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Posted 15 September 2018 - 05:17 AM

TDA has a T code of conduct (what's acceptable for Teen Audiences) for both graphics as well as behavior.


What is allowed?

  • Mild swear words in accordance to the T rule. for examples, see the first chapter of this helpful tutorial on HPFT+ (M). THIS goes for both language on graphics as well as general language use.
  • No full on nudity or pornographic content (so a girl in a bikini is fine)
  • Weapons are okay and appearance of blood or gore is also okay but keep it to no graphic depictions of violence (ie someone obviously getting a body part cut off).
  • Random blood splatters
  • Cigarette smoke and cigarettes are okay (also includes pipes or vapes)
  • Liquor bottles, people drinking

What is not allowed?

  • Anything that does not fall under the above. This includes:
  • R rated swear words such as the f-word or the c-word,
  • full nudity

For artists: All graphics in your galleries must be safe for workAnything that does not fall under that must be put under a link with appropriate content warning.
Please be aware that for full or partial nudity, we will not accept anything pornographic even if placed under a link.


Respect all members! this means no posting anything offensive to any gender, sexuality, race, creed, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, ... 

We do not tolerate harrasment or bullying of any kind. Any type or form of harassment will result in a ban.


For that reason, we would prefer, even though they are in accordance with the T rule that words such as sl*t, bitch or any word with the same derogatory meaning towards women are not to be used on TDA. No slurs of any kind are allowed on TDA, both on the forums and on graphics! You can see a list of slurs that we do not accept in the second chapter of this helpful tutorial on HPFT+ (M)

There are probably things that we've forgotten to include here - for any questions feel free to post them in this++ topic or send me or any of the other Administrators or Staff Moderators a PM and we'll do our best to clear up any confusion ;)

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