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Artist Galleries


Veteran Artists

The galleries of artists who may have gone on to better things, but whose graphics we still greatly admire. You can browse here for some inspiration. Veteran artists that would like their galleries moved back to the Master Artist section, please PM an admin!

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;;this is how galaxies collide - last post by GorJesSpazzer!

Designer Artists

Designers make any type of art which is not the usual for TDA - photomanipulations, digital paintings, vector art, typography, 3D art, paintings and drawings, photography, design (posters, brochures, magazines, business cards, T shirts etc), web design (also skins) ....and so on.

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Blood of my blood - last post by Itsugo

Master Artists

These artists are the best and brightest TDA has to offer.

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+ fractured rainbows + - last post by softbun

Graduate Artists

With fantastic style and technique, these artists are on the edge of greatness.

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fillory and further - last post by steve harrington

Senior Artists

Halfway up the ranks, these artists have much talent and potential.

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darkness is all we have left - last post by lady.luck

Junior Artists

These artists have managed the basics and a lot more.

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i'm not gonna sugarcoat... - last post by GorJesSpazzer!

Member Artists

All new artists must start here as a Member Artist to await monthly promotions.

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rich kid;; - last post by narcissa malfoy

New Artists!

If you wish to become a TDA artist, please read the rules carefully before posting your new gallery in this forum.

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Come back! - last post by starbuck.