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Mature and PG-13 Gallery Content

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Posted 02 August 2010 - 01:17 PM

This rule has been in place for a while, but as people so easily forget things like this, I'm here to remind you.

TDA follows a general 15+ or PG-13 rule when it comes to content based on violence and nudity - meaning that you cannot show full nudity or topless females, and that you cannot show significant amounts of gore or disturbingly violent images. Any questions about this rule should be directed to the admins. If you do want to include these images in your gallery, YOU MUST LINK TO THEM ONLY.

As for language, we follow a slightly stricter rule. Any reference to "hard" swear words - the f-word, sh*t, b*tch, and any word referring to sexual organs or sexual activity - are not allowed in any post (the word ban system disallows their use). If you include one of the first three listed on a graphic, YOU MUST LINK TO SAID GRAPHIC ONLY. Otherwise, it will be removed by a staff member.

Should you try and get around the word ban by using * as I have above, the word will also be removed and you will be warned 10%. I don't like seeing these words, other people don't like seeing these words, so don't use them. Other words like "crap" and "frig" are acceptable alternatives.

When you include a graphic that you can only link to, the link must include a rating for the graphic - you can even mention that it contains language, violence, etc. just to warn people before they click on it.

It is also suggested that, should you include graphics of this nature in your gallery, that you even put [15+] or [M] in the title or description of your gallery topic. The same goes for any challenges dealing with violent or disturbing images (as we've had a number of horror-style challenges).

These rules are to encourage respect and consideration for others on this site. Not everyone wants to see higher-rated material, especially those members who are supervised by their parents while online. Please make this a work-safe site. smile.gif

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