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October's Featured Artist Voting!ends october 3

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 03:05 AM

Please vote for October's Featured Artist!


The nominations are listed below.


and peggy


Artist name: and peggy
Link to gallery: here+
Why are you nominating this artist? Alison is an awesome presence on the site. She takes her role as DA Mod seriously, but she doesn't let that stop her growth as an artist or take away time to showcase her work and interact with others.
How have they been active this month? She has entered challenges, been present in the PYLC thread and of course active in her role as a DA mod. She is generally online a lot, and I feel that her status as a superstar this month attributes to her activity overall.
What makes them stand out as an artist (e.g., how have they improved, how are they still trying to improve, etc etc) Alison has an admirable style to her graphics. Each piece is very detailed and has a lot to attract the eye, but I notice that she is always attempting to try something different or something new. She is a master artist but is not above trying to learn or try a new approach.




Artist name: ailhsa
Link to gallery: here
Why are you nominating this artist? ailhsa is one of the newer members of the mod team, but she's thrown herself into it and has been incredibly reliable, dependable, and proactive in that capacity. She's also been working hard to improve as an artist, including experimenting a lot with comp and stock.
How have they been active this month? She's been working hard with her mentor, picked up a tough request, and entered a challenge.
What makes them stand out as an artist (e.g., how have they improved, how are they still trying to improve, etc etc) She's starting to play with animation, which is awesome and something that I was definitely not confident doing as a Junior. :P She's also continuing to refine her use of stock in a way that's really creative and unique. :happy:


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