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Natalie!I got an avatar up! You werent on msn so i just chose i arandom pic of mine to see if it would work and it did! =)Yay! Updated 17 Sep · 0 comments

About Me

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Weird!

Hi, I'm Natalie and I'm 17 years old. Call me Alie =)

My bestist friends are Nikki, Emma, Zoe, Callum-Senpai, Becca, Rachael, Tyler, Emily, Harrison and Jess -I couldn't live without you guys!

Of course, I also couldn't live without my awesome boyfriend Karl. See, I mentioned you in your own little bit, aren't you special? xP

Natalie is currently in year twelve (sixth form) and is totally in need of these weeks off school! Too much work to handle!

Check out my page if you're curious! happy2.gif

Thank you, I love pressies!

Things I like;
-Harry Potter (start with the obvious)
-Lily/James fics. The cutest couple EVER!
-Manga. Need I say more?
-Batman. I'm so addicted
-Merlin! (The one with Bradley James <3 )
-The Joker. Best bad guy EVER
-Twilight. Sigh Jacob...
-Taylor Launter. Uh hello? Cute or what?
-Persona 3/4. Check it out
-Music! My i-pod is sacred
-Dancing. What an exercise
-Friends. I love you guys!
-Death Note! Read it. Now.
-Bleach. Just started it and wowza, I'm loving it.
-Converse. I have four pairs now, I'm aiming for millions!
-My puppy Milo and Hamster Rhino! They're so cute!
-This colour green. My fave.
-Karl. Teehee happy2.gif
-Drawing. Which is surprising as I took Art for GCSE and my teacher turned it into a chore -_-
-Russell Howard!! Went to see him live on the 17th of February! Aren't I a lucky girl? =D

Things I hate;
-Hannah Montana. Don't argue I get it enogh already. Ugh.
-Carrots. If they were alive thier eyes would be orange I know it. Creepy.
-Annoying teachers. Seriously how many are there?
-Homework. I spend all day at school I don't need more!
-Blisters. Um, OW! I have some at the moment from my dancing. *sob*
-Them annoying bus drivers. Grrr, I'll give you a piece of my mind...
-Arguments. Specially with a certain person.
-Waiting for updates on gripping stories! Update already, suspence kills me!
-Rejected chapters. I waited so long...

Hmm... anyways leave a
comment! Even just to say hi! Or I will eat you. Just kidding. Maybe...

Hey Emma!! tongue1.gif
Ooooh sooo smooooth!
Loooove theeeem soooft!
Squidgyyyy, squidgy baby!

Oh how we hate that song -_-

Updated quiz! happy2.gif

xo ALIE xo

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