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About Me

 Sooooo, I got bored..



Ohmygosh!! How amazing it THAT!

Thank you so so so much Shazalupin, you are the best nano mummy in da world!! I LOVE YOU! xx


Made by the wonderful, bsdbfjnsdnfnjsd Kate (WeirdSisters) because she is too awesome for her own good. Seriously.



Hehehehehehe biggrin.png

"You can be the greatest, you can be the best, you be the king kong banging on your chest.

You can go the distance, you can run the mile, you can walk straight through hell with a smile.”

- The Script 'Hall Of Fame'

“Cause when a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.”

- Breakeven by The Script 

Welcome to the shiny, sparkling new page of EILIDH!!!!!!!!! 109.gif

bunny.gif << That thing is so cool!  

I'm not really sure what house I should be in. I have a bit of every one ermm.gif  





I feel the need to hide, like someones watching me  couch.gif I actually just wanted to use that emoticon

People I need to mention:











As you can probably tell, I love the Script biggrin.png... And Danny  wub.png   

I've been on the archivies for just over a year now, and that year was ze best! I made some amazing friends and became so much better at writing! biggrin.png


AND I hardly ever write fanfiction now, I only get inspiration for original *sobs* Sooooo, you may not see me around that much because of those two reasons. I haven't died Amira, or Val, or Gabbie. And I haven't been abducted Kate hug.gif

I like socks cool.png

I can not wait till Christmas!!! xchristmastree.gif xSantatip.gif   xstuck.gif 129.gif

This reminds me so much of me >>>> xwicked.gif

I'm a veggie 1a1smile2ok0.gif

I loveeeeeee The Script!!!!! <3 And DANNY!!!!!!!

I loveeee those hot Irish men <3

I  have this weird obsession with Sexy Irish Men (as all my friends know tongue.png )

I have a Husband House... Joking... But if I did I have a list who would be in it tongue.png Most of them are Irish and fictional characters...

I like dancing bananas banana.gif

I'm from SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!! good.gif


I better go....  thumbsup.gif



My stories (newest at the top):



cryoutbanner.pngCry Out - M (one-shot) 

The sky was weeping. Listen to the screaming of the wind, the shouts of a storm. 

Little did he know that his first kiss would also be his last...

I would never forget that dropping angel, that, in my eyes, was filled with beauty.I would forever be known as the Bloody Barron, who would haunt the walls of Hogwarts along with The Grey Lady, Helena Ravenclaw. 

Written for STG Sagmag's First Kiss Challenge!

runf.pngRun: Mature for sensitive topics (one-shot)

Run until you reach the end.

Just run...

Written for Sortie’s Moment of Death Challenge.

The Veiled Poetess: 15+ (Novel)

In a world where the purest of happiness is banned, who can you trust to turn to?

When a woman of silence and a man of secrets find one another, will their talents bind them together, or tear them apart?

http://img21.imagesh...uvdobby26.png1. If She Could Turn Back Time: 15+ (Short story or novella)

Would she turn back time if she could?

Scarlett Winter is in fifth year at Hogwarts. She leads a normal life as a muggle born, is best friends with Lily Evans and fancies Remus Lupin. But the nightmares are still there, lingering around her mind at night and refuse to go away. But what if it's not a nightmare? What if something happened long ago, when she was young and innocent...

2. Falling Into Heaven: 12+ (one-shot)

And I was falling. Falling, falling, falling...

Falling Into Heaven.

(A result of writers block)

3. Love Story: 15+ (novella)

Paris 1968, Molly Prewett spends her time enjoying the luxuary of the posh hotel in Paris. But there is grief behind her smile and nobody but her knows why. Her parents want her married to the dark haired stranger, Daniel Fellows, but her heart beats fast for another, the shy poor boy from her year at school, Arthur Weasley.

Summer: 12+ (short story)

One hot day in July, Harry sees the girl of his dreams. Summer. Beautiful, magical, amazing Summer.

There's only one problem though. Summer is a muggel.

Oh, and she doesn't even know Harry exists.... Well that's what Harry thinks.

http://img403.images...gret.gifRegret: 15+ (one-shot)

Regret, regret, regret. Remorse, remorse, remorse. Guilt, guilt, guilt.

The owl came with his letters, each with one word that all mean the same:

His one regret that won’t ever go away.

http://img838.images... To Say Goodbye: 12+ (one-shot)

Black. That’s all she sees. Black dresses, black trousers, black shoes, black robes.

Ginny has to let go of one of the most important people in her life. Harry Potter.

I love you, but it’s time to let me go. I know it’s hard but you have your whole life in front of you. Don’t throw it away....

http://img818.images.../pleasestay.png Please Stay: 15+ (one-shot)

I watch you every second but you never wake, never stir. You just lie there, breathing softly. How can I cope without you?

Harry has to face the unthinkable truth.Ginny Potter is dying.

I let you down and I'm sorry. I miss you.......

Tear Drops: 12+ (one-shot)

Ginny Weasley has lost everything in her life. Her world has shattered to pieces and there's a storm starting in her heart.

But the clouds can't cover the sun forever and storms never last. But she will never forget her daughter and Lily will stay with her forever and ever.








Upcoming fics:

Broken Beauty: Novel 15+ or mature

He's beautiful on the outside, but a beast within.

She's a beast on the outside, but beautiful within.

Is it possible for them to fall in love? Or will it strike up a war between the two different hearts?

A single red rose can change everything...

(Retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast' Harry Potter way)

My Little Girl: Novel 15+ or mature

No summary yet but I can tell you it'll be fouders-era (Ravenclaw) and a very mother/daughter relationship.

Last Breath: Short story collection 15+

The last moments of life are truly amazing, unwanted and welcomed.

The last thoughts are both frightening and pieceful.

But the most powerful, the most unforgetful, the most beautiful and the most tragic are the last breaths.

They gentally slip away into nothingness.

Roses: One-shot 12+

Hermione waites and waits. And after all the heart break, the tears and the loneliness, he turns up, with one present that changes everything.

A rose, her favourite flower.

There's also going to be a short story collection of fairytale retellings, but I don't have a title or summery yet.

I really hope you R&R when they're up :) xxx

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