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urrgghhhh i go back to uni tomorrow but i haven't written my summer essay for my tutor, why do i do this to myself lol
Oct 03 2016 05:48 PM
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    [clacks tongue] time to pull the first all nighter of the year
    Oct 03 2016 06:21 PM
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    ha ha, that's saved for thursday, the essay is due friday
    Oct 04 2016 05:05 AM
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Hey Alison, thanks so much for the squee, I just saw it now and it made my day ty ty ilysm <3
Sep 27 2016 07:21 PM
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    of course! omg that sig is so beautiful. negative space goals \o/
    Sep 28 2016 06:00 PM
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Thank you so much for picking up my request *tackles* I owe you all the sweetest treats ever :D <3 xx
Sep 23 2016 04:28 PM
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    Ah not to worry, it's finished now, so you can check it out and see if you like it :D
    Sep 24 2016 04:24 PM
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    I love it so much omg Aisha thank youuu! <3 Absolutely love it! <3
    Sep 24 2016 04:39 PM
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Hey, was just thinking about you yesterday! Glad to see you're back! http://i.imgur.com/EnFJIF7.png <3 <3
Dec 06 2015 05:08 PM
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    Aw thanks Alishya! <3
    Dec 06 2015 06:23 PM
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I'm back from my first term at uni and now I finally have some time to graphic :P
Dec 06 2015 09:11 AM
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I'm auditioning tomorrow for a Marauders film that someone's writing- once a HP nerd always a HP nerd I guess :P
Nov 13 2015 12:29 PM
  • Good luck!
    Nov 13 2015 01:11 PM
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    Thanks! It was a very short audition but it went well, fingers crossed ;)
    Nov 14 2015 09:42 PM
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guess who's feeling as dead as a dodo rn? goddamn freshers flu
Oct 15 2015 03:54 AM
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Miladywildest dreams.

thanks hannah for the squee it made my day *squishes* <3
Sep 13 2015 11:51 AM
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    i'm kind of sad and excited that it's going to be set in hollywood... on the one hand, hollywood, new characters, on the other hand, what about the old characters???? what about angie and sousa???
    Sep 14 2015 09:13 AM
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    wildest dreams.
    I'm going to start a riot if there's no Angie tbh, I mean she wants to be an actress why wouldn't she show up there
    Sep 15 2015 08:46 AM
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    yes, angie as a hollywood actress, gimmeee :P in the sdcc agent carter panel they said that jarvis was already going to be in la so at least there's that
    Sep 15 2015 09:36 AM
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hi aisha i was wondering if you could tell me who the model is in this chapter image? http://i59.tinypic.com/309hq13.png much thankssss <3
Jul 05 2015 09:44 AM
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    That's Imaan Hammam, glad I could help ;)
    Jul 06 2015 10:09 AM