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July's Featured Artist!

04 July 2018 - 01:51 PM

award by starbuck.


Congratulations to jellybean jones on becoming this month's Featured Artist!

Since the day Sammi joined, she's been making graphics and improving like crazy every day. It's absolutely wonderful seeing her progress and more than just being a great artist who is dedicated to making graphics and is constantly trying to improve, she is one of the nicest people on TDA, actively participating around the site and encouraging other artists.

Enjoy your month in gold! :queen:

June's Featured Artist!

04 June 2018 - 03:37 PM

award by starbuck.

Congratulations to Kirjava on becoming this month's Featured Artist!
Ever since she came back from a hiatus, Shona has been all over TDA being an extremely active and friendly member, participating around the site and improving her graphic skills!
Enjoy your month in gold! :queen:

June 2018 Featured Artist Voting!

31 May 2018 - 04:14 AM

Please vote for June's Featured Artist!


The nominations are listed below:




Artist name: loveALWAYS
Link to gallery: here+
Why are you nominating this artist (how have they been active this month, how have they improved, are they still trying to improve etc etc)? Charity started up making graphics recently but hasn't hesitated to jump right in. this month she's entered in tons of challenges & asked for critique throughout the Critique Corner. she's showing a real interest in improving, both through seeking out help, as well as trying to make different types of graphics and not sticking to one shape. she's made banners, blends, and even icons (which i still avoid making after many years on tda...). she's a friendly member and the amount of effort she puts in to everything is really apparent in how she's improving and refining her skills!




Artist name: Kirjava
Link to gallery: here+
Why are you nominating this artist (how have they been active this month, how have they improved, are they still trying to improve etc etc)? since coming back from hiatus, Shona has been super active throughout the site. not only is she making tons of graphics & entering challenges, she's also posting challenges all the time, making sure a really fun part of the site stays active. she's a friendly and approachable member who's always open to constructive critique and seeks out help from others. she's also shown a commitment to working on vertical banners, a graphic type which often gets overlooked because of its intimidating shape. but Shona is certainly not intimidated and has created some vertical banner masterpieces!


Server move

10 May 2018 - 12:00 AM

You might've noticed that TDA was offline yesterday. This is because we've moved to a smaller server since there was no need to use the old one that we used along with HPFF and PW - now both PW and TDA are on this new server.
Some of your posts or private messages from yesterday might've gone missing and I'm sorry about that. I'm also sorry that I wasn't able to post a server move notice earlier to prepare everyone for the fact - we were supposed to be notified earlier about the exact date of the move by the server people but we weren't :/
Hopefully everything is working as it should, but please let me know if you notice any problems so that we can deal with them as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience :)

starbuck's trophies!

28 April 2018 - 02:04 PM

now i wish i saved all those promo gifts but eh, this will have to do!

*also insert pretty header here - need to make one of those!*
Yearly Awards

The Dark Mark awards

2011 Dark Mark - best Graduate Artist
award by ForgottenFace

2012 Dark Mark - best at chapter images
award by moony

2013 Dark Mark - best style & best at stock use
award by moony

2015 Dark Mark - best moderator & best resource [hotshot stkpk vol.III ++]
award by me :P

2016 Dark Mark - best at fanmixes
award by snicket!

2017 Dark Mark - most original artist & best at text
award by endlessly


Featured Artist

August 2012
award by Contour

October 2015
award by winter soldier 

Special Challenge Awards
Last Graphic Maker Standing

Cycle 7 - overall winner
award by PhoenixAlthor


Monthly Challenge Awards
Your Best Work

December 2011
award by Ande

August 2012
award by Bear&Fox

September 2013
award by legolas.

August 2017
award by floralprint

January 2018
award by Newt Scamander