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The Only Sound The Overflow 3/17/15Posted 05.03/12

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#1 BrokenButterfly


    Flying despite a broken wing

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Posted 03 May 2012 - 09:35 PM















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From The Tribute Games

From Living in Technicolor

From Candyland Couture


From Ten Thousand Hours

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#2 deceit

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Posted 03 May 2012 - 09:45 PM

Welcome to TDA! :)

You have a great start to your gallery. I would suggest watching image quality, and try not to over clutter your images. Just work on a few things and I'm sure you'll do amazing around here!

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amanda is incredible. <3

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#3 minion.



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Posted 05 May 2012 - 07:05 AM

HELLO! & Welcome to TDA! :happy:
I would suggest watching out for image quality, if you find a fan website, they normally have great images of a high quality! XD
I also suggest going to check out the tutorials, as they are so helpful and brilliant and will help you a lot, in like blending, cutting, text etc.
Anyway great start, can't wait to see more of you!


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#4 Goddess_Faith

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Posted 14 May 2012 - 02:38 PM

Hi! Welcome to TDA!

You have a good start. I went through the tutorial section and found some you might find useful.

+here , +here , +here Hope those help. I really like the butterfly icon. It is really pretty. Hope to see more soon. :)

Beautiful set by DangerousDraco589


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#5 chimerical.


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Posted 16 May 2012 - 05:36 AM


Welcome to TDA! Like the others have mentioned already, LQ images give the graphic an lower quality than it actually has while HQ manage to make it look sharper and overall better. I would also suggest playing around with different fonts, dafont is a great website to download plenty of new fonts from if you didn't know about it already! Check out the tutorials, there are plenty of really good basic techniques for gimp on TDA! There also plenty of great resources like TDA resources - plenty of celeb pictures on there, also plenty of textures/stock you can use (link +here), just remember to credit them of course. :) Can't wait to see more!

- Imi

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#6 a.leksy

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 09:22 AM

Hey there!

Besides watching out for quality, your graphics will be way better if you play with the contrast, brightness, levels, saturations, etc, of your pictures! That way, your graphics will look more natural and will make it nicer! :D
Some of the people in your graphics have different skin tones :( like +this, +this and +this. D:
But don't worry! With much practice, you'll be sure to succeed! :D

Also, I assume that you're saving your graphics as .jpg :O
Don't do that! :D You should save as .png as it'll maintain the quality of the graphic whereas .jpg just brings it down D:

I also suggest to go to or to download a variety of fonts. Play with the placing, colours and font itself to make your graphics better. I hope to see more from you! :D


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#7 BrokenButterfly


    Flying despite a broken wing

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 09:59 PM

Alayssa- I already go to all those sites, for fonts, and my banners do portray those fonts. As to saving as png, thanks for the tip. As to skin tones, some of those images are made into b&w purpousfly where as others are just a problem with pics.

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#8 medusa



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Posted 18 September 2012 - 03:45 AM

Hello fellow MA! :D

I think the others have emphasized image quality so I'll pinpoint something different. Be careful with your hardcutting since it hardens the edges of your image. Play with contrast and you'll see how better the blending will look :D As for text, I think it'll be better if you size them down a bit so they don't distract the eyes from the images. Other than that, I can't wait to see more from you n.n


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#9 somebody


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 12:38 PM

Hey :) Just to say, I love the effect of the clock hiding behind the leaves in your current sig, but watch out when resizing your images that the proportions aren't changed. A lot of your people look a bit stretched. :)

~ Ruth ~ 


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#10 moon.panda


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Posted 20 November 2012 - 01:11 PM

Hello dear:) my name is Brittany and I'm a fellow GIMP user:D and I've come with tips if that's alright:)

My first is something that I struggled with when I first started as well, and that's stretched images. What I do it's, instead of trying to resize by hand, I use the scale layer option. When you have a picture and you 'open as layer', you can right click that image and scroll down to 'layer...' And then 'scale layer'. Makes it so much easier:)

Another thing I've seen people mention is matching skin tones. This makes the graphic look more high quality as a whole! And it's a pretty simple fix luckily. What you want to do when you add the photo as a layer (and ALWAYS open as a layer) you can colt just that layer. What I have learned is that it's easier to use gradient layers. Play around with the coloring until all the skin tones match. It takes a little longer, but it looks so much nicer:) and there are tutorials on things like this, just play around:)

As well as the tutorials, you should check out the dueling arena. It gives you a chance to make graphics without worrying if the requester will like it. And it's just fun and challenges you to try new things:)

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me (although as an MA, I can't promise to always know the answer :P ) and keep graphicing!

P.S. Sorry if I was harsh. I just know I love critique, and it helps me get better :)
P.S.S. Sorry about the typos, I'm on my phone :P

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#11 FracturedEntity

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 02:15 PM

Hey there! I love your gallery so far, I also use GIMP and it can be a little difficult at times~ :3 Anyway, I think you have got off to a great start, however as other people have mentioned, the quality of the images used are quite low~ You do cut the images out well though (well I'm not sure if you use transparent PNGs or not, but the lines around the people in your images are very smooth ;3) Oh and I love your sig! (The leaves overlap the clock perfectly!


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#12 Pheonix_Feather123

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 12:22 AM

So far you are doing great, though you images are low quality, I am sure you will catch up soon!
I also just became a MA. Maybe we can do Gallery Tags.... :D

I really liked your Hunger Games one. I don't see it up now though. I wonder where it went?!

I just finished the sequel to the Hunger Games, Catching Fire and I am slightly obssessed with it now. I will be grumpy and jumpy intill I can read the last book...

I am off topic.

So yeah. I don't have anything else to say, since everyone else already said them. Just keep working on it!
Also try blending! It can do wonders...

avi and sig both by me! :loves:
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#13 ginnykar

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 02:07 PM

Hi there,

great start!

Do be careful with your fonts though ..they should seem like they belong in the graphic..

other than that image quality is an issue which is quite easily solvable..just use HQ images! TDARECOURCES is a great place for HQ images.

Colouring your graphic will do wonders and I suggest some tutorials will really help.

Keep practicing hun!






#14 ambrosia.


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Posted 27 May 2013 - 11:22 AM

Hello! I'm Summer, fellow MA and GIMP'er!


I love the creativity in your gallery and it's certainly very attractive. 


I'd watch the quality of your images. TDA Resources is a great place to visit for people as well as textures and stock. Also, fansites are a cert for HQ images and watch out for stretching when you enlarge the image. Also, there are plenty of places to download fonts such as or There are also some great sites for brushes, textures and stock that you can check out. 


Your blending is very good, but be careful when cutting. +Here is a brilliant tutorial for removing backgrounds. Also, another great way to remove backgrounds is to use the fuzzy select tool. You get up the image you want to use and apply transparency. To do this go to Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel. Select the fuzzy select tool and click on the part you want to get rid of. You can either press delete on your keyboard or use the eraser. 


I hope I helped! 

Good luck on your gallery,

Summer x

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#15 charlottetrips


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Posted 02 June 2013 - 07:48 PM

Hi BB!

Thought I'd drop by.

You've got a great start here and I'm with Summer ^^ on getting a little more careful on the blending aspect of things.  For instance, +this and +this are not so good while +this one is much better, pretty good hardcut! (You've also got the idea with focal point pretty good.)

Your cat icons are so cute! :D

Keep going!



char  CS fabness by legendson



#16 BrokenButterfly


    Flying despite a broken wing

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 10:17 PM

Thanks Char, And Summer for your constructive comments, They are much appreciated. I'm always looking to improve. 

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#17 princessysh_19

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 01:25 AM


First off, congratulations on the new gallery! Your creations are very pretty.

Secondly, I'd like to use one of your icons as my avatar, is that ok with you?

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#18 Pheonix_Feather123

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 02:11 PM

Hi again!

What, I go away for a couple a months and BAM! You improve so much! You are getting good with blending (much better than me :P) and I love ur hermonie and Draco banner. Keep up the good work! :)

avi and sig both by me! :loves:
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