credit the stock you're providing.
9. When providing stock in the 'What's this Stock?" be sure include the credit for the image as well.

contributors: ForgottenFace, hayley jade, Professor Snape


On Flickr:

This is what to avoid. These images are copyright protected and are not allowed to be used by others.

You can avoid these copyrighted images by doing an advanced search and selecting the following options in the Creative Commons section.

You should get results similar to this. All the images that you get from the advanced search should be available to be used on graphics though, provided you credit the artist happy2.gif

You can find a list of what all the little circle signs mean here or here smile.gif

contributor: extraORDINARY

Next are the meaning of each symbol:

Taking images from we heart it

A lot of us have a we heart it account and use it frequently as a source of stock. And as everyone knows, anyone can "heart" a picture wether it's copyrighted or not. So here's what you can do to NOT use copyrighted images from we heart it.

First, when you see a picture that you like from the we heart it main page, you must click it, to see it fully. When getting to the image page, you'll be faced with this:

Above the picture (inside the red box), there's a link to the original site, where it was "hearted" from. Follow that link ALWAYS! And I mean, every time you want a picture from We heart it. You must ALWAYS follow that link. Never, ever take a picture direcly from we heart it.

Following the link from the image above, you'll be faced with this page:

Inside the red box it's the terms of use of this photo. As you can see, that picture is copyrighted. That means you CANNOT use this picture for your graphics.

Now in another example, let's take this photo:

Follow the link above the image and you'll be faced (in this case) with a blog. When something like that happens, ALWAYS search for some kind of disclaimer. I had to scroll down quite a bit to find it, but this is what I found:

According to the Google translator, it means:

The photos on this blog were found on the Internet as deemed in the public domain. If not please contact the webmaster and will be deleted immediately.

So in this case, as you don't know if the images are copyrighted, it's better NOT to use them. I know the images are gorgeous but it's better to be safe than sorry.
In some blogs/tumblr's/etc there's a link to the original source of the image, so ALWAYS follow all the links related to the image you want to use.

And finally here's another example:

Following the link above the image, you'll be taken to a Flickr page:

Click on the link that says "Some rights reserved" and you'll be taken to the terms of use page, for that picture. In this case, you CAN use this picture for your graphics, given that you credit the photographer on your grallery.

So don't forget to:

1 - Follow the link above the image on we heart it, or all the links related to that image
2 - Always check for copyright disclaimers
3 - If you don't know where the image came from, it's better not to use it
4 - Contact the artist/photographer to ask permission to use

contributors: ForgottenFace, wanderlust.



Stock-Unrestricted (group)
GREAT journal entry with links to various artists with unrestricted stock
night-fate-stock@dA -- rules for stock
vikyvampirs90@DA -- terms of use
AshenSorrow @ DeviantART she just needs credit
Claudestine-stock @dA Credit not necessary but appreciated.
Blacklagoon - credit as a resource on your website's credits page
celestial-star. - credit
amptone-stock @da - credit
lucieg-stock @da -credit
steppelandstock @da -credit
crazykira-resources @da -credit
adaae-stock @da -credit
candycrack @da -credit
cosmos-resources @da -credit
hybrid-genesis -credit
redheadstock @da -credit
f3rd4@DA -credit

k.Manghi (busy)'s flickr- asked for no use in porn or commercial stuff, and needs to be credited(:
tyler.elizabeth's flickr- asked to be credited(:
Cherisse.'s flickr- asked to be credited(:
AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora's flickr- asked to be credited(:
Jeff Kubina on flickr has some nice photos that are posted under an attribution license (i.e. you have to credit him). Be sure to check the license on each picture, because he has some that are fully copyrighted and others that he doesn't want used for manips. But there are plenty that are fine to use. smile.gif
Also Rick Harris on flickr.
MEGA meesh's flickr-needs to be credited
lucie camp's flickr-needs to be credited
laurenmarek's flickr-needs to be credited
letty davis's flickr-needs to be credited and would like a link
lesliee!!'s flickr-needs to be credited
Elle-mayLeckenby's flickr-needs to be credited
signed, monika's flickr-needs to be credited
hello.denise.'s flickr-needs to be credited
ignorance is new best friend's flickr-needs to be credited
chelsearoberson's flickr-needs to be credited

MantleUnbound @ blogger - I'm in the same boat as blackballoon. smile.gif
Creative Commons Search - best for image searching through google or flickr.

contributors: (sol), wanderlust., !lifeisasong, .brookeabee, Professor Snape, Brighid, SwissMiss, Astariel, hayley jade, Crookshanks

Make sure to credit the stock inside as well as the creator of the pack:

by cerise
by Aderyn

If you want to add a stock pack to the list, PM a moderator.

Edited by violet ephemera, 31 October 2011 - 12:00 PM.

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