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Anyone know any good historical romance novels? I love angst and unrequited love+ happy ending because I like to torture myself :P
Dec 27 2017 05:15 PM
  • abhorsen.'s Photo
    Strongly recommend Kate Morton!
    Dec 29 2017 04:58 AM
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    beyond the rain
    i am extremely late to this but i hovered over ur name in the active list and i have to recommend "An Extroadinary Union" by Alyssa Cole. It's set in the American Civil War, and is an eventual romance between two spies...definitely give it a read!
    Jan 17 2018 10:39 AM
  • azimuth's Photo
    Thank you for the recs everyone! I'll be sure to check them out :)
    Jan 17 2018 11:02 AM