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** Chapter Image/Story Set Requesting Rules & Forms**--updated as of 9/19--

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#1 BitterEpiphany


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 06:39 AM

How to Request Chapter Images

1. After reading the rules, copy and paste The Request Form into a new topic, then fill it out, making sure to be somewhat specific as to characters, colour scheme/mood, etc.

Your story must have at least one validated chapter at HPFF in order for you to receive a graphic.

this rule is actually not to be mean - it's to ensure that the time our artists spend making banners isn't wasted. often, people will request chapter images before a chapter is ready to be posted, claiming that the graphic inspires them to write but, more often than not, the stories are never posted and that is a massive waste of our artists time. thus, your chapter has to be validated before we will make the graphic.

2. You must include images for an OC or characters who have not appeared in the movies (including Marauder-era characters). If you cannot find pictures, the name of a celebrity/model will also be accepted. The Where to Find Pictures Thread can be very helpful. Never use personal images of yourself or your friends/family on chapter image - that is forbidden at HPFF.

3. If you already have a chapter image for your chapter that is not made by you, please ask the previous artist for permission by informing them that you are interested in requesting a new chapter image. This means that you have received a positive reply from the artist.

artists almost never say "no, you have to keep using the graphic i made for you!" but it is considered polite to both let them know that the graphic is no longer in use (so that they may give it to someone else if they choose) and to ask them if it's OK.

4. A maximum of 3 chapter images may be requested in one request thread in order to limit the workload and subsequent stress on artists, and to ensure that the chapter images can be produced within an appropriate amount of time.

5. Once you have posted your request please note the following rules:
  • you may only request one set of chapter images at a time (all must be for the same story)
  • you may not request a banner via the PM system or receive one via the PM system.
  • if your request is not taken by an artist within three days, you may post to "bump" the topic to the top of the list (three days = 72 hours - take note of differing time zones when you bump)
  • if your request is not taken after three days have passed, you may also ask to have it moved to the Member Requests area
  • please do not PM artists to fill your request. You can, however, have your request moved to the Specific Artists area for that artist.
  • Member Artists cannot fill requests in the regular requesting area.
5. Once your request has been taken up by an artist, please note the following rules:
  • the artist has three days in which to complete your graphic
  • if the artist does not post a graphic by the end of three days, you may PM them to check on their status.
  • you can also PM the artist if you have changed your mind about images, the title, etc.
6. Once the artist has posted the graphic, please note the following rules:
  • if you like the graphic, please post to thank the artist or to say that you are taking it.
  • always credit the artist in your summary (ex: "banner by fred").
  • always rehost your chapter images.
  • if you do not like the graphic, you may ask the artist for changes, or ask to reopen your request.
When asking for changes, you MUST be specific. If you don't like a picture, provide another one. If you don't like a font, give an idea as to what sort of font you are looking for. Asking for changes on a graphic means you have to take the initiative to make it easier for the artist to make the right graphic for you. Do not by any means waste an artist's time.

This last set of rules is very important! If you do not treat the artists with respect, you will receive a warning from the staff.

You will have 7 days to collect your completed graphic before a moderator will PM you a reminder. After another 7 days, if you have not yet collected your chapter images, the artist may remove the graphic and post it in the Up For Grabs section.


** The "main" Chapter Image Requests section is only for Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Staff Artists to fill requests for. Member Artists can only fill requests in the Member Requests area, and members cannot fill requests at all.

Should you have additional questions, please post them in the Question & Answer Forum. :)

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#2 BitterEpiphany


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Posted 31 October 2006 - 06:50 AM

When requesting a Story Set, please observe the following rules.

1 Use the standard request forms for both banners and chapter images to ensure that your request will be filled quickly and as close to what you're looking for as possible.

2. Refer to the rules for requesting banners as well as the rules for requesting chapter images when filling out the standard form.

3. only request one story set at a time. Depending on the length of your story, your request could be HUGE (or, I suppose, it could be very small) but, either way, it takes a long time for our artists to fill these and requesting more than one at a time would be mean.

Bumping Rules: Since everyone wants to know how often you can bump. You may bump your request every 3 days if no artist has claimed it.

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#3 Violet


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Posted 22 February 2009 - 06:06 PM

When posting a request, you need to refer to the standard request form. This helps to ensure that our artists have all of the information that they need and, also, that bits of your requests are not missed. Below you will find the code for the form (simply copy and paste it into your new topic and fill it out) as well as a guided form - one which contains details about the types of information we would like to see you include - and a sample completed form, to give you an indication of what your final form should look like. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

DO NOT CHANGE THIS CODE! That includes changing colours, fonts, or sizes. Keep this as simple as possible for everyone! :)

Standard Request Form Code


Chapter Title:
Link to Chapter: [must be a validated chapter]
Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?:

Canon Characters on Chapter Image:
Original Characters on Chapter Image:
Other Images You Would Like:

Quotes to use on Chapter Image:

Color Preferences:

Mood of Your Chapter:
Additional Information:


Guided Request Form
please do not use this form. it is provided only as a reference for what information goes where. :)


Chapter Title: this is where the title for your chapter goes. please be sure to enter it exactly - including spelling, capitalization, etc...
Link to Chapter: to get your chapters link, simply visit your chapter and then check your address bar. your link should look something like this: http://www.harrypott...php?psid=116956
Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?: if you have requested this image before, you need to get permission from the previous artist to re-request the image. in that case, please send them a PM asking if it is OK that you get a new chapter image. If they say its OK, simply include their name here and note that they gave you permission.

Canon Characters on Chapter Image: here, you should include the names of any canon characters (that have already appeared in the films) that you would like to use. if you want a specific picture of a canon character, please provide it. more notes on specific images and canon characters
Original Characters on Chapter Image: if your story contains any original characters that you would like to have appear on your chapter image, you must provide pictures of them or, at the very least, the name of an actor/actress you would like your artist to use. [rules regarding the use of unknown models]
Other Images You Would Like: many times people would like other images to be used on their graphics. if you would like to have another image used - like a castle or a book or a flower - please provide it here.

Quotes to use on Chapter Image: if you would like a short quote on your image (usually no more than 10 words) please provide it here. A quote is optional but we have found that many people like to include them.
Color Preferences: if you have any preferences to colors - "no pinks" or "dark tones" please specify so here. this is, again, optional.
Mood of Your Chapter: if you have a "feel" that you're going for - romantic or angsty or fun loving - please let us know using this section.
Animation? if you would like your chapter image to be animated in any way, please specify so here. If you do decide that you would like animation, please let us know how and what you would like animated. Do you just want the quote animated? Would you like the title to fade in an out or perhaps for the characters to fade in and out? Maybe a candle flickering? Without this information, your request will be delayed. [note: animation will make your request take longer to be filled as fewer artsits can animate and even fewer still like to create animated chapter image.
Additional Information: this would be the home for any other information that you might want to include. if you have ships that you would like represented in your chapter image, or if you wish to provide a short summary of your chapter so that the artist has a better understanding of what you're looking for, do so here. Also, if you have any character orders you would like observed (i.e., i would like draco on the left followed by hermione, harry, ginny, ron and cho) or artistic guidelines (i.e., samples of banners/images that you've liked, stylistically)

Sample Request Form


Chapter Title: Mishaps & Meetings
Link to Chapter: http://www.harrypott...chapterid=89340
Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?: No

Canon Characters on Chapter Image:
Original Characters on Chapter Image: Alexis - Monica Belluchi [gallery here]
Other Images You Would Like:

Quotes to use on Chapter Image:

Color Preferences: Dark. I would like something that, to a degree, matches the banner.
Mood of Your Chapter: general
Animation? no thank you.
Additional Information: This is a pretty general introductory chapter and there isn't a lot of action that would give it a great profound feel. Just something rather gneric that matches the banner works for me.


The chapter image you receive will be this size or less.


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