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Stille Nacht

Thunderstorms today & Snow Showers tomorrow. My State is a bit confused!
Yesterday, 06:28 PM
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i am now addicted to asoiaf fanfiction. if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know :3
Yesterday, 04:40 PM
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    Stille Nacht
    Sorry for not being in the loop, but what is asoiaf?
    Yesterday, 06:22 PM
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    a song of ice and fire - it's the game of thrones book series :)
    Yesterday, 06:37 PM
  • Stille Nacht's Photo
    Stille Nacht
    Oh cool! :D
    Yesterday, 06:40 PM
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Hillary Clinton is my hero. The video they just released of her legit made me ugly-cry.
Yesterday, 04:09 PM
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    Yesterday, 04:09 PM
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My goal is to finally come back with a new gallery. Working on my third banner now and lets hope for the best :)
Yesterday, 03:41 PM
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please nominate someone for march featured artist! http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=132223
Yesterday, 11:11 AM
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Stille Nacht

So glad it's Friday!!!
Yesterday, 09:41 AM
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My phone company's representatives are too good. I contacted them about something entirely different, and by the time we were, finished, I'd ordered a new phone. o.O
Feb 23 2017 05:17 PM
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Stille Nacht

That moment when you're done with the day before it even had the chance to begin. Glad tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully my mood will improve then.
Feb 23 2017 08:33 AM
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pixielife → Malfoyscarolinagirl

Feb 23 2017 05:00 AM
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I think an egg is an interesting shape. Please someone set the challenge themed on the egg(s).
Feb 23 2017 04:48 AM
  • RéaltaCleite's Photo
    Oh, can I? I'll set the challenge. Thank you! My friend showed me his egg arts the other day.

    Feb 23 2017 07:56 AM
  • page thirteen.'s Photo
    page thirteen.
    yep - spend the points first, then when amy's approved it, just pm the duelling arena mods to let them know you're making a challenge :'D
    Feb 23 2017 07:57 AM
  • RéaltaCleite's Photo
    Thank you, Jade!
    Feb 23 2017 10:14 AM
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I have no idea how curves actually work but I know that if I play around enough I usually end up with a brightness/darkness that I am happy with so it's okay
Feb 22 2017 09:52 PM
  • wishes's Photo
    hahah literally me
    Feb 22 2017 09:54 PM
  • ailhsa's Photo
    Feb 23 2017 05:43 PM
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I wish I could do colorizations all the time. They're so relaxing.
Feb 22 2017 08:42 PM
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ed sheeran literally is the master
Feb 22 2017 04:31 PM
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today is just one of those days :/
Feb 22 2017 03:49 PM
  • beyond the rain's Photo
    beyond the rain
    :hugs: i hope ur okay <333
    Feb 22 2017 04:15 PM
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tamago → east of the sun

omg is that a miraculous ladybug header??
Feb 22 2017 01:57 PM
  • east of the sun's Photo
    east of the sun
    omfg I just want to lament this frustrating love square to the world
    Feb 22 2017 04:28 PM
  • tamago's Photo
    I love your casting! Kiko and Lucky Blue? Just perfect <33
    And yesss the love square omg I can't wait for the second series. I absolutely loved the Jackady episode when Ladybug and Adrien were both so shy with each other but then I got frustrated with their love square hahah
    Feb 23 2017 06:15 AM
  • east of the sun's Photo
    east of the sun
    Ahaha I'll admit I stole Kiko's casting off Tumblr, but I'll be damned if blond-model-teen doesn't just SCREAM Lucky Blue
    omg ikr can it just be summer already T_T not only for the love square, but motherfrackin new miraculouses? �� here �� for �� this��
    gawd Jackady tore my heart out with all the Ladrien feels, but Origins. That umbrella tho.
    Feb 23 2017 10:52 AM