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#19 aim.moon


    pretty damn naive

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 08:10 PM


OMG!! Thank you very much for your critique! It really help me to see where's my weak and minus point, so that I know where I should fix it!

Overall, I think sometimes I really do too much filter, texture and decoration that's why it looks so crowded and terrible. I really have to fix this! And I have to learn how to composite image, background, stock, and textures, right? smile.gif

Really thank you very much! It's touching me :')

You are too kind to me :'| I really don't deserve that compliment... But I'll try to keep and increase my style biggrin.gif
Oh thank you! I do think that too, but don't know how to fix it. And you help me by giving that tip!

#20 snowdrop



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Posted 23 September 2011 - 10:47 PM

Hey, you have a very awesome gallery here!!
I love every pieces you've made especially those banners!

Well, if you're looking to my ID, I bet you already knew who I am =))

I love the Komodo Dragon Calendar, I hope you win the competition!!

Hello, I'm Y U K I !


Starlight Parade || was usaneko & calypso.

#21 hashtagponcho


    constant as a northern star

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Posted 24 September 2011 - 08:05 AM

Your stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love. I'm envious. I love the muted soft colours and the focal points in your banners and your way in everything. I just absolutely love it all blush.gif
These are my favourite.
I think icons are your strongest point. I don't know, they're all just absolutely gorgeous. Your style is so clearly made and just wub.gif
This banner and this banner. My God. How do you do it!?

This sig
I love the depth you've created in this. It's beautiful.

And this
This blend

<3 forever a slave to your graphics tongue1.gif


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#22 decoded.


    Shh, it's okay. I'ma Ninja

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Posted 25 September 2011 - 02:08 AM

I love your ICONS!!!!
They are so colorful and pretty! biggrin.gif
I'm jealous sad2.gif

And +this is my favorite out of the sigs .
Your gallery is awesome.

Call me Jan and I'll give you a  c o o k i e <3

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#23 aim.moon


    pretty damn naive

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Posted 25 September 2011 - 03:15 AM

*hugsuntilyoucan'tbreathe* lol =)) i'm so happy now you're here too :">

I end up in rank 6 in that competition :'| but thank you for your support and compliment :">

Omaigad, you made me speechless *dies* Really thanks for your compliment, I'm so touched..

And that signature, I really don't mean to made a nice depth, maybe it's a little coincidence lol

Once again, thanks =)

Thank you XD You don't have to be jealous, I think you can do it too!
I just do some coloring and sometimes adding little texture for icons..

#24 allons-y



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Posted 04 October 2011 - 04:17 PM

wow, they are all beautiful smile.gif I love every single one, even down to the last pixle!

Nice job now just make more and i'll be happy

Loyal Whovian - Assassin - V I C K Y -  Dovah - Forever Smith

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I'll always remember when the Doctor was me

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#25 abyss


    as fragile as a teacup made of concrete

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Posted 04 October 2011 - 09:32 PM

Your gallery is really nice, I love the unique feel of your graphics and how they seem to sort of glow. smile.gif
Your icons are definetely your strongest point, they are gorgeous! xD

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#26 Propto

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Posted 06 October 2011 - 10:22 AM

Whoa, this gallery is so awesome :"|

Most of all your graphics are really awesome and I love the soft colorings you use on some of them. AND YOUR ICOONS! <3 They're the best of all. Oh my...I have been amazed by the signatures you made on IH for the characters there and now I see this...


Feel like givin' up, but you just can't walk away~
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#27 aim.moon


    pretty damn naive

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Posted 08 October 2011 - 12:34 PM

Thank you very much for your support!
And just so you know, I'm a fan of Ravenclaw too wub.gif

Thank you so much for your compliment, Khanh biggrin.gif

Thank you very much Ilmaa XD your gallery is just the same! You just have to learn a little bit more here!

#28 sail boat

sail boat

    florence is bae

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 09:21 PM

jaw-dropping.gif WHOA. I almost died from jealousy when I saw your gallery. Like my my mouth literally plopped open. HOW COME YOU AREN'T A GRADUATE ARTIST?! You're so close to promotion I can almost see it. I'm gonna be the first to say it.

Congratulations on the promotion! wink.gif

I love how all your work is bright, and light, and I especially love your banners. :so pretty:

I think I'm going to stalk your gallery, as it has soooo many pretties in it... wub.gif

Edited by Megan Marie, 09 October 2011 - 09:23 PM.



e. rinaldi + r. everard-xin on pw // thank you to my bae vee for this amazing set

#29 spectrum


    Indonesian and proud \m/

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Posted 10 October 2011 - 09:13 AM

Hiya dear ^^

Sooo you know what I'm here for. Let's just start it.

Icons: I never like any icons better than yours. Keep them all. Everything is so perfect...coloring, composition, I love this, this, and this. My least favorite maybe taylor sets because she looks too sharp there. Plus her face looks weird because of the coloring. So I suggest you to drop that one. Other sets are great too, but, they dont highlight your skill at icons. Maybe put only three sets that I mentioned first will make your icons setslook more perfect <3

Banners: I love all of them. The soft coloring warms my heart <3 This is my favorite. First, I suggest you to get rid One and Only banner. Because it looks weird. No focal point because Emma and Jesse look like in same size. And their placement doesnt make any chemistry. Second, the banner above, Of Rose Thorn banner, which has the similar problem. No focal point. Plus, the text is difficult to read.

Signatures: I really like the way you put many textures but they dont look too crowded. I love them all except this one. Monochrome isnt really your style huh? smile.gif) If you're sure that sig isnt really good, so dont put it anyway xD It doesnt up to your standard. I'm trying to be objective here. If I'm not, I'd suggest you to throw away matt damon sig from the start huh [-(

CIs: Since you only have two and both of them look great, let's skip this part. And comment, I've ever given you comment about them, rite? tongue1.gif They look better than the first version, esp the second CI.

Blends+Manips: I love the three of them. But, I'd prefer till you come blends and aquarius than eiji wentz+sooyoung. They have cooler concept smile.gif) If I have to compare it to others, I'll say...eiji blend look too dark with some halos and some blurry face. Different from till you come which is pretty in coloring and composition.

Hope it helps. smile.gif

Love you,


spectrum 's current obsession: (even after all these years)
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#30 aim.moon


    pretty damn naive

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Posted 11 October 2011 - 02:38 AM

@Megan Marie
Thank you very much for your compliment, though I'm not deserved it at all.. There're many member artist that closer to promotion than me.. But once again, thank youu~

I've done what you said, except for my favorite graphics that I still want to keep for some days more :"> Thank you very much for your critiques and clean out, that's make me happy because you're my idol wub.gif

#31 moony


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Posted 11 October 2011 - 09:36 AM

Hiya! I'm here with the crit you requested happy2.gif
  • which graphic types you need to work on most: banners. These are one of the most commonly sought after graphics on tda, especially when it comes to requests and obviously to get to junior you need to be able to fill those, and so should be paid close attention to smile.gif Icons are probably your strongest pieces.
  • which technique (colouring, blending, composition, text, etc.) needs most attention: Blending, as you have said, and colouring- in particular, brightness/contrast. Often your graphics are under-contrasted (+here, +here, +here). You should aim for more contrast like you have used +here smile.gif I think this may partly be to do with use of textures- it looks like you are putting lightish textures on soft-light or screen, since many of the should-be dark areas in your graphics appear different, textured colours. This is okay in moderation, but you are using it too strongly right now- I suggest either removing at least some of the texture from those areas, or lowering their opacity.
  • your strongest piece & why: +these, due to the impressive attention to detail, though they could do with more contrast, or +this for the use of textures, good colouring, and interesting text, although there is a focal point issue.
  • any pieces which are holding you back & why:
    +one - image quality is an issue, undercontrasted, blending on small girl's arm with large girl's shoulder not brilliant- generally of a lower standard than your other pieces.
    +two - a mix of undercontrasted and way over contrasted, white text unreadable on first sig, image quality issue on girl in second sig.
Generally I think many of your graphics could be improved with the addition of some contrast, which is why I've only listed two for the last part, but without the extra contrast they will really hold you back. I hope what I've said is useful to you & isn't too harsh!



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#32 vendetta


    that's rough, buddy.

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Posted 15 October 2011 - 09:17 AM

Here for your critique:
You have a good variety in cuts. smile.gif I would have to say that you do a bit better with contrast in your icons than in, per se, signatures and banners. I think that first you should do a cleanout of old icon sets. I, personally, do a cleanout of average work each month, but what has been deemed better might stay in for another month before being cleaned out. That way, you're continually circulating new stuff through your gallery and from month to month everyone can see you progress. wink.gif So I'd suggest getting rid of: +these, +these, +these, +these. +This set is a bit red, but the many different cuts from one image is pretty impressive. Maybe tone down the red or chose some you really like and mix them into a new set of icons? happy2.gif If that makes sense, lol.

And now I will address the one thing that I feel is continually bogging down your graphics. Under contrasting!! :O Dear, I think I've mentioned this before, but don't take my suggestion and over contrast until the shadows are too dark in comparison to the lighter colours. [And I'm really trying to figure this out here, what's making them look that way.] [[But I don't want you to lose the soft colouring you do so well!]] As you said for the one chapter image, you did use a luminosity thingy @ 80% which should add some contrast at a nice level, maybe a little bit too much, depending. The only one you might want to consider removing is the last one "a sin for a sin." It has a good concept, but the text and squares is distracting and a little awkward. confusedslant.gif The other ones are really good!

Mhmm, you have good composition on your sigs happy2.gif I really like them. I think the first one would be better if the girl was a little bigger and she wasn't so pink. Maybe tone down the bright pink of the ribbon too because that takes the eye away from the girl and the text. wink.gif The text on the second one could use a little work, but the colouring and composition are good. smile.gif I like the text on the third one, but the girl is too blue sad2.gif Maybe remove the gradient's or whatever over her skin, or add some to make it look tan/normal-ish. We don't want hypothermic people on our graphics. wink.gif lol, I really love the concept on the fourth one! The text, though, is irking me. I would make "How much do you" smaller with it's pink box and maybe tilt it a little to the top of "love." Then make "love" a little bigger [maybe in a more scripty font too?] and then make "me?" smaller to the bottom and tilt it a little in the opposite direction of the text on top..? smile.gif Just a suggestion. The other ones are fantastic. wub.gif

-chapter images-
I think the first too should go. I do like the second one, but there's some kind of weird under-contrasting feel? And maybe it's a personal preference, but i don't think that thing on the girl's face is working? It's kind of distracting to be truthful. On the first one, the images look kind of LQ. You have good text on the first two, though! So keep that up. biggrin.gif Then we come to the third and I was like :O! That is what you should do. [It also alerted me to how some of your things may also be under-sharpened in comparison.]

-blends and other-
I actually have nothing to say here really, except keep making more! happy2.gif

-basic gist
-watch LQ images
-watch under-contrasting and sharpening
-watch colouring people strange colours [skin tones]
-TEXT! wink.gif

Hope that wasn't too harsh and sorry for the lastness, you want whack me with a stick. tongue1.gif

(plus, some of those images may have already been removed by you..)

Edited by PoutyBellatrix, 15 October 2011 - 09:18 AM.

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#33 aspen_aureline


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Posted 18 October 2011 - 06:26 PM

Hey, Stella! Sooo guess who fails at life and didn't do graphic crits for a month *points to herself* I'm sorry this took so long! Your stuff is actually quite good, so I won't do a graphic-by-graphic critique like I usually do. I'll point out specific graphics only if there's a major problem to be addressed.

First off, I adore your icons. You actually add something to them and make some of them "mini blends", which is fantastic! I don't do that =P really, really good job.

You don't have any major flaws with your banners. You have blending down, and I would say you're getting there with your text (flower and lost as a candle are fantastic, text and everything else). Your composition interests me in a good way. I, for one, could not to a person-less banner XD You did it very, very well. You make very good use of negative space, and your banners don't look empty even though the only "action" is in the middle. Oh, just noticed this, but the guy on the right in your spectrum banner, he looks a bit pixelated; and on Ron/Mione banner, I probably would have made him a smidge smaller so that the border wasn't so close to his eyes/chin. Oh...and I also just noticed that the text is kinda meh. It looks weird. It's very bold...now that I'm noticing this, it kind of ruins the banner for me x__x Text definitely makes or breaks a graphic for me =/ Otherwise, good job for mixing it up between two people, one person, just eyes (love that one), and using a texture with no stock. I'm impressed! Dude, why are you still an MA >> I'm really confused by this

Your sigs are probably my least favorite part of your gallery, though that could just be because I'm used to a very different style. I do like 'as long as...' jsyk :3 there are a few problems in this section. I would remove 'i need to be close to you' because the blending looks a bit sloppy, the coloring and composition isn't very interesting...it's just not as good as your other sigs. Blink is good...the only thing I'm having trouble with is the text for 'blink'. It's really obvious and stands out, and it's all I focus on when I look at it. The girl is just in the background on this. I would have done the text with more subtle colors and made it stand out a bit with a dark (not darkdark, just like the purple at the top of the sig or something) drop shadow. I think that's all that's bothering me...the color of it and that white glow. I like the positioning and text choice. Oh, one more note on that one, the hand looks a bit odd coming out of nowhere XD I know we would probably assume it's hers, but still looks odd :x

CIs...guh. I wish I could do them like you. Seriously, teach me >> they're gorgeous. I guess the only crit I would have is on the text for 'flames'. It's just not very interesting. If you'd done a gradient overlay and/or drop shadow, it would make it more interesting to looks at. I rarely, if ever, use a solid color with larger text. Sometimes it works (like on your 'isnt it over' CI) but here it doesn't because it's standing out, so people are more likely to focus on it...and then it isn't very interesting. I'm also not crazy about the placement...I probably would have moved it to the left more, just a little bit...probably just enough so the top of the 'f' is close to the girl's dress.

My least favorite blend is 'you are still mine'. I don't like the text at all >> It's really obvious but not interesting at all. I don't like how 'you are still' and 'mine' are both large, and I would have used a fancier font for this. Try doing a gray to white gradient. Also, the other text is placed oddly. Maybe try putting it on the dark part of her shirt, where the hand is?

You don't have any MAJOR problems, though if I had to pick one to work on I would say text. It seems like your text is either really good or just...not. I would suggest removing:

Hermiones diary--once I noticed the text, it just really does not work and it's bringing down the gorgeousness of your other banners
I need to be close to you - basically just everything I mentioned earlier
You are mine - good job hardcutting the people, but the text...x__x

I would say your best pieces are:
Flower banner, as long as..., you are a trouble girl in my life, and long trip home.

I hope this helps! Lol I was definitely not planning for it to be this long. I talk too much XD anyway, keep working and you'll get a new blue before you know it! Feel free to PM me if you'd like any crit or suggestions on a new piece.

Yes, I'm available! PM me if you request me so I see it right away!

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#34 aim.moon


    pretty damn naive

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Posted 18 October 2011 - 09:14 PM

Thank you very much for your critiques!

Ah yes, I really know that I have big problems with contrast sad2.gif And also thanks for your suggestion, I've done some and really love it biggrin.gif


Lol, yes, I always have some problems with contrast, I always thought they're contrast enough until someone say it's under contrast, and I begin to realize it, and regret it icon_dies.gif

And your suggestions are very cool, I'll remember it all if I make graphics biggrin.gif

Thank you very much for your critiques, Em! I really want to hugs you tightly XD

It's okay, Aspen, you don't need to feel sorry biggrin.gif

After I read your critiques, I begin to think that you're actually a really great critiquer, lol icon_dies.gif Because actually I had some issues like you said (for example, I do think that the text on Ron/Mione banner is too bold, and the Ron's face is a little bit awkward) also you have some good advices for things that I know but I don't know how to solve XD Really thank you very much. I've done some of your suggestions smile.gif

Also, don't be surprised if I sent you PM to ask critiques! I really love it biggrin.gif

Once again, thanks for your time critiquing me!

#35 spectrum


    Indonesian and proud \m/

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 12:44 PM

Hi, sweetie.

I should say, I'm very proud of you :") Really, the improvement you've made, that's awesome Fhel. You should have known every single comment of mine for every single graphic, because you used to ask for my opinion or I'll praise you. Until now, I can't comment more without being nitpicky because you're getting higher and higher standard ><
It's not fair, I'm still here and you fly so fast.

Love you, th_hug.gif


spectrum 's current obsession: (even after all these years)
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#36 hashtagponcho


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Posted 22 October 2011 - 07:23 AM

Hey there! I came back to send you love and tell you that you're awesome <3
I don't know how you do half of this stuff. It's all so beautiful, soft and muted.
Did I tell you this+ is in my inspirations
folder from since before I was junior? blush.gif
You are so ready for a promo. I wouldn't be surprised if you got it. Infact, sometimes
I look at your stuff and think, some of it wouldn't look out of place in a senior's gallery girl_blush.gif

I just wanted to come by and tell you whatever you're drinking it's paying off in your graphics
<3 <3 <3 Keeley

Keeley ~ available (pm first)

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