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lurves ya sexy ma.
Dec 18 2006 06:25 PM
TyrannicFeenix's Photo

TyrannicFeenixlove machine

Congrats on your promotion. You totally deserve it. YOU ROCK
*more tackle hugz*
Love ya.
Dec 18 2006 05:28 PM
's Photo

Moonys Aimee

Hey Aimee! You're the coolest!
Oh yeah! *poke*
Dec 18 2006 04:09 PM
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argetlam shadeslayer's Photo

argetlam shadeslayerMisty_Rey

ZOMG, 'tis Misty! Gah! *tackles Misty in hug* All hail Misty - she writes Remus/OC/Sirius like teh awesomeness. <3
Dec 17 2006 10:22 PM
Caren's Photo


luvs ya sexy ma.
Dec 17 2006 10:20 PM
Iriki's Photo


I'm ever so jealous at your incredible ingenious. You are too smart for this world.
Dec 17 2006 09:56 PM
Caren's Photo


Heya hun! Yeah, I started working at ACE hardware about 2 months ago. A great way to see hot guys on the constant *wink* :)
Dec 17 2006 09:24 PM
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MedallionGold's Photo


Uh huh && Thankyou ;P
Dec 17 2006 05:21 PM
Iriki's Photo


Since you asked so nicely, I left you a comment in your gallery! Enjoy!
Dec 17 2006 05:17 PM
Moonys Aimee's Photo

Moonys AimeeAlohomora

Hey Chinchmara :P
Dec 17 2006 02:13 PM
Norway's Photo


Hey!!! I'm good, thank you for asking. ^_^Merry Christmas an Happy new year to you to!!! I have also missed our conversations...it's been long since the last one. :(
Dec 17 2006 01:19 PM
Iriki's Photo


Random, but as seeing your comment below: you work at a hardware store?
Dec 17 2006 11:54 AM
Norway's Photo


friend? absolutely! ^_^
Dec 17 2006 11:02 AM