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#1 RedHairGinny

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Posted 18 April 2016 - 02:43 AM


winter sunshine and flashing lights


Hey, there! This is Varsha :')

Books, anime and fandoms for life!

BLUE *_*

Basketball <3

And I still love trig :D

Wanna-be writer and Quidditch star xD


*newest at top*














































            oVsV1ig_zpsbywyysbj.png             Lo38F2B_zps2a8bn3na.png

                                by angelica.                                                                                        by Lola.


   KuOx1_zpsof1isvgg.png                             senior_omg_what_zpsqxl4ahut.png


                                              ​by starbuck.                                                                                by miss atomic bomb                           







 accursed.@TDA--- unsplash.com--- Caren@TDA--- dafont.com--- cgtextures.com--- stockvault.net--- sammich@TDA---

 caraphernelia@TDA--- ellasaurus13@DA--- DistortedSmileStock@DA--- clandestinestock@DA--- metauphoria@TDA--- Moriarty.@TDA---

 zeldona@mellowmint@LiveJournal--- dianafletcher@Colouresource@DA--- MyDeadLove@DA--- longlongwaydown@DA---

 vikyvampirs90@DA--- laPeach@TDA--- xNotwutuEXPECTx@TDA--- FrankAndCarySTOCK@DA--- Sirius-sdz@DA--- deceit@TDA---

 Missesglass@TDA--- Photoshopfreak@TDA--- sharkbaitresources@DA--- abyss@TDA--- Edna@TDA--- 26plus-zeichen.de--- losttype.com--- fontfabric.com--- freedesignresources.com--- dusteramanthc@brusheezy--- jordannamorgan@DA--- Easterlies@TDA---

et cetera@TDA--- legolas.@TDA--- nyx@TDA--- a.perfect.lie@TDA


Behance: David Massara--- Hendrick Rolandez--- Nathan Watkins--- Sean Coady--- Tom Anders Watkins--- Nelson Balaban--- Soulcraft--- KRISIJANIS--- Gatis Vilaks--- Artimasa Studio--- Joël Carrouché--- Adrien Coquet






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Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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#2 ClearPlastic



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Posted 21 April 2016 - 10:01 AM

Hey Varsha! :) Here for your requested critique.


So first off I think you're very good for a member artist already - I think you've got some really interesting stuff in here and I can definitely see the potential. You mention focal point and creative composition as being your weaknesses, and I don't think that's the case at all! In fact I think those two things are your strengths. Your banners especially have GORGEOUS comp - so interesting and creative, and rarely seen for an artist as new as you. Your Trapped banner has fantastic comp, I love the way you've blended those images together and it really fits with the "trapped" theme of the banner. Another example of creative comp is your The Dark Arts blend (chapter image?). Very out of the box, I love it. The text on that is sooooo good as well, perfect choice and perfect placement. The Take Me Back To The Basics header is also gorgeous! Love the comp, love the creativity. Think you generally have a good eye for text placement as well - love the bottom/top text. The only graphic with not-so-great text is the Ron and Hermione chapter image, I think it blends into the background a bit too much, and the lines are too far spaced from each other. Otherwise, generally very good at text as well. 


Right now I think the main thing you should focus on improving is your image quality and coloring. In your Tum Saath blend, image quality is not too good. The two pics of the main girl and the couple are pretty blurry and pixellated. The image quality on your banners are pretty decent, but are just a smidge undersharpened. I think they could benefit from some slight sharpening layer or some filtering. Image quality is super important - if a graphic is gorgeous but has poor image quality, it usually drags it down as a whole. Try and make sure you always use HQ images (generally 800px and above is a good ballpark) 


As for coloring, the trapped banner has great coloring because it's very even all around and everything has similar purplish tones. It looks very cohesive as a whole. Bottom top banner also has great even pinkish coloring. The Basics header isn't badly colored, but to me the images of the people have warm coloring, but the background and very blue and cool-toned, which creates a bit of a discrepancy. Try experimenting with all the different adjustment layers in PS - things like gradient maps, color balance, and curves are great for coloring a graphic beautifully. Coloring is probably one of the harder things to master and really understand (when I first started out I honestly had no clue what to do) so take your time exploring what each individual adjustment layer does. Experimenting will definitely get you there :)


All in all, I think you have a great start to your gallery already, and I'm super excited to see you make more things! It's a bit hard to judge someone's graphic making ability by just a couple of graphics, so you should definitely start making more :) You'll be improving like crazy in no time, trust me!


Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope I helped!

hi, i'm eggie and i'm semi-available, please pm for requests!

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#3 RedHairGinny

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Posted 21 April 2016 - 11:07 AM

Hey Eggie!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful crit :D I'm so glad you liked my gallery.

I'll definitely keep all those pointers in mind and try to experiment with the colouring too! I'm not quite sure what some of them do, but I guess I'll try and figure it out :')

(I always thought focal point was something I wasn't good at!!!)

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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#4 gryffiefan


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Posted 22 April 2016 - 07:45 AM

Hey Varsha! I'm Christie aka Cee ^_^


Just decided to drop by your gallery (which is pretty awesome and much better than mine). I love your first banner!  :loves:

Hope to be seeing more of your work!

       Call me Cee | unavailable

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#5 choobacca


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Posted 05 May 2016 - 04:29 PM

Hi Varsha! i'm here with your crit. i'm sorry this has taken forever. in the future i will be checking the thread much more often so i hope you haven't lost all faith in me as a critiquer!


okay so onto the SERIOUS BUSINESS ;)



i think you have a really great start here. first off, with your Rihanna set, your cuts are all really unique. i also love that you've used text on one of them and that you weren't afraid to do some interesting cutting - only half of her face, just showing her hand, etc. i think your Captain America icons are a bit weaker; they aren't as unique and individual, and they could definitely benefit from some more contrast. i also think you should add some more text! i would suggest redoing these, rather than scrapping them altogether. while you've done a great job of mixing up close-ups versus group shots (and i love the photo you chose of Jeremy Renner, looking up at him from down below), i think you could cut them a bit more like you've done with the Rihanna ones - don't be afraid to cut off half a face, or even an entire face, etc. and lastly, i'd suggest downloading some icon textures. i always look on deviantart (and make sure you check the artists' crediting preferences/where you can use them, which is usually at the bottom of the download page) and you can search for both 100x100 and 200x200 textures :) they make the icon process soooo much easier.



again: great experimentation. not including a face/putting someone upside down are really brave and i commend you for that! however, i think the "Trapped" banner could be taken out. i love the concept, but the contrast is again quite low, and the text placement is a bit awkward. remember to follow the rule of thirds with text placement, and i tend to think that text usually looks better, at least with banners, on the bottom half of the graphic (although this isn't always true!). this+ is a great text tutorial, and be sure to check out other ones as well. but remember, we ALL struggle with text! seriously!


the "bottom" banner, however, has really great text. i love the way you put the title around the right side up girl. it's just a bit hard to read (i can't quite tell what the second word is?) but other than that i think you've done a great job.


"a smokey room" is definitely an example of where you could use a more interesting font. definitely check out dafont.com for some great fonts (just browse around the various categories and see what you like!) and download some font packs from the resource center (starbuck.'s are great! the "hotshot" stock packs). i like the composition and your stock use, but i think your background could benefit from some more activity. right now, the background looks very blank, with some stock items placed on top. the way you've placed the photos of Naomi Watts, the clock, and Benedict are fantastic and really strong. i think you could add more stock to the background - maybe some walls covered in ivy, some old doors or church spires :P etc things that are reminiscent of the banner's mood.


the top banner is a GREAT example of using a simple font. it works excellently. the green/yellow of the larger guy's face is a strong contrast to the rest of the image. try adding greens/yellows to the rest of the banner, or go for an all-mono look ;) which is super intimidating but you got really close with "trapped". just remember to add contrast and to be very careful about it. i tend to use "levels" (bringing each tab on the side toward the center very slowly/carefully) rather than "brightness/contrast" because i think it's more subtle and makes the colors less crazy.


i would suggest adding more details to the "smokey room" banner, taking out the "bottom" one (although remembering the unique format you've used!), and either editing the top one or removing it altogether, and removing "trapped". i don't mean to imply that there aren't great aspects of all three banners, but i think, based on your composition of "smokey room" that you've improved since you've made the other three and you can take positive elements from them and add them to new things :)



i like the idea behind this a lot, but the composition is a little awkward. you have the person in the background basically exactly center, and then Sophia Bush a little off to the side with the text on top of her, so the whole thing feels a bit right-heavy. usually, if i'm going to tilt the text, i'll either have it follow a natural line on the image (an arm, a texture, etc) or have part of it obscured by either something on the graphic itself, or the edges of the graphic. right now, "remember" is placed awkwardly across Sophia's chest. i would move it down, and adjust the angle. i'd also suggest going for a dreamier font, or using the smudge tool to make the font look a little smoky/blurry, to go with the whole dreamy effect of the sig.



the comp on these are great. the first one, especially, is awesome. here's an example, however, of a bit too much contrast. see how Anna's hair is looking pretty vibrantly red, and her skin is very pale? you could do a white selective coloring adjustment layer and fiddle around with it a bit, see if you can darken some of the whites, and also remove a bit of red from the whole thing. definitely experiment with gradient maps, too! i personally love the purple/orange preset, setting it to "difference" and lowering the opacity to 10% at MOST.


for your Frozen banner, you could lower the text and possibly the smaller Anna so the crown of her head isn't cut off.



i think you should remove the "oscuro" graphic. i like where you're going with it, and the colors you've used, but it's a bit choppy. your "basics" blend is great; again, the whites are a bit bright, and i think you could shift everything a bit to the left. but i like the creativity with the triangle texture and the way you've done the text. the images in the background are a bit awkward. what if you blended buildings into the base, so the guy wasn't floating on a white background? my favorite in this section is the "The Dark Arts" blend. the simplicity is excellent.


in terms of technique, your hard cuts and filtering are excellent! some of your images look a little LQ, so just keep that in mind. hq-images and hqdiesel are great resources for hq images. but those hard cuts are really great. i see no halos or jagged edges! you should be really happy with them!


some suggestions: experiment with gradient maps (you can download whole packs of them in the resource center) and more stock.


my FAVORITE is the "smokey room" banner. i think you could fill up the base more, as i mentioned, but the image quality and hard cuts are impeccable, and you've done a great job with stock. definitely definitely experiment more with stock. Bex has an AWESOME stock tutorial in the tutorial center.


i hope this was helpful and not too harsh. please please feel free to leave me a comment/pm me with any questions. i will be much quicker to respond - i had a hectic schedule but now have gotten the hang of it a bit more and have gotten into a routine.


you have a great start here! keep going! make more!!

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#6 RedHairGinny

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Posted 06 May 2016 - 02:58 AM

Hey Alison! This really helps a lot, now I know what I have to work on (text, *goes to hide*)

I'm glad you liked the cuts on the icons, I was really scared they looked a little too weird!!!

I'll definitely work on the graphics and hopefully make them better...

I can't do anything about some of the older ones though because I don't have the psd's saved (they're from my old gallery, before I took a break!)

*runs away to hide again*

I think I'll just take those out and work on some new things??  :hide:  :hide:


But thank you so much for the wonderful critique, I'll definitely check out the tutorials you mentioned, and go get some new fonts!! Thanks :D


P.S. The second word on that banner is top... I used the 't' in both words? I guess that isn't clear, oops xD

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Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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#7 saturn.



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Posted 09 May 2016 - 07:57 PM

Hellooooo Varsha! First of all, let me apologize for how ridiculously late this crit is! Real life got the best of me, it seems. :P But I am finally here with your requested crit! 



I think you have a great start with your gallery! It's clear that you have an eye for design and I can already see some great technique on your end! I'm actually especially fond of your coloring skills. I think you've got a really great dreamy coloring style going right now that I find really appealing! With some tweaks, it'll be amazing! So, since you did list your known weaknesses as focal point and composition, I'm definitely going to address those for you. But since you are relatively new, I'm also going to go graphic-by-graphic and give you some tweaks along the way! :)


Focal Point/Comp

So, since these are relatively the same thing, I lumped them both together. Overall, I really don't think your focal point and comp are your weaknesses! In fact, I see them both as your strengths. +This CI I think is particularly interesting and is a great example of your composition skills being one of your strengths! It's interesting, dynamic and really well-composed. Great job! Your TDA blend thing is also really really creative and I think it's a beautiful comp! Generally, you do a really good job of balancing negative space with your models and you're really good at creating depth, particularly with +this banner. Definitely keep making things like this and experimenting with your comp! You clearly have the foundation to have some serious skill here, so experimentation is key in your case. Keep the rule of thirds in mind, of course, but keep doing what you're doing.


I will mention that I think +this is a little lacking in the comp department.  Unlike your other banners, it doesn't read particularly well overall and come off as a little flat to me. I think there's a bit too much text, but that's easily fixed. What I wanted to point out the most about this banner is the fact that both of the large models are basically at the same eye-level, along with the main text. So, there's a bit of an issue with discerning the focal point here. I suggest moving some of the models and the text around. Maybe keep the larger female that size, reduce the size of the male and change the text around? Or vice versa? Experiment a bit here, but I do think this one needs a little work in the comp department. Everything else seems to be pretty great here. :)



Rihanna Icons: I really like this set! You have a lot of interesting cuts and I love that you're experimenting with monochrome! Overall, the icons need a tiny bit more contrast, but I think they're great! Excellent job!


Team Cap Icons: I like what you've done with this set so far, and I think we're almost there! I love that you took Alison's crit into account and she was totally right. These ones all have pretty unique cuts and look really nice in a set! You've also added more contrast, which is good! I will say that I think the whites are a little blown out on some and you lose a little detail in the faces of certain ones. Specifically in the Scarlet Witch one and the Bucky one. If you look, you really lose definition in their noses, so I suggest playing a bit with lighting here. I am a HUGE proponent of using black and white fuzzy brushes to create lighting.  Essentially, I take my canvas and look at it from a photographer's point of view. Where is the light already coming from? Where do my whites look too white? What about my blacks? Then, I create a new layer and take a fluffy white brush and dot/paint around lightly where I think the graphic needs to be a bit brighter and set that layer to soft light, then mess around with the opacity until I'm happy. I do the same thing with a black fluffy brush on another new layer where I think the graphic is too bright. So, I would take a fluffy brush and dot on a new layer where their noses are and set it to soft light, then lower the opacity a bit. This should bring some of the shadows back in around their face. With these icons, I also wanted to suggest using some more creative fonts and text placements. While I like that you've added text, because it's all pretty small print in a basic serif font, it looks more of like an afterthought rather than a finishing touch, if that makes sense. I love the font you used on the Team Cap icon, so why not use that on some of the others? Text can overlap models too! So, don't be afraid to use the font for Team Cap for the Scarlet Witch icon. Maybe a red font with a white outline for the word Scarlet in about the same size as the Team Cap icon tilted slightly to the right going across the bottom of the icon? With the word "bleed" in all caps in a smaller serif or sans-serif font in white also tilted to the right above the word "scarlet"? You have a lot of great cuts here, so don't be afraid to experiment with text! :)



En Bleu Banner: So, I've already kind of addressed this one in the top, so I'm going to skip over this one.


Don't Mess with a Player Banner: I really love this banner! The only thing I would suggest here would be to control some of those whites again! Again on the faces of both of the models, the whites are a little blownout around the nose area, so take a look at those.


A Smokey Room Banner: This banner has depth for days and the comp is fabulous! I love the coloring and the stock use too! Here, I would suggest taking the text and rotating it a bit to the right just to push that comp over the edge. 


Bottom Banner: I love this concept! I just would make a few changes to the text. I love the font and the placement and everything, but I'm not sure that it actually says? Is it "bottom, top?" I thought it was "bottoms up," but I don't think that's it? Just move this around to be a bit more readable and you've got another great piece!



Do You Remember Signature:  I like this idea too, but I think this piece is a bit on the weaker side, composition-wise. You chose to have a really bold placement of a model in the middle of the graphic, but then you placed another smaller model and all of your text on the right side of the graphic. I would suggest actually going all-in and moving everything to the middle of the banner, which is usually a big no-no, but it could work here! It's all about experimentation. I love the dreamy coloring, but with that, I don't think the font for "remember" works so well. Try a skinnier script font and you'll have it! Don't be afraid to mess with monochrome too! It could be cool to have the larger model or the smaller model in monochrome, while the other is in color. 


Chapter Images

Alike CI: Like I said before, I really like the comp of this CI! It's really dynamic and unique and I love it! I will say that a few areas look a little over-sharpened or pixelly. For example, the text as a whole has a lot of pixelation around its edges (the smaller text is pretty pixelated, while the darker outline of the alike text is pretty pixelly too). This is usually either from putting your text under coloring layers, or from over-sharpening everything. So, either pull back on the sharpening, mask out the text from the actual sharpening layer, or move the text up over the coloring layers. I also suggest dialing back the sharpening a bit on the larger Anna's hair. But you have great blending here, great comp and a really great CI overall! Excellent job!



Basics Header: I think you have a great comp here, but I do see some image quality, coloring and sharpening issues. The larger model is pretty warmly colored, while the lady and her horse are pretty cool. You want to try and match your skin tones. This clearly doesn't mean that every single skin tone in a graphic should be the same (that's ridiculously impossible :P) BUT you should try and make their general temperature and coloring match. Meaning, if the larger model is warmly-colored, the other models/focal points should also be warm and vice versa. The larger photo looks a little LQ as well, which could come from over-sharpening or filtering. Everyone struggles with image quality at times, so don't stress about that! Maybe dial back a bit on your sharpening or coloring and go from there. :)


TDA Blend: I love this. Honestly, I see nothing to change here. Beautiful, simple piece!


Final Words

I think you have a great start, like I've already said! Just remember to watch your contrast, pull back on those over-blown whites, use some HQ images, start playing with text and keep experimenting! I hope I've helped you a bit and if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me! Happy graphicing. :)

K   A   T   L   Y   N   N

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#8 RedHairGinny

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Posted 10 May 2016 - 02:10 AM

Hey Katlynn :D

Thank you sooo much for that crit, it was really really helpful!

(work on text, work on image quality, use lighting layers) *makes list*

I think I have a fairly better idea of what I need to work on now :') Thanks a ton!


And I'll get on changing all of those graphics up right away! :)

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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#9 wildest dreams.

wildest dreams.

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Posted 17 May 2016 - 10:45 AM

hi varsha! 


I just wanted to drop by your gallery and tell you i think you have a really good start here! 

i loooove those rhianna icons, they're so cool, you should definitely make more like that!

and that first sig is so super cute, i love the comp and text ^_^

keep making more I'd love to see more from you <33 and if you ever need any help i'm only a pm away! <33


- hannah 

#10 RedHairGinny

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Posted 17 May 2016 - 11:32 AM

Hey Hannah!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'm glad you liked it!  ^_^  :)

I'll keep making graphics till I'm as good as you and all the other artists on TDA (hopefully!!!!)

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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#11 dust & decay

dust & decay

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 08:42 AM

hiya varsha! ^_^ here with your critique.


i'm going to structure this by focusing on what you highlighted as your weak points.



i think you're on a really good start when it comes to your experimentation with text. the text here is quite cool, in particular. with your small text (eg.quote text, subtitles) i would experiment some more, maybe messing with layer spacing and trying out layer effects on them as well. Violet's text tutorial is fantastic for getting an idea of how to start being more artistic with text.


you're doing really great with text placement though, which i'm really impressed by!


composition/focal point

as far as focal point, i think you're doing perfectly fine actually! i don't see any pieces with major focal point issues, honestly.

however, since you have this basic sense down, i would encourage you to be more courageous with your composition. in your banners, only the smokey room banner is composed with "depth" -- notice how in that banner, people are placed behind and in front of each other, instead of on the same plane. apply that to the rest of your banners, blends, CI's, etc. when you have people all on the same plane, graphics look "flat" and less interesting. it's when you add depth to your banner that you get visual interest!


image quality

i do think this is an issue with some of your graphics, particularly in your icons and other heavily colored pieces.

a lot of times, image quality is degraded when you overcolor. these are overcolored, for example. you can tell a piece is overcolored when skin tones start to take unnatural, burnt shades -- notice how their faces (particularly in the shadowed areas) are a burnt sort of dark brown or orange? you want to try to avoid that when you're coloring. the coloring here is nice and natural, and looks really lovely, whereas here again we see burning on the sides of naomi's face here and sophia's face here.


image quality issues also come up when you don't use HQ images to begin with -- this is really tricky, because sometimes you can't find HQ images, esp when you're working with movie pictures, screencaps, etc. LQ and MQ images are more "delicate" so when you're working with them you want to color them only lightly.


one thing you can also do is add a layer mask on your coloring layers and fade away the coloring in shadowy areas to reduce the "burning" effect there, while still keeping the coloring in other areas of the graphic.



in general, i do think you're off to a really, really great start! you have a great eye for composition, so i think you can start to take your composition to the next level. keep working on coloring; try using different coloring tools like selective color, photo filters, color balance, and so on and see what works best for you.


hope this helps! please please feel more than free to PM me if you want to talk about any of this ^_^ my inbox is always open!




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#12 RedHairGinny

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 01:06 PM

Heya Mini!!

Thank you for that lovely crit^

Ugh orangey burnt tones okay now I know... I have to figure out how to colour cleanly... :)

I'm definitely going to keep the depth and colouring in mind next time...

This helped a lot!! Thanks again :'D

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#13 skittery


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 01:35 AM

Hi Varsha! :)


I'm here with the critique you requested. ^_^



  • Composition, texture and stock use. In my opinion, your main strength so far is your texture and stock use and the way you create your bases. On your icons, for example, you have vary varied and interesting composition and none of them look repetitive. None of your graphics in general look repetitive, which is great! There's a lot of variety. Graphics like [this] and [this] for example have interesting and balanced bases.



  • Text. The first thing that stood out to me about your text is the fact that you're using a bevel/emboss effect on the text on a number of graphics, such as [this]. This is something that newer graphic makers tend to do quite a lot. Personally, I think the more effects you use on text, the more difficult it is to make it look good. While you're still practicing your skills, I'd recommend limiting the effects you use on text to small drop shadows and colour gradients. There's only one artist I can think off of the top of my head who I've seen do a bevel/emboss well (she's not on the site anymore) and it's something that's really, really difficult to succeed with. I think generally, your text is quite good, other than that. Your placement is good, though sometimes the font choice is a bit off. [here] for example I think the font doesn't really fit the rest of the graphic and the placement is a bit high. [here] however the text is INCREDIBLE. Very creative and unique and just fabulous! The text [here] works really well, too.
  • Blending. Your hard cuts look great, like [here] and [here] for example. I think where you can improve, however, is on your feathering/soft blending. The blending on [this] banner isn't the strongest. The area around the guy's head is much darker than the rest of the background and it's really obvious that you've feathered two images together here. It's really difficult doing soft blending when your background is a much different colour or light. Try to find images that are already similar as it will help with your blending overall. It's all in the image choice.

I really hope this helps! You're doing really well so far and I can't wait to see more. ^_^

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[icons by beyond the rain]

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Posted 31 May 2016 - 06:15 AM

Hey Anna!! Thank you for the critique!

You're absolutely right that I've been using bevel and emboss a bit too much :'/ I'll definitely keep what you said in mind and stick with the simpler effects...


Thanks again for the amazing crit, it really helps a lot!

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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Posted 13 June 2016 - 12:05 PM

varsha  :loves:


you know know know HOW MUCH i adore you, and your graphics as well!! you have such a great start omg you shouldve seen mine when i first started HAHAHA it was nowhere as good as yours  :hearts:

i honestly love how youre experimenting with text. +this +this and +this; they have such great text that fits well with the graphic and the mood!! i honestly adore them so much???

and like, ok, lets get straight to the point, VARSHA OH MY GOD im like SO SURE youll be climbing up the ranks in no time like omg????? i love your graphics so much you have so so so much potential to be one of the greatest artists ever PLUS i love the siggie you came up for me THATS MY FAVOURITE FROM YOU because its really really obviously out of your comfort zone and ITS GORGEOUS, and it just shows me how much of a great TALENTED ARTIST YOU ARE.

i m so in love. i am ur no #1 fan.


keep making more graphics!! i'll be here for you if you ever need help and you know that <333



athirah  :edward:

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Posted 14 June 2016 - 01:29 PM

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH Athirah <33333

I absolutely adore you and your graphics too and I'm glad you like mine!!!! :D :D

This post quite literally made my day  :hearts:

Thank you SO SO much for all your help and support and motivation :)))))

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 01:36 PM

Hey, Varsha! I am so sorry I'm so damn late with your crit !!!! 
But I am here now!
So first off, you've got really great eye for comp!! +this is so gorgeous! It's got great comp and great overall balance! And +this is my favourite thing omg! Love the comp and colouring! Great focal point on this too! Your Rihanna icons are so cute too! Really nice cuts. Love the colours on the Krum CI! <33 And the Malfoy blend!!!! Great quality images and beautiful colours! 


Okay, now to answer your questions in your crit req!


- I think some pieces in your gallery are bringing it down because of their quality: +these have great cuts and nice text, but the quality of the images is really bringing them down, and I think the issue here is the colouring/filtering which is messing the quality up - the whites are too white and the blacks look more like a watered down blue, which makes the images very fuzzy. Using selective colouring you could add some contrast to the images :) +this is also very washed out - it needs more contrast and maybe vibrance :) But I can see that these are your older graphics and your colouring is much much better now, but maybe those older ones could be considered for a clean out.


- I also notice that your text placement is very repetitive, especially in your banners. Maybe you could try to mix it up a little and experiment with placements on the sides (without using focal point). It may also help to go on a font download spree bc I find that personally new fonts give me lots of inspo! 


- You filtering looks good, with just a couple of issues: +here the lady is looking a little blurry while the edges on her left side are looking too sharp, and Benedict has lost a lot of definition on the face (because the white is so strong) because he's a little blurry. You could use the blur/sharpen tool to very subtly sharpen the faces while blurring the over sharpened parts.


- I think you should tackle more CI's! You only have two atm! I also think you should try more blends bc the one you have is so gorgeous! Vertical banners may also help you to explore comp and text some more. Atm I feel like sigs and banners are your strength, so defo don't stop making them but try and explore the other graphic types too!



Alrighty! Well I hope I have been able to offer some constructive help! Feel free to PM with any questions or anything else you might need! :happy: Carry on making pretties, dear!! <33  

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Posted 19 June 2016 - 02:17 AM

Thank you so so so much for the crit, Kay!!!

Tbh I was really confused what to clean out but now I have a much better idea thanks :D

I'll def work on making more blends and CI's and the filtering!! 

Thanks again ^_^

Varsha. Wanna-be writer and Chaser at the Appleby Arrows! Malazan Book of the Fallen <3

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