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Help Topic: Why is My Request in the Out of Luck Section?

There are a few reasons why your request may end up in the out of luck section;

1. You did not provide a link to your validated story.

2. The artist you requested is unavailable or has too many open requests.

3. Your request is too difficult.

3. You violated either Dark Arts or HPFF rules. (i.e. you posted a personal photo)

4 Generally if a topic hasn't been touched in 7 days or more and is still incomplete it is moved.

5. Your story already had a banner and you did not post a request to have a new one made.

If you have realized the error of your ways and understand why your request was placed there, you may re-post the request with all relevant information.

Note: Members found re-posting requests without correcting the issue with the old one may find their warn count's increased.