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and i'm doing just finejune first

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#1 miss atomic bomb

miss atomic bomb

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Posted 22 December 2015 - 12:05 AM








{click for full set}



{click for full set} {click for blend version}


{click for full set}
p4g2y6.png  vr94XG.png  vb1AFn.png  ppBZeF.png  TSEyE2l.gif  EbuNdUA.png




v60rL6.png . v6RzaW.png


v6MQvs.png . vFVnxF.png


pkp9P1.png . pkpWh2.png

{click for complete sets}

















pgyYcQ.png pjWfwj.png  prZ5ys.png  ooWC3m.png   myoYdG.png  myoN5z.png  mK1aMG.png

{click for full sets} 


p5e4nQ.png     p5eHqq.png     p5eNDd.png     p5eYI8.png

{click for full size}

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#2 ferlybadinage


    Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name?

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Posted 22 December 2015 - 07:10 AM

Wow! I love all your stuff! Amazing banners, superb colouring.

I really just have to comment on +this though. It genuinely takes my breath away. Wwowwiee! I can't even with that colouring ♥ just so perfect.

Also, kudos on your "I challenge thee" entry. Thats amazing!

Edit: Yay first!

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b e x c e l l e n t set by beyond the rain

#3 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

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Posted 24 December 2015 - 07:47 AM

omg a new gallery how did i not see 



so i'm here to squee and i just have to say wow, srsly there's so much prettiness going on in here! 

To start off with, your composition skills - esp the comp of your banners - it's amazing, and so old school <3 

Like this one here++ and this one++

W O W 


i think those two are my favourite pieces of yours in your gallery; usually I'm kind of sceptic of mono but you pull it off brilliantly, 

I'm probably sceptic bc I can't hack it, srsly how do you mono???? teach me ur ways??? 


You've got this really cool, grungy style going on like in the sig here++ it's so earthy and colourful I cannot cope! 


You have to make more stuff! I can't wait to see what else you make in here! 


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#4 miss atomic bomb

miss atomic bomb

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Posted 29 December 2015 - 02:25 AM

vashti : thank you so much <3 that's the only blend I've ever been completely happy with, I hate such large canvases so I'm glad you like it!


bex : thank you! I wasn't sure how I felt about the divenire banner so I appreciate your comments ^_^ you say old school, I say I've just been away from tda for so long I'm a year behind the current trends haha. I mono because I have such a hard time with color tbh. thanks for dropping in!


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#5 Guest_Icarus._*

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Posted 31 December 2015 - 12:13 AM

Hi! Everything here is so beautiful! <33 I love all the colours and the monochrome banner is outstanding! :silly: How do you make those icons? Text icons are so hard for me! That big blend is amazing! How do you graphic? :wub: Can't wait to see more of your beautiful things! :D

#6 ferlybadinage


    Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name?

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 07:26 PM

So well deserved <3



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b e x c e l l e n t set by beyond the rain

#7 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 07:37 PM

^ similarly to vashti, i also bring a promo gift! 



well done, such a well deserved promo! <3 

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#8 dope.amine

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 07:39 PM

CONGRATS TO YOU TOO!! Oh my God, so well deserved, your graphics are bee-you-tee-ful!

I'm still in love with your siggie <33


Gah. Anywayy~

Thank you for dropping by gallery, it means so muchh.




enjoy the new color and the ultimate achievement! <3

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ami. 22. ninja cat.

+you gotta love me harder.

#9 choobacca


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Posted 03 January 2016 - 09:16 PM



...in retrospect, i should've made you a hamilton prezzie ;____;



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#10 accursed.


    Mo Duinne

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Posted 04 January 2016 - 12:55 AM




hello there newest staff artist! 


honestly this promo was so well deserved, your stuff is actually amazing like wow.

That blend is out of this world, how do you even do that . . . style thing? 

I have no words!


Posted Image

gallery || kinda-available?? Just got back. After a long time. 

#11 atė!


    goddess of mischief

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Posted 04 January 2016 - 07:24 AM

Cat! I was so glad to see your name on that list!

Congratulations on getting staff <3 *doing little happy dance*

Your graphics are so soft and etheral and your colouring

is superb! I especially love your CI (oh my goodness it's

so gorgeous) and your blend (what is that colouring?!) :loves:

But everything you make is so great and I'm so happy I'm

doing that graphic battle with you :hug:

I made you a little something and I hope you enjoy the prettiest

blue here on TDA <3


Love, Sally

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#12 ad astra

ad astra
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Posted 06 January 2016 - 05:18 AM

hi so your hamilton stuff is amazing i'm complete hamilton trash and i just love everything so much yep ok

elisabeth || previously caelestis. || general garbage
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#13 miss atomic bomb

miss atomic bomb

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Posted 22 February 2016 - 09:39 PM

Thanks everyone for the promo gifts and lovely words <3 wow I'm so late you're all awesome :wub:




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#14 dust & decay

dust & decay

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Posted 06 March 2016 - 10:41 PM

hi cat! here with your critique ^_^


chapter images



the main thing i notice is that it looks like you filter your text along with the rest of the graphic. it's effective in some of the CI's, but not the others, i think. i really like how it looks in this set, but i don't think it works on the CI on the left here and in the set here.

the issue behind this is cohesion -- in the "good" examples, the text matches the painterly feel of the backdrop, and it's sharp in the pieces where the rest of the graphic is sharp, and more blurry when not. in the "not good" examples, the text is blurry when the rest of the graphic is sharp (eg. in the CI's on the left in this one and this), or sharp when the rest of the graphic is more blurry (eg. this piece on the right, but this one is tricky because part of it is sharp and the other parts more blurry. we'll return to this piece later.)


i do notice also that your placement of text is repetitive -- you favor putting text towards a bottom corner. this works when there's a lot of negative space (like in the first two CI's and this and this one), but not otherwise (like in the one on the left here, where there is considerably less negative space.) in this CI on the left, part of the problem is that the focal point is actually towards the middle, where it is brightest on her face. so i think on that CI, you can make the text bigger -- move it up towards the middle right, and have it fill up all that negative space above where it is currently.




these are your strongest point -- i really have no significant critique for these. they're wonderful!! your use of text here works really cohesively in each piece. i especially love the second signature; so creative!

the only sticky point i have here is that again you have repetitive composition -- here, you're repeatedly putting the focal point at the center of the banner and using negative space all around. if you want to change things up, you perhaps might try using several people to challenge yourself, or perhaps try setting the focal point elsewhere (like towards the side third rather than middle third of the canvas).





i think banner composition is your weakest point. here, like your signatures, you favor "focus point in the middle + negative space elsewhere" composition. it works well in this banner, where the rest of the banner has sufficient visual interest, and the text is bold and within the focal point of the banner. 

it's this banner where your composition lets you down, and it's mostly to do with text placement. where you've placed it in the banner is rather "extreme" -- it's at the very top of the canvas, and almost escaping off of it, while the focal point of the banner extends farther down. in general, "escaping" text like that works best when the text is large and fills all the space below it. it doesn't quite make sense to have it edging past the canvas when there's so much space below it for it to fill. i think in that banner you'd be better served by pushing it down to be more level with the middle of the canvas (particularly since you have the bright patch on her chest, which draws the focal point further down).


in this banner, the text placement would work perfectly if the face in the background were made just a bit more opaque so it is more obvious. the face could also be moved a little further to the right, so it's not so cramped there. you have so much negative space on the canvas that you can afford to use some of it.


again on this banner, the text placement is a little off. i understand the idea behind it -- balancing the green on top with green on bottom -- but it doesn't quite work because the text on bottom looks like it's sort of floating there. i would put a shadow under it so it looks more deliberately placed and cohesive with the rest of the banner.




image quality

you mentioned that image quality is one of your weak points.

the pieces where the image quality is lowest seem to be the ones where you've done the most filtering, particularly this piece. that header has a cohesion issue -- it has very sharpened parts (the text and lower half) and very smudgy/painterly parts, like the upper parts behind the crow. it's these non-cohesive pieces that are the weakest pieces in your gallery. i'm not sure in those pieces if the filtering really helps you out -- i think the pieces would look just great without them! if you're finding that filtering is seriously degrading image quality on some pieces, i would perhaps think about if all that filtering is really helping. some images end up being better when left natural.


that said, the rest of your headers are really, really fantastic. i have no critique for them! you really nailed everything with those pieces.


in general, i think you can be more bold. :P try out new compositions -- using less negative space, using people in different parts of the canvas, not putting the focal point in the middle. also, i think you can try doing more with text -- make it bigger, place it more prominently rather than away and to the sides.

i would also watch out for cohesion -- don't marry very sharp images/text with very smudgy images/text (like in this CI and like in this).



i hope this helps, cat! pls pls drop me a PM if you want to talk about any of this -- i totally think critiques should be a 2-way conversation rather than just an opinion dump from me :P

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#15 Guest_apsara._*

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 04:01 AM



I don't know why i haven't actually posted in your gallery to squee it before, because it is...totally....outstandingggg...like, seriously. your gallery is an actual ball of flawlessness and I don't know how to cope?


The way you pull off B&W is MAGNIFICENT. Like I don't even know how that is humanly possible. So so GOOD, I pretty much am in total awe of all your UC entries of last month, and I also love your first two CIs!


but my favourites have to be this+ and this+! there's just too much brilliance going on here, and I love the minimalism and yet the wonderful cohesiveness of it all!


you're awesome and I love you


#16 Guest_Icarus._*

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Posted 26 March 2016 - 12:46 PM

Oh Cat, I don't know how I'm going to critique you! I really love your style and everything you make is ON POINT. *_* So let me try to give you a quick critique. Hopefully this will be useful, but otherwise, feel free to disregard everything I say. xD 


I think in your header, the 'work' is a bit hard to read, since the colour of the text is so similar to the books. I think the yellow on the bottom left would be a nice colour? Or maybe The purply-grey tones of the girl's face. (I hate banners too lol)


The text on the second CI looks super cool, but I think the blue hues on the 'B' in burn look a bit out of place, seeing that the theme is 'Burn' and the red/orange hues look so lovely. Maybe use a colour balance and make the blue look a bit more violet to match with the colours on the left the girl? I love how the text looks like it's burning though!


The fifth CI looks so unique, but I think it seems a bit too busy? Maybe some foggy textures to cover bits of the base might change that. However, that's just a personal preference. ^_^ Also, I think part of 'want' is disappearing into the background. I suggest moving the small girl a bit so that the text would be on her body? (that might not work though, so no need to try that! xD It's just what I think.) 


The text on the 6th CI is a bit hard to read, but I think it says 'sedated'? While it is hard to read, I actually think it fits really well with the theme though, so I'm not so sure about it. ^.^ Try moving the drop shadow a teeny bit closer to the main text, so that it's still blurry and hazy, but a bit more decipherable. 


The girl on the first CI looks a bit too lq, and I think that's because of a texture? The graininess works well, but I think you could erase a bit of the texture from the girl's face using a soft eraser? I think the lightning could be moved a bit to the right (away from the girl's face) too. :)


I ADORE your other two CIs, especially the 'Cure' one. So fabulous!


How can you hate banners when you are so good at them? *_*


In the first banner, I think you could make 'wonderland' a bit bigger and lower to help reinforce the focus, which is the girl. 


I think 'Neil Gaiman' in the second banner should be moved a bit closer to the guy? It looks a bit out of place since it's so far away. 


For the third banner, try flipping the girl horizontally? Our eyes tend to focus on people's faces, but since her face and the main text are on opposite sides, the focal point is a bit messed up. Either that, or move the main text to the right of the girl, and then move both the girl and the text a bit to the right so that the banner isn't too left heavy.


Like the Halsey sig, I think the girls in the first header are a bit too lq. Just use a soft brush on low opacity to lightly erase bits of the texture, but not everything since the graininess looks really pretty.


I loooove the 3D blend! It's so cool and unique and gorgeously simple!


Your icons have really nice cuts! I love the contrast of colours in the stock icons. Too much contrast can look a bit iffy sometimes, but you pulled it off really well. 


I think you should experiment a bit more with the second icon set because some cuts seem to be a bit similar. Have some icons that have negative space and a small person with most, if not the whole, of their body on the canvas. Some close ups on people's faces look really cool too. The ones that seem to have similar cuts are 2, 4, 6, and 9.  (I'm counting the 'Bobby' one as the first and the b&w one as the last, and the first row being 2,3,4,5 and the second row being 6,7,8.9.) :) 


I hope my quick crit is somewhat useful and helpful to you? Most of these are just my personal preferences. ^.^ I love your gallery Cat! Your CIs are your forte, I think. :)

#17 miss atomic bomb

miss atomic bomb

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Posted 11 May 2016 - 07:13 PM

pls excuse my horrifically late responses, I regularly forget I have a gallery :hide:
mini, thanks again for the splendid, immensely helpful crit :wub:
rohini, you are the absolute sweetest thank you so much! :glomp:
wren, thanks for your quick crit! very helpful, especially the comp related notes (I rely too much on intuition sometimes and don't actually pay attention to where I'm putting things) and image quality (overfiltering like woah). a lot of the text things you mentioned were on purpose but yeah much appreciated!


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#18 gryffiefan


    the future Mrs Blake

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Posted 30 May 2016 - 06:26 AM

Cat wow! Your gallery is absolutely amazing! 


I can't really choose a favorite from all your graphics but I love the Belle blend :wub:  (I'm super excited about the movie, aren't you?) And there's also this+ in which I found the background very good. I'm seriously in awe of all your graphics! Your vertical banners are flawless. How are you so talented??


So yeah I'll be looking out for your work cause I find it's an inspiration for me :) 


~ Cee xxx

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bex made me these lovelies! + don't fear the unexpected +   

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