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[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]ITT forum set for bittersweetflames

21 March 2015 - 10:17 AM

Size: 500x200, 100x100
Images: 1 2 3 4 These images are suggestions. If you can find other pics of Audrey Hepburn that work better for you, feel free. If you can fit a rose or something in there too, I'd appreciate it :D
Text: old dream maker, you heartbreaker
Color Preferences: I've been leaning towards pink lately? but again, I'm not feeling picky, so if something works better, you have creative license :P
Preferred Mood: happy! :dumbles:
Link to Place to be Used: ITT profile
When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): never
Additional Information: ty carla! :queen:

[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]Dark CI for any grad+

23 January 2015 - 03:26 PM

Chapter Title: Chapter Two
Link to Chapter: +here (M)
Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?: No, I made the current one.

Characters on Chapter Image: None
Other Images You Would Like: A large field with tiny houses in the background if possible, just a field would be fine, too. A dark silhouette of a person (intended to be a small boy, but I'm not picky), maybe some bird outlines. You can look at my current chapter image I have up for reference. I made that image initially as a placeholder and it turned out gross, lol.

Quotes to use on Chapter Image: Chapter 2 (or "Chapter Two," whichever looks best)
Color Preferences: anything dark. Perhaps green or gold? Again, not picky.
Mood of Your Chapter: somber. angsty.
Animation?: no
Additional Information: If you want me to provide any pictures, let me know and I'll post some. Thank you whoever picks this up!! :queen: :dumbles: :edward:

witch of the waste

06 May 2014 - 02:54 AM


[formerly playcrackthesky]

 (Newest at the top of each section.)




















































vLrsWEK.png      ckV6K9e.png


GivJk4p.png      UxwtwoS.png


6zHhDTc.png       swy35c.jpg








OxfY1aU.png      CqAF7aE.png



 PzjZTZo.png      tZTMYZx.png














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oeoo9Kh.jpg X49M6hH.jpg


zdZQGSv.jpgoqex3s.jpg fu6u52.jpg


kah4XYM.jpg 2LxY3yb.jpg idvzo1s.jpg xmljrl.jpg 14uglqv.jpg 2ldysqs.jpg








     vFRmyAp.png    aPnIdZw.png

   (page thirteen)                              (Mintleaf)



                                           (page thirteen.)                                      


g7e5LTP.png  RRdWSqg.png

(beyond the rain)               (choobacca)


(click for full size v)





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Behance Image Pack (@behance.net)

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