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A Tale to TellUpdated: January 13, 2017

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#127 klutzy_kara


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Posted 11 January 2017 - 11:13 AM

Just had to come by and tell you that +this and +this  are absolutely stunning! The composition is so so good. I love the contrast and depth they have to them, they look excellent! Your chapter images are also very striking and your HP poster is cool too! Keep up the great work, Alishya!  :loves:

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#128 miss atomic bomb

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Posted 03 February 2017 - 06:35 PM

Hey Alishya! Cat finally here with your requested crit ^_^

 - comp - 

Definitely one of your strengths! You've generally got strong, clear focal points, nicely put together backgrounds, and solid image choices. The main thing here is to venture out of the middle- everything's pretty much centered throughout, so experiment with moving text and people away from the center. Weakest graphics in terms of comp are +this sig (everything's sort of spread out, the text is too far from the main dan- the left one- and the monochrome has nice contrast but doesn't help point toward any danrad as the focal point dan) and +this header (with all three looking straight forward, there's the same problem with no clear focal model). You work well with both textures and stock which is great. 

 - coloring - 

I really like how consistent your coloring is across each graphic, and non of your graphics have quite the same coloring as the others. Watch out for too much contrast, especially with faces getting too bright/washed out (second banner, first ci). Contrast on +this is a bit too low- the background is very dark compared to the text and bits of yellow.

 - text - 

Experiment more with text placement- it's generally bottom+center (which is almost always the easiest place to put it) or just centered (on the CIs). You've also got some very similar fonts across multiple graphics (banners and first two sigs) so definitely try experimenting with different styles of fonts. There's some pretty strong pixellation on the text on a few different things (both banners, header, HP cover)- I'm not sure if there's an anti-aliasing setting in GIMP but if there is make sure it's on. May also be caused by coloring/filtering over the text, so just be careful of that. On a couple things, the text is slightly hard to read (second and third sig mostly)- make sure the text color and whatever's going on in the background aren't competing too much with each other, and keep playing with text effects to help it stand out enough.

 - filtering/image quality/et c.

Be careful of over filtering backgrounds- it's usually not too strong on people, but make sure you're not losing image quality on the backround (second banner, second sig, header mostly). On people, make sure you're not oversharpening- it's especially a problem on hair. Faces do look a bit LQ sometimes but I think that's more a coloring thing (overly bright/contrasted) than a real image quality problem. 

 - tl;dr -

Experiment more with comp and text, and make sure filtering and coloring aren't interfering with image quality. Feel free to pm if you’ve got any questions/something didn’t make sense/you disagree/just want to chat ^_^ Hope this is helpful, and sorry for the long wait!
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