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Basic Forum Guidelines

TDA has grown to be a rather large site with an equally large number of rules, the complete list of which can be found here. However, the basic guidelines are as follows:

1. Be respectful of your fellow members. Rudeness and obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated.

2. The board is rated, generally, 15+ (or PG-13, for comparison). Images and text based content should be rated accordingly. Please ask a moderator if you have any concerns regarding your graphics' content.

3. Read! Read! Read! The site has been around for a long time. Odds are, as original as all of my little snowflakes are, they all ask the same questions, so you can probably find your answer somewhere else - remember to check all pinned topics in a forum before posting!

4. TDA is for graphic design and graphic design software. Don't ask about your Live Journal interface or your new RPG in our Q&A Center. That's not what we're here for.