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Help Topic: What Are Warnings and Why Was I Warned?

Warn counts can be increased for a lot of different reasons. For artists, making a graphic that violates the rules - even if you're making it exactly as it was requested - can be a reason for having your warn count increased. As a requestor, repeatedly disregarding the rules and ignoring the standard forms can be another reason. For all members, disregarding the rules in pinned topics all over the board is a pretty common warn-increase cause.

Getting your warn count increased is easy, but getting it decreased is considerably more difficult. Simply abstaining from breaking the rules again isn't generally a reason for having your warn count decreased. Whining about not having it decreased really isn't going to help at all. The only way to have your warn count decreased is to help. There are several pinned Help Us! topics hidden around the board - areas that are in need of more development that the admins are hoping a passing site member will take part in. There are also a litany of user questions posted across the board all of the time. Answering them politely, correctly and promptly is a great way to get your warn count decreased.

What Does Your Warning Affect?
Briefly, and because there are a lot of misconceptions about this, your warn count really affects nothing. True, if your warning was increased for being a pain in neck and you've been abusing other site members for months, when it comes time to make a promotion, we're going to take that into consideration, but - remember - we would have taken the bad behavior into consideration, regardless of your warn level. Truthfully, admin's don't consider a persons warn level when they're considering a promotion, so it's not going to hurt you in any way.