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September/October Challenge Winners

10 September 2018 - 08:59 PM


Super Cute Icon Challenge
the doom&gloom mock request challenge
The Twist and Shuffle Challenge

the wip aesthetic challenge


[b]Challenge Name:[/b]
[b]Issued By:[/b]
[b]1st Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url]
[b]2nd Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url]
[b]3rd Place:[/b] [url=]{entry}[/url]

Challenge Name: Super Cute Icon Challenge
Issued By: galaxies
1st Place: galaxies {entry}
2nd Place: rock&roll! {entry}
3rd Place: BlackDaughter {entry}

Challenge Name: the doom&gloom mock request challenge
Issued By: starbuck.
1st Place: galaxies {entry} | amoretti {entry}
2nd Place: choobacca {entry}
3rd Place: snicket! {entry}

Challenge Name: The Twist and Shuffle Challenge
Issued By: snicket!
1st Place: rock&roll! {entry}
2nd Place: choobacca {entry} | amoretti
3rd Place: lucida. {entry}

Challenge Name: the wip aesthetic challenge
Issued By: miss atomic bomb
1st Place: Theia {entry}
2nd Place: starbuck. {entry} | choobacca {entry} | Lola. {entry}
3rd Place: miss atomic bomn {entry}

The Ultimate Monochrome Challenge

02 September 2018 - 03:44 PM

Challenge Issued By: lucida. (I think I've seen this done once before?)
Challenge Title: Ultimate Monochrome Challenge 
Image Size: 6-10 Sigs, Banners, CIs, or their vertical dimensions + can include one blend smaller than 600x600
Text on image? Up to Artist
Images: (Specifics?) Up to Artist
Mood: Up to Artist
Animation Yes/No: No
OTHER: (Color, font, etc.) I figured I would take advantage of a current trend and exploit my own personal favorite way of coloring graphics, so simply pick some colors and make some mono graphics. There's no need to use the whole rainbow, so feel free to reuse colors (as long as there is a distinct shade difference) or use b/w! You can use accent colors for text or in a little bit of the textures, but it needs to be very clear that the graphic is meant to be monochrome. Everything else is up to the artist. If you've never heard of monochrome graphics before then +here is a lovely tutorial by Violet. 
Challenge ends: September 30, 2018
Do not post until you have a partial entry - we'll just delete your post. And, don't forget your thumbnail codes:

[url=link to entry here][img=link to thumbnail here][/url] 

Thumbnails should be no larger than 250x400 or 400x250. Entries that do not include a thumbnail or with an incorrectly sized thumbnail will be disqualified.

Hard Cutting - 3 basic methods

17 June 2018 - 01:59 PM

3 Basic Methods of Hard Cutting

by Alison


there are 3 basic methods to hard cutting (i think...if there are more tbh i do not know them :| ). they're all pretty straightforward. i'll cover using quick selectionlayer masks, and the lasso tool (within the lasso tool there are actually 3 different options, so this is sort of 5 methods actually!).


(note: all the images are huge and i'm sorry....)


1. my personal favorite - quick selection


this is the one that i use the most. here: FdGCE7S.png is the quick selection button (i use CS6 but i assume it looks similar on all versions of PS). it's located on your side bar on the left with all your tools and such. up top in your little control bar thingy (i literally know 0 technical terms on PS) you'll get something that looks like this:



in that image, i have the negative selection clicked. that's for when you want to remove parts of your selection. here+ is a pic of Ariana Grande that i used for a recent graphic. it was super easy to cut out because she's so contrasted from the background. with the + paintbrush selected, i filled her in within the dotted lines/marquee. however, there's a teeny bit of space between two of her fingers that remains in the selection (her finger that says "baby doll" & the one above it).




so for that, i'd take the negative selection tool, make it super small, and click inside the pink space. that will remove the piece of the background that's currently within the selection.


choosing the size of your selection brush (will vary depending on the size of your graphic. this pic of Ariana is pretty big so i started out at 100px to make the general outline, but then went smaller as needed, to add & remove small pieces. (for example, i went down to 10px to fix that space between her fingers).


now comes my favorite part! refine edge. this button here: 2I67R2x.png from the panel up top. this is what comes up when you click it:




uh oh! that bit between her fingers is back! i might refine the edge more by increasing the radius (top slide bar). alas, when i did that, nothing happened. so, i'll click "OK", because i like the rest of the image, and then manually remove that bit again. then, copy+paste the image on my graphic and voila! lovely cut out Ariana. 




the reason why i like this method the best is because "refine edge" can be really helpful when dealing with wispy hair. exhibit A:




(except this is kinda easy bc the background is white but i'm working quickly lol). i usually immediately put the radius of the "refine edge" tool at it's highest number and work my way down from there. it also helps to "reduce edge" (bottom slider) because that tends to take out the halo a little bit. just make sure it doesn't also take away eyelashes, eyeballs, the side of the arm, etc. as always, you may have to do some tweaking and masking away once you add it to your canvas. here is what it looks like on the canvas:




and you can clearly see that it needs some extra fixing to get a little bit of halo off of it. that's easily fixed by a hard brush, zooming in on your canvas, and layer masking it away. which brings us to...


2. old school: layer masks


this is the most tedious method imo but i think a lot of artists start off this way (i definitely did). paste your image onto your canvas and add a layer mask: ZzOlspY.png your layer will have a white rectangle next to it once it has a layer mask - like this: GAUeekv.png


once you add the layer mask, and have the layer mask highlighted, the double color panel thing on the bottom left turns black and white (this thing UYiuAnc.png). then click your paintbrush, and choose a size. i usually start with something big to get rid of the big spaces around my model. make sure the black square is on top of the white square in your double color panel thingy. black will ERASE the image, white will BRING IT BACK if you erase too much/the wrong spot by accident. i started out with a hard brush at 60px, and then switched to a 4px brush when i was outlining directly around her.



(i have it zoomed in to 400% so i can see her better which is why it's blurry/pixellated)


like i said, if you make a mistake you can always switch to the white color to bring parts of the image back. ah, the beauty of layer masks!


3. imo the hardest way - lasso tool!


this: eKXZ6Gb.png is the lasso tool (it's on your left hand side toolbar). as you can see NgpakvG.png you can choose from the plain old "lasso tool" (this is freehand), the polygonal lasso tool, which uses straight lines to go around your image, or the magnetic lasso tool.


1 - freehand lasso tool


literally, you take your lasso and you just outline your model. you freehand it, which means if you've got super shaky hands like me, it's super hard! you also have to do the entire outline all in one go, which means hand cramps and you can't go back if you mess up. 



as you can see i did a ridiculously embarrassingly bad job bc my hands are incredibly unsteady


2 - polygonal lasso tool


this is much easier bc each time you click while using this, you can drag a straight line, click again, do another straight line, and so on and so forth, going around your image. however, since you can only do straight lines, you can't get curves while doing this, and thus will have to mask away any halos/imperfections at the end.



see how there's a lot of pink left around her? now i have to mask that away.


to me, this method is super hard if you have wispy hair to deal with :/ but, it works for some people!


3 - magnetic lasso tool


this is kind of a combination of both the regular and polygonal lasso tools. it definitely gives a much more precise outline. all you have to do is click at your starting point and then drag the tool all around whatever it is you're hardcutting, and then close it off at the end and it becomes a marquee you can copy+paste. what's easier about this is that you don't have to keep your finger clicked on the mouse/trackpad the whole time while you drag the tool around.


***to close these off at the end: once you complete your outline and your lasso tool is back to the beginning of where you started outlining, a tiny circle pops up next to your tool, click, and it'll become a marquee. this is true of ALL 3 of these methods.


after using the magnetic lasso tool, it looked like this:



pretty good right? this is actually my first time using this and i may use it again (except for wispy hair lol)



SO those are the 3 methods for hardcutting images. if that was at all confusing, please feel free to pm me or post questions here in the thread. i hope it made sense & will help with hardcutting in the future.


remember: never use the eraser. the eraser is your enemy. not your friend.


it took me years to learn that ><


[c1][COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]gallery header for any master artist

10 June 2018 - 03:47 PM

**i want to use this on TDA and Shadowplay but if i can't request it to be used in two places let me know and i can put up a separate request, or do whatever works.

Link to Place to be Used: TDA | shadowplay (if i'm allowed to request this for two sites)
Type of Site: both are graphics sites
Images: any of these things in no order: star wars, riverdale (mostly cheryl & bughead), buffy, riz ahmed, diego luna, michael b jordan, the women of black panther, shanina shaik, imaan hammam, chanel iman, jane the virgin, aladdin, mulan... or whatever your muse is feeling. NO taylor swift.
Text: "i don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love" (this doesn't need to be big/the focus of the graphic. it can look like subtext if that's easiest.) and then - "Alison" "USA" and "CS6" without the quotations
Mood of your Skin: any
Color Preferences: any
Additional Information: hopefully this isn't too vague lol but if you want to pm me about anything at all just lmk. thank you in advance to whoever can do this!!! <3333

Travel Photography!

23 April 2018 - 09:59 PM

Go somewhere cool recently? Dying to keep sharing your photos even though friends and family have told you to please stop because it's getting annoying?? Been there. Post HERE with any photos you want to share with the TDA community!


Just fill out this form below:

[b]Location of photo(s)[/b]
[b]May these photos be used as stock? *WITH CREDIT*[/b]
[i]note: if you're posting them elsewhere in a stock pack, post a link here![/i]
[b]What was the best part of your trip?[/b]

If you have TONS of photos, feel free to hide a portion of them with spoiler tags - click the little lightswitch on the top left corner of where you're typing the post, and then type [*spoiler] to start the tag and [*/spoiler] to end it (remove the stars!)


**Note: If for privacy reasons you don't want to share the location and/or date of the photos, that's fine. If you're comfortable, try to include a general area (ie: English countryside; Hawaii; somewhere along the Nile River... idk hopefully you get the point lol)