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tell me the name of the hottest (young-ish - under 30) guy you can think of :o
Jun 05 2018 02:04 PM
  • starbuck.'s Photo
    thanks! zayn seems like a good choice for a young hit wizard. at least in the pics where he has his wonderful hair :D now only to find fred weasleyII (michael looks maybe a bit too old for fred :o )
    Jun 05 2018 02:49 PM
  • ailhsa's Photo
    Michael isn't! He's beautiful
    Jun 05 2018 06:20 PM
  • choobacca's Photo
    ^ my love for michael b jordan knows no bounds
    Jun 09 2018 06:40 PM
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Sorry about the delay in promos, i'll post them after i finish work if one of the other admins doesn't beat me to it :p
Jun 05 2018 06:17 AM
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don't be alarmed by the forum changes. there's an admin working! :P
Apr 27 2018 04:20 PM
  • Asphodelic's Photo
    :D :)
    Apr 28 2018 10:13 AM
  • cheriechapstick's Photo
    It's taking me a bit to get used to but I'm finding it MUCH easier to navigate you did amazing Kris! :D
    Apr 29 2018 12:50 AM
  • esoteric.'s Photo
    i agree with jess! thanks kristina! (and all the other admins, too!!!)
    Apr 29 2018 11:43 PM
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Eep thank you so much for the squee! <3 *_*
Apr 24 2018 04:38 PM
  • starbuck.'s Photo
    Honestly, idk how to make vertical banners so i'm totally jelly of your skills :D
    Apr 24 2018 05:09 PM
  • Kirjava's Photo
    I dunnoooo how to either! D: That was a fluke >.< But thank you! <3
    Apr 24 2018 05:21 PM
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in order to keep TDA going we need your help! please apply for a moderating position if you have the time: http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=138578
Apr 19 2018 05:04 AM
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thanks for the lovely comment you left in my gallery, ashley! :D :)
Apr 17 2018 12:13 PM
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i wanted to start reading your drastoria stories on HPFT and then i got lost and apparently i need a how-to guide :O
Apr 14 2018 01:06 PM
  • abhorsen.'s Photo
    There are definitely some others that add to the overall background, especially Fools and Heroes and Unforgivable - they cover events Astoria references a number of times in the Drastoria fics, but they're definitely not necessary to read. That said, all the Greengrass fics (including the Drastorias) are here: http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/viewseries.php?seriesid=27 :P
    Apr 14 2018 04:01 PM
  • starbuck.'s Photo
    okay, thank you! :)
    Apr 14 2018 04:15 PM
  • abhorsen.'s Photo
    <3 <3
    Apr 14 2018 04:16 PM
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LGMS cycle 13 starts tomorrow!
Apr 14 2018 05:07 AM
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thanks for making that beginner font/text tut! but the images aren't showing up for me :I
Apr 11 2018 04:07 AM
  • softbun's Photo
    Hm that's odd, as I can see them all. Are they still not showing up? I can switch image hosts.
    Apr 11 2018 07:04 AM
  • starbuck.'s Photo
    I see them now!
    Apr 11 2018 10:09 AM
  • softbun's Photo
    Good, I switched hosts and that seems to have done the trick!
    Apr 11 2018 10:49 AM