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Help Topic: I've Been Demoted

There are a few ways that you can be demoted. The first one is easy - you can ask to be demoted. From time to time, we meet an artist who is far more humble than the rest of you lot and asks to be demoted because they don't feel their graphics are worthy of their station. While we always give them a little pep talk, your admins are not in the business of psychoanalysis and will generally oblige a reasonable request for demotion. Beyond that, however, there are two ways, listed below.

I Was Bad...
If you were bad and now you've been demoted, tough luck cookie. Frequently filling requests in violation of the TOS, failing to treat other artists or the site admins with respect or mistreating members can result in your demotion. We've done it before and I suspect we will probably have to do it again. If you suspect you were demoted because you were bad, you've probably already been contacted by an admin but, if not, please check your warn count.

I Was Gone!...
Periodically the admins here have to clean out the artists groupings of "dead members" - people who have left us for good - or at least a while. While we go through galleries ever 30 days, member accounts are only gone through about once every 6 months. As of now, the procedure is thus - an admin makes a post in the Artist Lounge asking all of our registered artists to check in. As people check in, their names are checked off of a list. If you don't check in within 30 days, you are assumed MIA and your status is dropped back down to Member. When you return, your previous status will be taken into consideration and the admins will re-evaluate your gallery as soon as you let them know you're back, without regard to whether or not promotions are in progress. [Note: Time away from the site can do wonders - or disasters - to an artists skills. You may come back vastly improved or vastly rusty and we need to take that into consideration. Don't worry, we still love you smile.gif]