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Move My Thread/Gallery

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Posted 25 January 2008 - 04:26 PM

Please use the following form:

Link to Thread: here
To: **name of place you want to have your thread moved**

Once dealt with, a moderator will delete your post in this thread.

For artists wanting their galleries moved, please check the following first:
Moving From Hidden Galleries
Please note that your gallery will only be moved once it is certain that you actually updated it first. There's no sense in me moving back a gallery that still has not been updated in the last 30 days. Once you have updated, post below with a link to your gallery.

Moving From the Graveyard
This means that your gallery was missing the last date of update in the title or topic description. Please add the date and post here.

Why Was My Gallery Moved?

Either your gallery had not been updated in 4-8 weeks OR it did not follow one of the following rules:

1. Gallery Update Dates - all artists, including Staff Artists, must include a last date of update in their topic title or description. This date must include both the month and the date. There is no specific format for this, but it must be understandable. Any gallery that does not include this date stamp will be graveyarded.

2. Number of Graphics - all active artists must have at least 5-15 graphics in their gallery. 5 is the minimum number required for a new gallery. While it does not matter what type of graphic you display, I would suggest that not all 15 are of the same type (ie: 15 icons).

3. Revamping - if you are revamping your gallery, it should NOT appear in the active gallery section. It should either be stored in the Gallery Protection Plan or it will be placed in Hidden Galleries for the time you require for revamp. This should eliminate "empty" or "nearly empty" galleries in the active areas.


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