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Help Topic: Why Do I Have to Provide a Link to My Story?

You will be asked to provide a link to the story that you are requesting a banner for. This is simply so whoever is making the banner can check to make sure it is validated, and not just an 'idea' for a story. Many ideas and plots may seem writable and likely to be written, but are not, leaving the time of the artist who made you the banner wasted. This is also so graphics artists can check other information, such as credit, etc.

If your story has no link, you may not post a request. This rule is true for everyone.

If a requester fails to provide a link, then their request will be moved to the 'Out of Luck' forum by a moderator, and repeated cases of this will result in a warning.

Are you unsure of how to provide a link? All you have to do is right click on the link, and (it will vary by web browser) click on "Copy Source" or "Copy Image Location." Then in the place it asks for a link on the request form, simply hit "paste." There's your link.

Note: The link must be to a story with at least one validated chapter.