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Copyright Violations

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 05:37 AM

Despite the fact that the copyright rules have been in effect for over a year, we still see far too many artists make copyright violations. It really isn't that difficult to check (twice or three times even) if an image is copyrighted and if you are still not sure, there are enough moderators around the site that are very willing to help you out.


In any case, because we want to stress how important the copyright rules are to us, we are putting a new rule into effect:


If you get three warnings against you for copyright violations -- and it doesn't matter how much time has passed between them -- you will get demoted and put on the promo blacklist for six months. If, despite this, you manage to get a fourth warning for a copyright violation, your account will be suspended or even banned.


To all the artists that already have three or even four warning points for this violation against them, you still get a chance, but know that the next warning will not get you a demotion, but also an immediate suspension. 


It saddens me that we even have to put this rule into effect. I'd have thought that with the rules posted all over the forums and the fact that the moderators put time and effort into making that list of copyrighted images and sites together, it would've been obvious how serious we took this. Like I said, it really isn't that difficult to check and if you keep your credit list updated, there shouldn't have been any problems.

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