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not my division8.7.15

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#1 illumination.


    Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 12:55 PM




















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oh hey there i'm scarlett || +not my division || +copyright rules || not available

#2 Ande


    tda's resident killian jones

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 12:56 PM

aksdjhalksj MINE



Your graphics. 

I must eat them all.

Your style and colouring and just alskdjfal.

Please teach me.

I am going to build a house in your gallery and never leave.

K? K.

Don't ever stop being amazing. <3


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Wakanda forever.

#3 harry styles.

harry styles.


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:00 PM



So proud of myself right now for snagging second.


I saw that you were going to make a new gallery but I didn't think it'd be up so soon!!  :drop:  :hyper: 


I am in LOVE with your banners. They're all so pretty and perfect and kdmlkiewldmfvew. Why are you so good at this???

I'm going to steal your talent and make beautiful banners like you. Just kidding because I'd rather just look at yours. I can't even choose a favorite. Well, I probably could if I sold my soul to sit in this gallery and stare at them for the next 40 years but then you'd have changed them several times and the process would start all over again and I would never leave.  :worship:  ^_^ 


That first signature gets me every single time. OMG THOSE SHERLOCK SIGS. Dead. I'm dead. I'm joining Ande in that house.


Ugh. I love everything in here. :loves:


MORE MORE MORE I WANT MORE! i promise i'm not always this weird



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Sarah &&  f.major & o. rutherford

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#4 catharsis


    my world is reduced to a single instinct: survive

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:01 PM

A new gallery? COOL. :sean:


I am actually so done. Your gallery is insane and I want to love you please. I was actually looking at your old gallery just earlier and I'm pretty sure this one is considerably smaller (unless I'm imagining things) so that is disappointing. :P YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE. My favourite is that sig, oh my god. It is the sexiest thing, I swear. :wub: I also love your current signature so I'm sad that's not in here! Your banners are beautiful, too. The Tangled (?) one is SO cute and cleverly done. And losing my religion is beautiful.

And being the complete loser that I am, I only now realise that your signature does, in fact, feature very prominently in your gallery. Right up the top. :rolleyes: I don't know how I missed that. I am an idiot. But I told you I was done, right? So let's blame it on that. :P

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#5 just.a.willow.tree

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:05 PM



Well, you know, fourth is the one that gets the treasure chest full of Scarlett's pretty graphics.




But *sniffles* I'm fourthhhh. :cry:


Your simplicity is so unbelievably gorgeous, Scarlett; and I love how you can do anything with very little, and I wish I could comp like you. :loves: You fit so many people onto graphics sometimes, it's astounding, and I absolutely adore your coloring as well. :loves: And that Tangled banner will forever hold a place in my heart. :wub:


Stay wonderful! <33

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eva gallery
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* Leviathan! is the best ;;

#6 legendson


    TDA's resident creeper.

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:34 PM

mone :sean:


I am in awe of your work. Like,  seriously Your colouing and comp are flawless and I don't know how you make such simple composition look so good. I've tried and failed D: 


case in point: +this +this +this





Share the talent please? 


AK xx

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ak || sick as hell



#7 Asphodelic



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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:34 PM

Hello Scarlett! :D


Your gallery is mind-blowing! :D I am absolutely in love with your style and especially your HP graphics! <3


And the way how you fit so many people and... just you're awesomely creative! :wub:




Love from your stalker! :sean:  Alishya





- Asphodel

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#8 bewitching.


    we’ve found our destiny

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 01:59 PM



This makes me laugh so much :lol: Sorry, I had to what with your gallery header and title!

*Coughs* Ok, back to your gallery.


You have some amazing stuff in her Scarlett :D

I love the "losing my religion" banner, Sherlock Holmes Signature and of course the founder CI's.

I just love the way you can fit so many people on to one graphic (love the tut on it) :hug:


- Gaby

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#9 Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis
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Posted 13 February 2014 - 02:47 PM

You're just so perfect *.*

everything in your gallery is so gorgeous!! And I just love love loved all your Avengers Banners. *silent fangirling*

The way you put so many people onto one little canvas looks so effortless with you, it really makes me wanna try to do it too.  :sean:

And Greg and the "section-titles" omg  :lol:

so yeah definitely drooling over your gallery right now  :edward:


P.S.: Your comp tutorial is so awesome and inspiring! Thanks so much for writing it all down  :loves:

{resources+stock pack}


Anika ~ needs years to put together a Gallery ~(O.O')

#10 lady.luck


    teen wolf luver

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 03:01 PM

Ahhh! Your things are so gorgeous and I love your natural and simple coloring technique.  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves:  :loves: 

not enough of those little guys to express my feelings

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#11 illumination.


    Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 11:37 AM

Ande: hahaha omg your gifs always kill me! and you're just as amazing, so i don't know what you're talking about :P ily!

LightLeviosa5443: awwww stopppp! you are too sweet! & i love you too. obviously. <3

catharsis: thank you! yeah, i cleaned out a few things to make room for new graphics (and i should still cut it down more, honestly!). & i'm assuming you're talking about the jensen sig? 'cause he's super sexy :sean:

just.a.willow.tree: eva you are too kind! and ughh, believe me, it took me FOREVER to learn how to comp so it a) means so much that my comp inspires you and b) keep practicing and it'll come to you!

legendson: :sean: eheheheheh

Azulive: aw thanks hon! <3

bewitching.: hahahah that quote is genuinely the greatest thing to come out of sherlock - how could i not make it the entire focal point of my gallery? and omg i'm so glad you like the tut!

Alice Pleasance: aww thank you! and i'm happy you found the tut useful! just keep practicing and eventually it'll become second nature. it's weird b/c now almost all of my graphics have either one person on it or a bajillion people on it - there is no happy medium with me lol.

lady.luck: gahh you're so sweet i want to squish you! *squish*

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oh hey there i'm scarlett || +not my division || +copyright rules || not available

#12 that guy.

that guy.

    Val says I'm "Captain Mike"

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Posted 15 February 2014 - 10:31 AM

Scarlett how do you do like omg your coloring and composition and wow everything and your text and can you teach me to be as awesome as you? I mean really, everything is so so so so gorgeous and I just :loves: 

Name's Mike! Available. Previously Mihali. 

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 FFAB Gallery [You bring things I cannot see] Paperdoll is so so so good

#13 zephyra.


    make the sparkly reach out

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 11:26 PM

i can't with you. how do you even do what you do? like whats your juice? and don't tell me your mom does all the grocery shopping okay. i mean are you magic or something? i don't even want to look at you. i'm so upset right now. everything is so amazing. i'm gonna cry. 

hi my name is krys


icon by hayley jade (:

#14 RockN

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 07:23 PM

I wanted to tell you how much I adore your 'Ride of Your Life' sig, if only Jensen would really wink at me like that lol.  And banners really are your division, they're beautiful!

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#15 amour.toujours

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 04:27 PM

Weren't you a member of Pandora's closet? I swear your style seems so familiar and so does your name! Anyway, in case I'm making a mess since it's been many years, I just wanted to tell you I'm a fan and I seriously worship you. Seriously, your style makes me jealous in a good way! I adore your coloring and wish I could do something like that, your compositions are unique and your text placement is just perfect. I swear I tried to pick a favorite piece, but i seriously couldn't choose just one, so let's just say you're one of my main inspirations from now on, ok?


vany <3

#16 &themoon


    criminal minds trash

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 01:47 PM

scarlett, can we just talk about how amazing your graphics are???? because wow. i swear, each time i see something of yours, i'm completely blown away. you do such a good job with everything, honestly. your colouring is one of my all time favourites on this site - it's so bright and vibrant, but never overpowering or over saturated. you have such beautiful compositions, sometimes rather simple, other more complicated, but always gorgeous. honestly, your graphics are just all around some of the best ever and i just really hope you know how fab you are.

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#17 catharsis


    my world is reduced to a single instinct: survive

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 02:19 PM

You deserve this so much! :wub: Your graphics are amazing (seriously, anything you do with animation is actually magical) and you're such a lovely person and such a warm, welcoming presence around the site! I am so glad to see your name in gold and I can't wait to stalk your pretties with the added convenience of not having to scroll so far to find your gallery. :sean:

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i live, i die, I LIVE AGAIN. (except probably not because i'm really busy sorry)

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#18 salazar

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 03:08 PM

massive congrats on featured artist, so so so well deserved - your filtering is to die for [scar voice] :sean: your founders chapter images are some of the prettiest things I have ever seen like in my whole life (and I have been in the same room as Andrew Scott like those CIs are frankly edible) and I'm having a minor heart attack over your gallery layout tbh, it's gorgeous  :shiftyeye:



also loving the lestrade all up in here - he is 500000% my division not gonna lie :')

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gallery . maisie . tumblr

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