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Using The Resource Arena

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 03:52 PM

General rule


 Please always keep the copyright rules in mind when looking for or sharing images!


Looking for an image




1)  When searching for a character, please use all masterlists first:


+Harry Potter Universe Character List/Face Claim

+Game of Thrones/Period Drama Character List/ Face Claim

+Other Fandoms

+Picture/Image Masterlist


OC Masterlists:

Now arranged so that members can find a wider variety of face claims for characters of their own creation.

+Character Resource Lists. Kindly read +this post for more details before perusing the forum.


As a last resort, you may use Who's That?+, but again please credit the artist when posting the graphic containing the person in question.


If that doesn't give you what you need, also check out HERE and HERE


If all that fails, you may post a question in +this thread for more help.



2) If you are looking for stock, textures, brushes and scans, please use the following links:

+Stock Masterlist

+Textures Masterlist

+Other Masterlist (brushes, scans, screencap packs, fonts etc.)

3) If you are looking for stock and/or celebrity image packs, please use the Image Packs Masterlist+ or use What's That Stock?
4) If you are looking for screencaps, or specifically for Harry Potter screencaptures, Magical Menagerie+ and Home of the Nutty+.
5) If you are looking for the font(s) used on a graphic, check the Big Bad Masterlist of Fonts+ or use Name That Font+. Font packs are also found in the 'Other' Masterlist, linked above.



  • Specify what you are looking for in the topic title
  • Please thank anyone who provides you links and images
  • Please notify a mod when you've found what you need so they can graveyard the topic

Posting Stock, Textures or Font packs


1) When posting your resource in the appropriate forum, please make sure to always include the appropriate credit
2) After posting your resource, please fill out the relevant form so it can be added to the masterlists

[url=RESOURCE URL HERE]resource title here[/url] by YOUR USERNAME HERE
TYPE OF RESOURCE: (eg large textures, icon textures, stock etc.)
Are you comfortable with us cross posting your resource on any of TDA's social media accounts? YES/NO
Are you comfortable with us including your resource in the Featured Resources subforum visible to guests? YES/NO

For Stock Photography please then post the filled out form here.
For Textures please then post the filled out form here.
For Fonts, PNGs, Brushes, screencaps, etc, please post the filled out form here




Posting Image packs


1) Before posting your image pack



  • Make sure your image packs includes credit for everything in them. This means that a credit list in text form, or however is easier for you, is to be included with the image pack.
  • Please make sure that every image used in the image pack is used in accordance with the rules of the specific photographer as well. An image might not be copyrighted, but if the photographer doesn't allow use of their images outside of their own site then that image may not be posted in your image pack.


  • Include images from WHI, Tumblr, FanPop or any site that makes it difficult to discern the actual source of the image.

2) After posting your image pack, fill out the form below and post it here so it can be added to the masterlist!

Obviously any resources not in accordance to the copyright rules will be deleted, so please make sure to really check before posting.

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