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I think I worry a lotJune 30

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#1 lilscratchy


    <3 Paul Craddock

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 09:21 AM

Ulil // Photoshop CS 5 


I know, i've said so many times that i'll be back for stay. But all i can say is i'll try again.





new on top.












































kthLf9z.png rVLnDis.png

both by Miss Atomic Bomb



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ulil // Galery // available - pm first

#2 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

    bad witch of 'north

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 10:29 AM


will edit later  :hide:

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absolutely perfect signature by my one and only wildest dreams.

 ~now, sashay away ♥ ~  

#3 missy

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 12:51 PM

ulil? (is that your name, i'm looking at your sig :P if it is? it's such a pretty name)
wow, your graphics are gorgeous *o* seriously, they're stunning! they're so vibrant and both your texture and stock use is stunning! omg, i just can't get over all of these pretties!!!! i love this+ because it's so deep and dark but also vibrant at the same time??? i'm obsessed with this+ because the comp is really cool and creative and this is AMAZING!!! the b&w is perf and the little splash of red looks so GOOD! it's definitely one of my favourites of yours (how did you fit so many people on it?!?) also i ADORE this+ because 1. colours!!! 2. text!!! and 3. perfecT comp! i think i saw it in the pylc thread - i loved it then and i love it now :loves: haha i seriously think i'm repeating myself too much here but i just want to say that this+ is legit my comp goals. i love the negative space so much! i don't know how you fit three people on but still make it look so simple??? stunning. and lastly this+ is just gorgeous. the simplicity is really pretty and the pastely colouring is also so cute! :wub: i think that's also got to be one of my favourites of yours ;)
anyways, keep doing what you're doing! i can't wait to see more - i'll be back soon..
- missy <3

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missy, set by somuch. my gallery

#4 sin city

sin city

    hashtag hustle life

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Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:46 PM



this took me so long but

everything in here is so lovely!!

i absolutely adoreadore your colouring 

it's always so fun and vibrant!!


my favourite has to be the first sig

because everything about it is just *-*

the comp & texture use are amazing


looking forward to more! <3

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previously fawkes.

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#5 snowdrop



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Posted 14 April 2017 - 06:54 AM

New gallery!!  :drop:

Uliiil... why are your graphics beyond awesommmeeeeeeeeeee...?!

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Hello, I'm Y U K I !


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#6 lilscratchy


    <3 Paul Craddock

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Posted 30 April 2017 - 05:16 PM

@Bex: thank you for coming over, I'm still waiting for any comments <3
@Missy: yes, my name's Ulil. It's a nickname I got in elementary school and used only by friends online nowadays.

I LOVE vibrant and bright graphics so very much, IDK how to stop   :D  :D  :D
For You Sig was my attemp to use my own stock.
this and this was from my Southpaw fangirl era. I love that movie so very much that i don't mind trying its screencaps (oooh, i hate screencaps).
Shape of you CI is for a friend, just trying out comp! I meant i just came back, so feels like trying out a lot of stuffs.
That last two are my previous works that thankfully i saved to my new laptop :">
Thank you so much for visiting, comeback anytime <3

@fawkes. : I think i've been loving bright colors since the first time i learned doing graphic.
That first sig is an attempt for a new coloring. Lately i just use my previous coloring and tweak it a bit to fit the picture i used.

Thank you!

@Yuki: yeaaaaah! finally a new gallery! I totally forgot why I didn't post new one earlier =))


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ulil // Galery // available - pm first

#7 floralprint


    resident studio ghibli enthusiast

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 06:56 PM

ulil, your gallery is amazing!! congrats on your promotion and for featured artist!
i can't even pick any favorites, everything is so gorgeous. i love your coloring, it's so vibrant and inspiring <3
enjoy your new rank and pretty gold color! hope to see you around :dumbles:

| ash | available for requests |
| gallery | up for grabs |

#8 sin city

sin city

    hashtag hustle life

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 09:24 PM


congrats on fa & the promo ulil!

not at all surprised to be back here so lickidy split :3

everything in here is so gorgeous and bright and just

perfect and wonderful and all the nice things *-*


previously fawkes.

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#9 bewitching.


    we’ve found our destiny

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Posted 09 May 2017 - 10:39 AM

Hi Ulil, I am here with your requested gallery critique. If you have any questions or queries about the critique or anything in general then please feel free to PM me.


Strongest Piece

I think your strongest piece in your gallery is +this...everything about it screams perfection to me. The composition and text work so well together. I also like these pieces: +one, +two and +three


Weakest Piece

In terms of your weakest piece I think it is +this...the text looks rather pixelated around the edges and the fonts chosen do not really suit the graphic. So I would consider removing this piece from your gallery as well as these pieces: +one, +two and +three


Wow this critique is going to be hard because all of your graphics are stunning.


In some of your graphics I would suggest being careful which fonts you choose and the colour of them. In +this one the red text is slightly hard to read against the dark.  With +this one the colour of the 'be' text does not really fit the reddish tones of the graphic so maybe a dark red with a white shadow may have been more suitable. When i think about choosing the colour of my text I try to choose a colour in the area that it will be placed or if I don't do that I think of this rule: light text on dark areas and dark text on light areas. Both these tips have helped me a lot when creating graphics. Try to think when selecting fonts what mood you are trying to portray in your graphic. Scriptive fonts are more ideal for sad/dark graphics. Sans serif fonts are for happy/bright graphics. This rule may not apply to all graphics but it will certainly help you in the long run.


Regarding your 'clutter' issue I think in some of your graphics it really works especially +this piece. If you do really want to over come cluttering up your graphics then you could try do a minimalistic graphic where you hardly use a lot of stock or textures. I can guarantee that over time the more you practise you will be able to create both minimalistic and full banners. Just remember to find a balance between the two.


When I do the colouring of my graphic the first colouring layer I create is a black and white gradiant map on soft light and lower the opacity to around 10/20% this helps to boost the contrast of your graphics a litte. Every gradient/gradient map I use is always put on soft light and from there I lower the opacity down to the correct level that I like.


I general rule of thumb I have always lived by since I joined TDA is not to have textures covering the faces of people in graphics. For example +here there is a lighting texture crossing her face, same with the bigger girl +here. Slight overlay of certain textures are okay if you are hiding part of the face but if that is not the case then textures should not really be covering the face.


Other than that I think your graphics are amazing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more form you.

thank you styles (red herring) for the gift

call me Gaby   Hanna's twinee  GALLERY PM for requests  unavaliable

#10 TroubledTraube

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Posted 28 May 2017 - 12:16 AM

hey ho, I am also here to admire one's works!


I really really like the colour! Very cheerful and eye catching! 

Looking at your work somehow encourage me to practice more!


I'll work hard! haha xx

#11 choobacca


    :wookie noises:

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Posted 22 August 2017 - 05:23 PM

​heyyy Ulil! it seems i've never commented in your gallery before, so here i am. i love love your style and am always so in awe of your lovely creations. i love your balance of bright/vibrant with smoothness and cohesiveness. for example here+ and here+. i love how the composition on everything you make is totally unique, you never fall into old habits and are constantly experimenting. keep making gorgeous things for me to drool over :')

hey, i'm  a l i s o n !


available - pm first . gallery . drooling over this set by milominderbinder . formerly and peggy

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