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18 April 2013 - 02:21 PM

It's been six years since I became admin of TDA, and I've decided that it's time to go into retirement from admin work.  I want to have more time to make graphics, write my stories, and of course for those real life responsibilities (the ones we come on here to avoid :P). 


TDA has gone through a lot in six years, growing to 16,000 members from a couple of thousand, going through more trends and styles than I can count, and even more artists than that.  It's been quite an experience to have watched TDA go through these changes, but I'm looking forward to seeing the site from a different point of view.  I will be staying on as a Staff Artist because I could never really leave completely.  ^_^


Thank you all, members old and new, for making TDA such an important part of my life for these last years!  :)

Offsite Chats and Other Such Things

05 April 2013 - 09:10 PM

To begin, know that there is not, and never has been, any official, TDA-sanctioned chat in existence, be it on Skype, Facebook, or on any of the old messenger programs.  The only other sites the admins run are the TDA tumblr account and TDA Resources. 


However, this doesn't stop many members from chatting together offsite.  And there's nothing wrong with that at all.  But there are things that members should keep in mind when entering and participating in chats, starting with the painfully obvious:

  1. know your age limit - be aware if any of your fellow chatters are underaged and act accordingly
  2. only chat with others you feel comfortable with (not with ones you hate)
  3. don't reveal personal information about yourself (full name, address, school, etc.)
  4. and generally be aware of what you say, because I can tell you from experience that chats can quickly spiral out of control

While it's lovely that members make friends on this site and want to extend their friendship beyond TDA, there's always a risk involved with online friends, and the admins want everyone to take note of these risks.  It is your responsibility to keep yourselves safe on these chats - we have no control over them, and can only take real action when the aftermath of drama invades TDA itself.


If you are ever experiencing trouble because of these chats, even after you have exited the chat and blocked the people in question, then feel free to come to the admins for help.  All four of us are happy to help you in whatever way we can.  :)

April Fools!

02 April 2013 - 02:05 PM

The TDA staff always have a few tricks up their sleeve, and we all hope that you had a little bit of fun with our silliness.  You may have seen these strange graphics with unicorns, rainbows, and comic sans.  Or perhaps you noticed the suspiciously old graphics cropping up in our galleries and across the forums.  There was also that hideous header covered in sparkles and Scriptina.  And of course there were the fake accounts.


If you can name the fake accounts and identify which Staff Moderators played them, then you can win a little prize - a thank you for putting up with our pranks.  ;)


The first person to correctly name all the fake accounts and their handlers will have their gallery pinned for two weeks, and their choice of a full gallery critique or a free graphic request (no links to stories or accounts necessary). 


Those who PM the correct answers to me in the next 12 hours will also receive graphics of their choice from the staff. 


Happy April Fools' Day, and also happy birthday to the Weasley Twins!  :D 

under a violet sky

02 April 2013 - 12:02 AM


award by Mercury


grad student in Victorian literature;
making graphics since October 2005,
using Photoshop CS3


*Resources & Credits*

















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Chapter Image Sets:

[Black Sands]  [Out of Time]  [This Longing]

















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And some things I've done for a local film series:



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Awards Archive

Best at Banners 2012 and 2013! Thank you!
awards by Crowley



awards by charmante. and bewitching



2007 Dobby Winner for Best Graphic Artist
2008 Dark Mark Winner for Best at Banners
2011 Dark Mark Winner for Best Critique
2012 Dark Mark Winner for Best at Banners

Thanks for checking out my gallery! :happy:

Using PSDs For Your Graphics

25 March 2013 - 03:04 PM

Due to the influx of artists utilizing PSDs to improve their graphics, particularly those who include said graphics in their galleries, whether they provide credit or not, I am banning the use of PSDs for any graphic that is displayed on this site.  You may use them for practice, but you cannot post that graphic here. 


If you are uncertain what PSDs are and how they work, Caraphernelia has explained it perfectly:

There are some sites on the internet that other artists have uploaded their photoshop files to, where you can download them and open them up in your own software. These are intended for leaning purposes only, if you wish to see how an artist achieved a certain colouring or how they blended so  perfectly etc. Some people take these PSD's and essentially abuse the original creator's work by lifting images straight out of the PSD file, and  transferring them to their own graphics, or simply taking all of the colouring layers  and placing them on their own graphics also. This is considered cheating, since you didn't actually do the work yourself, but the original creator of the PSD file did.


It just makes it unfair because there are a lot of artists who do use these files in the way they're supposed to be used, or some just learn as they go and make mistakes, and it's giving an unfair advantage to those who think they can get away with using these files.


If you do post that graphic here, be it in your gallery, for a request, in a challenge, or on any other portion of the site, you will receive a warning.  If you continue posting those graphics, you will be treated as a "ripper" and banned from this site. 


PSDs are only intended to help teach you how to do certain methods of colouring, creative styles of composition, or complex techniques for blending.  They are not meant to superimposed onto your own graphics to make them look fancy and flashy.  By using them in this latter sense, you are stealing the original artist's work.  You are making your graphics look better without actually doing the work.  It's lazy and unnecessary, and do not think that you can get away with it.


I will give all artists until the end of the week to remove PSD-based graphics from their galleries.  Starting on Saturday, I will begin handing out warnings.  Do not expect a promotion if I catch you using PSDs because, frankly, you don't deserve it.