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Rules for Filling RequestsUpdated: Sept 5, 2011

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Posted 10 December 2006 - 02:00 AM

- you must be a member artist
  • to become a member artist, simply read this thread and follow the instructions.
- you do not need to request permission to fill something once it has been posted within this section.
  • some threads will simply be posted here, others will be moved at the asking of the requestor. either way, once the thread appears in this section, you do not need to ask permission to fill it. you should post in the thread claiming the request (say something like "i've got it" or "i'll take this one for you. you should see it in {x} days/hours/etc...) if you have any questions, please ask them - like "i'll take this for you - but did you want that picture of draco or can i use any old picture of him?"
- you do need to claim requests if you intend to fill them**
  • when a request is posted, many artists may be interested in filling it. to ensure that six people don't make graphics for a single request, it is required - or, at least strongly suggested - that you claim a request when you intend to fill it.
- you may only claim one request (in this or any section) at a time.
  • in the spirit of fairness, if there are six open requests in this section, you may only claim one of them at a time. once you have posted the graphic for your claimed request, you may claim another. (i.e., you do not have to wait for the requestor to OK the graphic or to pick it up - simply leave it for them and you may move on to another request.) also, please remember that you may only claim one request at a time, no matter the section (member requests, or specific artist).
- do not claim requests unless you can fill them in a timely manner.
  • stuff happens. i get that. however, barring unforseen circumstances and uncooperative graphics, you will be expected to fill the requests you claim. if you claim a request and do not fill it within the designated time period, the request will be re-opened for another artist, however, if you know that you are unable to complete the request, let the requester (and other artists) know about it so that their request can be filled more quickly. if you frequently claim requests that you flake out on (i.e., just disappear and do not let the requestor know you are unable to fill their request) your posting privilages for this section can be revoked.
- the first person to claim a request gets it.
  • even if you were posting at the same time, the first person to claim a request gets it. even if you were already filling the request, but you forgot to claim it, and someone else claims it in your stead, the person to claim the request gets it.
- if you did not claim a request, but filled it anyway, and someone else has already posted a graphic in that thread, you may not post yours
  • in following with the last rule, if you fill a request but fail to claim it and then realize, when the request is completed, that someone has claimed it, you need to step down. You can save the graphic for another request later, post it UFG or simply put it in your gallery (or save it and wait to see if the requestor declines the requestors work) but you cannot offer it to the requestor and undercut the other artist just because you've already finished it.
- be respectful

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