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miss atomic bomb

fellow writers: any advice on staying motivated to actually finish something? my 39 WIPs and I need to know :P
Jul 25 2018 08:31 PM
  • hasane's Photo
    lmao @starbuck. if have a lot of WIPs then prioritize! which ones do you feel excited about? which ones do you feel like could wait for? and then you start planning for these stories, to get an idea of where you're going with them. lastly, write everyday. have a consistent word goal (make it reasonable!) and try to reach it everyday! this really helped me out of writing rut.
    Jul 26 2018 07:40 PM
  • cosmos's Photo
    crikey! i've only just got back into the realm of fanfiction again. i'm semi new here but see if anyone can help you with editing? no harm in asking around. if that doesn't work try making mind maps to help you get straight to the point with each chapter, basically what i plan to do
    Jul 27 2018 08:51 AM
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    miss atomic bomb
    I've got my WIPs divided into priority folders and I'm mostly pretty good about only working on things in the main folder, I just can't stop adding new stories! planning's not the issue, it's sitting down and getting the words out. I know I need to turn off my inner editor but it's haaaard. I've got a friend willing to beta but what I really need is someone to pester me to write every day haha

    lol kris
    Jul 28 2018 08:56 PM