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New Moderators needed - Duelling Arena, Requesting Arena, Advertising!

15 April 2018 - 12:42 PM

We are looking for a Duelling Arena Moderator, Requesting Arena Moderator and an Advertising Moderator.


The duties of a DA Moderator include sending challenges to poll, posting challenges on behalf of the DA moderator team, posting Graphic Battles, Ultimate Challenges, YBW topics and polls and also site award requests (for UC and YBW winners and other site awards) along with general modding in the Duelling Arena.


The duties of a Requesting Arena Moderator include checking request forms to make sure everything has been filled out correctly, checking all images linked in requests to ensure they comply with the copyright rules, marking requests as 'open', 'being filled' etc., using the multi-mod system (don't worry if you are not familiar with this - we are happy to show you!) contacting artists and requesters to ensure requests are completed and picked up in a timely manner, and answering questions about requests or the Requesting Arena in general.


The duties of an Advertising Moderator are to advertise and affiliate us on/with other forums (graphics forums, RPG forums etc - meaning you will have to be willing to make an account (if guest posting isn't available) on those forums and regularly bump our ad (as per the rules of individual forums)), to moderate the Advertising Forum (sort new ads, move around topics, clean out dead boards etc) and to regularly post challenges for monthly advertising graphics.


Keep in mind that you are required to work as a part of a team with your fellow section moderator and the Staff Moderators.


Please also bear in mind the time commitment joining a moderation team would require.


Anyone, of any rank may apply (even if you already hold a moderating position). You may also apply for multiple positions.


You can apply for the position(s) if:

  • you have a warn level of 0%
  • have been a member for more than three months
  • are familiar with the rules of respective forum


If you want to apply, please send me (starbuck.) an application via PM describing your reasons for wanting to become a TDA moderator. Note that we judge you based partially on this application, so while it doesn't have to be long, it should make us want to take you on!



How familiar are you with the Duelling Arena / Requesting Arena / Advertising (fill this out in accordance to the position you are applying for)?

Describe your activity level on TDA:



Applications close on April 22.

New Staff Moderator!

14 April 2018 - 04:17 PM

Please congratulate abhorsen. on joining the staff moderator team :)

We're delighted to have Branwen on board, so please congratulate her on her new position!

April's Member's Choice Promotion!

13 April 2018 - 08:58 AM

award by starbuck.


Please congratulate Newt Scamander. on her Member's Choice promotion this month!

April's Featured Artist!

03 April 2018 - 04:54 PM

award by starbuck.
Congratulations to esoteric. on becoming April's Featured Artist!
Isabel is all over the board and a lovely presence on the site. She's also continuously improving and developing as an artist.
Enjoy your month in gold! :queen:

New Coder!

03 April 2018 - 03:35 PM

Please congratulate saturn. on becoming our new Coder!


Katlynn has kindly offered her expertise in coding to help TDA become (even :P) better ^_^ Thank you!