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// burn bright, burn fast.17/01/2017

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#1 our sea star

our sea star

    hunger of the pine.

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:00 PM

val, twenty, malaysian
( music addict, teenlit enthusiast, romance junkie )




nfQbz0X.png iW68eT6.png akzq7dW.png




















C6bh8sI.png 3cceqH8.png 

1SgfHUn.png Uf2FD7W.png

JskodpI.png Eph7swO.png






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val might be available (try pming?) | gallery

#2 bittersweetflames


    filtering is my jam. I have it on my bread

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:01 PM

posty post. <3


i am here because you have a gorgeous gallery. <3

i especially love how everything is wonderfully composed 

and the textures are fascinating and i love it.;)


and omg.. the way you color! -dies-

make more, val, dear. because I love everything. ^_^

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the war on words is real+ || HPFF author page 15+ || deviantart+

 icon by me. absolutely smexy sig by my buddy, karni. be jealous. :wub:
available but please pm first! :) 

#3 that guy.

that guy.

    Val says I'm "Captain Mike"

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:04 PM

Ughhh Vallll


Why are you so good? :cry: You commented in my gallery about me getting better than you? Oh hahahaha, no. ._. You're super amazing and fantastic and just great :wub: 


Your text and your comp and your coloring and your style and everythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. :loves: 





that guy

Name's Mike! Available. Previously Mihali. 

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 FFAB Gallery [You bring things I cannot see] Paperdoll is so so so good

#4 stardusted*


    tu chantes du yaourt

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:26 PM

vallll, my fellow starsketeer >D 

everything you make is so shiny and soft and elegant and lovely :wub:

i adore your pretty colouring and that magic thing you do with composition and textures  :loves:

+this is the prettiest softest thing ever and your sigs are just hnggg

can i just camp out here forever D:


you're such an inspiration val, don't ever stop making graphics please<3

hi i'm sheryl! ♥ 

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set by paper doll || stars, hide your fires 

#5 pensée.


    Fake Brit ._.

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 12:56 PM



:O I never get this low on a staff's gorgeous gallery!!! Anyways! VAL! I love your stuff so make me more prettiess! <33 


Seriously, you have so much mega beautiful graphic skills. I can't even. I'd never be able to do what you do with textures!!



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.call me becca. <3

available! // my head is an animal. // formerly VioletBlade

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gorgeous set by Elenia@TDA!

#6 just.a.willow.tree

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 01:23 PM

Gah, your talent. :blegh: So jealous... :blegh: How are your graphics so amazing? :cry: *sobbing*

eva gallery
Posted Image
* Leviathan! is the best ;;

#7 seraphine.


    i shot the albatross

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 05:22 PM

val omfg how are you so amazing


your comp and text and coloring and texture use and everything is gorgeous

pls make more pretty things or else i will crey teers of blood


ramya; unavailable


gallery / q&a / tumblr

#8 avalanche



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Posted 09 November 2013 - 05:31 PM


keep making things because you know that I love them :wub:


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#9 abyss


    as fragile as a teacup made of concrete

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Posted 09 November 2013 - 06:01 PM

all hail the vulcan ship  :queen: 


anyway, i will express my love for you and your graphics in haiku

hem, hem


val's graphics are ace.

in my book she gets first place.

those textures! that base!


okay, so that was lame, but hey, at least it rhymed :"D

ily and keep graphicking on, bby >D

-- khanh, aka that second syllable of vulcan

sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of n o w h e r e - -
khanh / read!! (M): You're Worse Than Crucio + Green is the New Black

unavailable / gallery / minimalist textures v.2 / battling the uni monster

s o m e t i m e s , in the middle of nowhere, you find y o u r s e l f

#10 daredevil


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 12:45 AM

Val you are the most perfect person to have ever perfected

because this gallery is perfection

and you are perfection

and +this is perfection omasdoifads

and you are just so perfectly talented and so perfectly amazing 

you need to teach me your perfect ways

pretty please perfect val

your blending and your colouring it's so wonderful and gorgeous and

perfect ahhh


you are




vee & gallery & beautiful set by doctor ziegler


★ texture pack texture pack v.2 digital painting tutorial & prev: legolas.


#11 shirayukice

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 03:11 AM

the second signature is just super gorgeous, I like the motifs and the colouring is awesome!

#12 calico


    chairman meow

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Posted 02 December 2013 - 12:29 PM


i just... i can't even function being on this page because homg!

the level of talent on here is too much for me to handle ;___;

you hurt me with the pretties. bad val bad (except not)

my favourite has to be this one btw +clickie

absolutely s t u n n i n g !!

keeeeep making pretties! will be back to stalk later!


she is gone but she used to be mine;;


---- ✭ jade e & hugo r & gabriella w ✭ ----

prea. unavailable.

#13 envoi


    arty farty kitten party

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 05:13 AM

What what is this what afjdksqmf


I love this and this (I actually remember squee'ing it a while ago) and all your banners. You have such an unique colourful artsy style, I'm jealous mate. Very jealous.

And this! Wow such style. Very amaze. Very texture. Wow. So swag.


sorry not sorry


(and jesus how perfect is your music taste)

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gorgeous set by paper doll.

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Laura is available tumblr  gallery

#14 catharsis


    my world is reduced to a single instinct: survive

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Posted 15 January 2014 - 03:06 PM


The three banners for the Series Challenge are really beautiful. I love the style of them. It's not something I've seen a lot of. (And I've looked at every single gallery in the past few days.) They're really unique. All of your graphics are amazing though, just those especially!

-- crystal moccasins, bionic cheese --

i live, i die, I LIVE AGAIN. (except probably not because i'm really busy sorry)

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#15 saranghae.


    you make my life complete ♥

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Posted 23 January 2014 - 01:46 AM

your current sig is gorgeous. ugh. i was seeing that flawlessness and flailed. i'm loving all the new stuff as well. :3

hi, i'm tany. i love k-pop & j-pop. i stan the most kawaii queens.

the graphics♥ || unavailible for requests   || set credit: marzipan THANK YOU!!!! <3 c:

#16 patronus_charm

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 05:33 PM

Wah, breathes in and out repeatedly in the hope of getting over this awesomness. 

Everything in here is perfection like this + this + this.

If I could make graphics like you I would be a very happy person, cos they're all so unique and smexy.

(sorry, not really sorry)

Yeah, I'm going to go and cry a little and maybe come back here another time. 



not available  | a pound of flesh | hpff

#17 our sea star

our sea star

    hunger of the pine.

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 09:42 AM

bittersweetflames | Omg what, the fabulous and legendary Carla compliments MY colouring? Surely I dreamed this comment up. Really, this means so much. I remember being just a lowly lurker when everyone was already worshipping your work. :')


that guy. | Hey, your name's kind of escaping me but thanks for the generous flattery, kind stranger... dude... guy... that guy. ;) HAH jokes you know I can never resist doing that. /forever lame and ily cap'n


stardusted* | Sheryl! -salutes and aims for an awkward starsketeer fistbump- You can definitely camp out at my gallery, but know that I'm never home because I'm camping out over at yours. And well, your comment just makes me feel all asfhasdjdkfsdj with fuzziness aaaah :loves:


pensée. | Thanks so much, Becca. <3 Your first statement is flattery enough, hehehe. I'm just like, "gorgeous? really? -flails-"


just.a.willow.tree | pshaw, taking graphics just takes practice! I've seen your gallery and I'm sure one day you'll be miles better than me, Eva, and I'll be the one sobbing all over. :P


seraphine. | MY BEAUTIFUL BOWL OF RAMYEON idk really let's go fly to the moon together and see if that's where all the talent source of TDA comes from


avalanche | Wenderzzz! I mean, I was thinking I should stop but I guess I can keep going just for you. :P <3


abyss | THE CAN TO MY VUL / YOUR HAIKU MADE ME TEARY / whoops, caps overload


firewhiskey. | hey veesh, you're crazy because my graphics are actually crazy and you're crazy for not thinking they're crazy in their crazy, yannoe? so yeah, crazy, you are. crazy. (and also kinda cool i guess)


shirayukice | thank you! I was pretty fond of that one myself. :3


calico | Prea! I miss you, bb. Honestly, you should look at your own gallery for talent because your graphics are off the h o o k. Thank you so much, though. It's comments like these that make me wanna strive to get better and better. :wub:


envoi | I remember when you squeed that CI actually because that was when I squeed about being squeed and squeeing just makes my day a lot and omg as if this comment wasn't enough. Haha sorry for the run-on sentence??? You just made me smile like a weirdo sitting at my comp. PS I think music taste is a perfectly sound reasons to become excellent friends y/y


catharsis | awww thanks, Daisy! I had fun making those banners, although I will admit I was inspired by this huge trend that took storm in 2010 so I'm really like those hipster kids today bringin' back high-waisted pants of the 80's because once it's out it's in


mariposa | eeee! :3 this comment made me so happy because I'm particularly fond of it myself. v.v thanks, Tany! I love seeing you around. ;D


patronus_charm | Hiii, Kiana! Omg thank you for giving me such a day-maker of a comment because it's actually amazing and strange to be considered an inspiration and in any way. I'm glad you stopped by, and I hope you do come back because it means so much to me when people like my work. :')

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val might be available (try pming?) | gallery

#18 kaitkat


    ariie's graphics soccer mom

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 03:22 PM

Vaaaaaaal you have a new gallery

well three months ago it was new

buuuuut anyways fadsuhfadf everything in here

is so beautiful? like just how do you texture

how do you text? i'm in love with your comp

your coloring


actually just everything om nom nom



k a i t l y n ;


previously moonlace

gallery | tumblr 

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