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Acknowledging Artists and Gallery Updates

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 08:34 PM

Just a reminder to all that are requesting critique, artists are giving up their time and their effort to give critique and especially with the upper ranking artists it's not always an easy task to find areas of improvement.

At the moment there is an unfortunate trend occurring, not with every artist but with a few, of people requesting critique, not acknowledging the artist and then asking for more critique. Whilst there is not a problem with asking for critique from multiple people and getting a few opinions, even if you don't agree with the artist, it's always polite to acknowledge that they've taken the time to come and look at your work and give their opinion. It doesn't have to be a long spiel singing their praises, but a simple thank you or an acknowledgement that you've at least read what they've had to say will suffice.

Similarly with updating your gallery, at the moment the rules state that you have to update your gallery in the past 30 days to qualify for critique, that still stands, but keep in mind when asking for critique multiple times in that month, there may be a lot of repetition of what has already been said. We understand that real life gets in the way, you may not always have time to make graphics or don't believe that your graphics are gallery worthy after the critique, but asking critique from a lot of people without a gallery update tends to get repetitive and takes that critiquing time away from somebody that may not have received any for the month.

You don't have to update every day, you don't have to update between critiques, but keep in mind if you've had a string of critique all stating similar things, hold off on requesting more before you update to get the best out of the Critique Corner.

People who are offering critique may also now elect to bump your request for critique if they believe what they have to say will be a repetition of what has already been said. So if they come to your gallery and see a lot of critique done in a short amount of time, with no gallery update, they may put your name to the bottom of the list to hold off until a gallery update is done and they may better be able to give you advice. If your gallery has not been updated in 30 days, they can also elect to remove the request from their critiquing list.

The 30 day limit and 3 person maximum still applies to all who request critique, we're not going to make you update between each critique, but keep in mind if you're requesting again, the artist may choose to forgo critiquing until a gallery update is done, or they may say a lot of the same things that have already been said.

Be polite and try and endeavour to get the best out of the Screening Room as possible.

Thanks guys!

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