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About BBLB!cycle four!

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 10:23 AM

What is BBLB?
Big Buddy Little Buddy is a 6-week long sitewide event that is all about making new friends! Participants will be matched up with a buddy -- a Big Buddy or a Little Buddy, depending on your rank and preferences -- who will be your partner for the duration of this BBLB Cycle. Together, you'll participate in brilliant bonding activities, mindblowing mini-challenges, beautiful bite-size challenges, as well as a crowning competition at the very end!
This cycle is a partner cycle, so prepare for some fancy friend-making, mad mini-games, and buddy bonding!
What is the difference between a partner cycle and a tutoring cycle?

A partner cycle is all about equal partnership and friendship! The focus is getting to know your buddy, participating in low-pressure graphics and friendship games. The end of a partner cycle culminates in a fun partner graphics challenge, where you'll put your heads together and use what you've learned about each other to make something awesome!

A tutoring cycle, on the other hand, is focused on developing a mentor/mentee relationship between a big buddy and a little buddy. In a tutoring cycle, the big buddy imparts graphics tips and advice to the little buddy, culminating in a partner critique challenge at the end to show off how much you've improved!
What's the difference between a Big and a Little Buddy?
In this cycle, there's very little difference between a Big Buddy and a Little Buddy - but the Big Buddy can totally impart helpful graphical knowledge on their Little Buddy (and vice versa!). Do note, however, that only artists from rank Member to Graduate can be little buddies, and artists from Graduate to Master can be big buddies.
What happens if my buddy drops out?
If your buddy drops out, we'll do our best to assign you to a new buddy or buddy pair (so you can form a super trio!).
What are mini-challenges, exactly?
Mini-challenges are weekly, optional graphics challenges that will be posted in this forum just for BBLB participants to enter in! We'll post a BBLB-themed challenge -- for example, a classic tutoring challenge -- that buddies can enter at their leisure. Participation is optional, but the more you enter the more points you earn this cycle! In addition, all winning entries will be immortalized in the BBLB Hall of Fame!
And what are bite-size challenges?
Bite-size challenges are four day long challenges where you can take part in even smaller challenges as a Buddy team, allowing you to claim extra points and spend more time working with your partner!

Did someone say points?!
Yes! Each BBLB activity you complete will earn you a certain number of points. The set of partners with the most points between them by the end of the cycle will get a snazzy, stunning award! (And eternal glory.)
What level of participation is required?
We hope that all buddies will participate in as many activities as they can, but, we know life often gets in the way of our dreams. :P Mini-challenges are all optional, as are bite-size activities -- but the more in which you participate, the more points you get. The only requirements are that you enter the final partner challenge at the end of the cycle, and that you make an honest effort to get to know your buddy!
What is this final challenge?
This BBLB cycle will culminate in a BBLB promo pack challenge -- where you'll be expected to work together on multiple graphics at once as a team!

All winning entries from the mini-challenges and the final challenge will be immortalised in the BBLB Hall of Fame.

Where do we sign up?
Sign ups will be posted on October 24th, and we will be matching you up soon after! You can sign up in this forum right here!

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