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char's trophies

14 May 2018 - 06:35 AM





Staff - 12/16


[award by tea cup]


Grad - 10/16


[award by cat!]


Senior - 08/16


[award by golden.]


Junior - 07/16


[award by tea cup]


Yearly Awards


Dark Mark Awards 2017


- Best at Texture Use

- Best at Animation



 - Artist of the Year

- Best at Composition

- Best at Chapter Images


[awards by endlessly.]


Dark Mark Awards 2016


- Best at Texture Use



Dark Mark Awards 2016 (Finalist

- Artist of the Year

- Best Style


[awards by snicket!]


December 2016 FA


Special Challenge Awards


BBLB Cycle Two (with starlet*)

- Mini Challenge #2 (Second place)

- Main Challenge (Second place)


BBLB Cycle Three (with lucida.)

- Mini Challenge #1 (Second place)


Monthly Challenge Awards








[award by paper doll]






[award by azimuth]




[award by neptune]




[award by wildest dreams.]


The Ultimate Revamp Your Gallery Challenge - 11/16


[award by panacea.]


The Ultimate Continuous Lyrics Challenge - 10/16


[award by saturn.]


I Challenge Thee! 








General Challenge Awards



First place

The Classic Partner Challenge (with daredevil)


Second place

The "I Missed The Ultimate Challenge" Challenge

The Hot Lava Challenge


Third place





First place

The Marauder Challenge

The Whoa That's A Good Song Challenge

The DA Promo Challenge

The 10 Layer Challenge

July DA Digest

The Texture Only Banner Challenge

March DA Digest

The Black and White Challenge

Show Your Steps Challenge

Yet Another Before and After Challenge


Second place

The Gift The Above Challenge

The Currently Reading Challenge

March DA Colorization Challenge

April DA Digest

The Minimalist Challenge


Third place

The Mono Photography Challenge

Return of the Bowdown Challenge

The Foreign Language Challenge

The 'I'll Give You A Font' Challenge




First place

You Cast It Challenge

The Hidden Canvas Challenge Strikes Back

The Challenge Archive Challenge v2


Second place

November DA Digest

The Song From Above Challenge

The Who's That? Challenge

The Bowdown With A Twist Challenge


Third place

Claim Your Man/Woman Challenge

[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]phone wallpaper

20 January 2018 - 11:11 AM

Size: 1080x1920 or any of that ratio if it's too big
Images: Any of +Baptiste Radufe or +Matthew Bell
Color Scheme Preferences: your choice, i prefer light colours c:
Quotes: feeling electric
Desktop Orientation: portrait
Additional Information: Thank you for doing this, Katlynn! I know whatever you make will be amazing so I can't wait to see what you'll come up with <3

Colouring Screencaps

07 January 2018 - 01:33 PM

Hi everyone! In this tutorial, Ill be showing you how I colour and retouch screencaps.

The annoying thing with screencaps is that they are often very dull, dark, and too 

blue or yellow, so there will be two parts to 

this tutorial: fixing yellow screencaps and blue screencaps. 


P A R T :  1

How to turn this:



into this:




1.  Add a Colour Balance adjustment layer and set the blend mode to screen. Adjust the opacity 

as you like, but I left mine at 100%. 



2. Brightness/Contrast. Whenever I increase the brightness, I always decrease the contrast to 

about the same amount, and vice versa, so the picture wont look too 

blown out. I pushed the brightness +33 and pulled the contrast down to -27. 



3. (Optional) Add Colour Lookup. Beside 3DLUT File, there should be a dropdown menu labeled 

Load 3D LUT. Select Kodak 5205 Fuji 3510. 



4. As you can see, the screencap still looks very yellow, so we'll use Curves to fix that. 

Since the tone of the image is overly yellow, counter that by increasing the blue. 

Select "Blue" under the dropdown menu labeled "RGB" and raise the middle of 

the curve. The curves setting looks like this.



5. Now, the highlights look a bit too red/magenta. Select "Red" from the dropdown menu 

and pull down the middle of the curve. Also pull down the top right corner of the curves. 

The curves for red should look like this.



6. The shadows are too green now, so select "Green" and pull the bottom-left corner 

of the curves a little bit to the right. The settings should look like this.



7. I did some minor tweaks such as brightening the image by pulling up the entire "RGB"

 curve, but keeping the contrast low by pulling down the upper half of the curve. I 

wanted to add a bit of blue to the shadows so I pulled up the bottom-left corner of the 

"Blue" curve, and tweaked "Red" a little more because the highlights still looked a bit

 too red. The final curves look like this.



  8. Lastly, I added Selective Colouring for more minor adjustments. I selected 

"Yellow" from the Colours dropdown menu and pushed the magenta to +27. Then I 

went to "White" and decreased cyan to -8 and magenta to -18.



And that's it! Some sharpening, filtering, and you're all good to go. 



Another example:

KOUrSfa.png -- to --  N9XmC6q.png



P A R T :  2

How to turn this:



into this:



1. Add a Colour Balance layer and set it to screen. I left the opacity at 100%, 

but adjust it accordingly.



2. Add a Brightness/Contrast layer. I increased the brightness to +30 and decreased the contrast to -28.



3. (Optional) Add a Colour Lookup layer. Under the dropdown menu labeled 

"Load 3D LUT", select Kodak 5218 Kodak 2395.



4. As you can see, the overall tone of the image is too blue and the skin looks 

pasty. Add a Curves layer, select "Blue" from the dropdown menu, and pull 

down the middle of the blue curve. The curves for blue should look like this.



5. That made the image too green, so select "Green" from the dropdown menu and 

pull down the middle of the green curve. The curve should look like this.



6. The skin still looks very pale and pasty. Select "Red" and pull up the middle of the 

red curve. This made the overall tone of the image very red, but since I wanted just 

the highlights to be red, I pulled down the lower left half ot the curve to dial back 

the reds. The curve settings should look like this.



7. I went back and made some tiny adjustments with the curves. I increased the 

contrast just a little bit by pulling up the "RGB" curve and lowered a bit of the red. 



8. Add Selective Colouring for some fine colour tweaks. Under "Red", I increased 

the magenta to +16. Then I selected "Yellow" and increased the magenta to +11, 

yellow to +14, and black to +30. 



Now it's time to filter! I always put all the colouring layers into a group and do the 

filtering under the colouring. This way, you can still go back and make some 

adjustments later on.



Another example:

TI2iBPV.png -- to --  YxAfDsw.png


I hope this tutorial was helpful! Don't hesitate to message me or post 

below if you have any questions or need some clarifications.♡

[COMPLETED][Being Filled][open]pw set

23 October 2017 - 12:21 PM

Size: 500x200, 150x150, 100x100
Images: Any of Tim Schuhmacher, here's an album of images! But feel free to find your own of course.
Text: Mateusz Young
Color Preferences: maybe reds or yellows? up to you. i really like muted coloring though c:
Preferred Mood: neutral to bright
Link to Place to be Used: my profile
Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile
When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): N/A
Additional Information: Thanks in advance to whoever picks this up! :)

[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]gallery header

14 March 2017 - 11:20 AM

Size: 700x250

Link to Place to be Used: +my gallery
Type of Site: TDA
Images: Dane Dehaan. I have an album +here, which are some of my favourite pictures from his +fansite.

Text: we put your curse in reverse” feel free to make any one of these words the main, biggest text or something like that (:

and “blessed be the boys time can’t capture”

Mood of your Skin: no preference, anything that works with the pictures is fine with me!

Color Preferences: I like dark greens, reds, purples. scratch that, I like colors in general hahah. I don't have specific preferences, but I love the coloring/color schemes in herehere, and here

Additional Information: I'd prefer textures, but stock is a-okay with me too. Thank you so much Jade! <3