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This is my Fight Song5.6.18

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#1 Jayde.

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Posted 11 August 2015 - 07:42 PM


Literal PERFECTION by Starbuck.! ♥
































Coming soon!




























dfhzp5Q.png    rhQKAxE.png 
















































The Username Challenge - November 2016 - 3rd place, 

The Christmas Song Challenge - December 2016 - 3rd place

The Craptastic Challenge - December 2016 - 2nd place



Lovely award by Page thirteen.

DMA 2016 Finalist, Best Member Artist  :drop: - Thank you, everyone!!

(beautiful award by page thirteen.)


ZVh83gU.png     Mp4a77X.png

(Both pretties made by azimuth!)


The Movie Poster Typography Challenge - February 2017 - 2nd place




(Amazingness by beyondtherain!)


ArTmAKk.png     qhkMivR.png

(Both beauties made by klutzy_Kara!)




(Prettiness made by klutzy_Kara!)



:drop: This. Is Not. Real Life!  :drop: 


Amazing Solar Eclipse-themed graphic by Miss Atomic Bomb!








Juliewalters.org, Demi Lovato, Tomfelton.org/photos, Rihanna, Maggie Q, Milakunisweb.org, ewan-mcgregor.org, zooey-deschanel.com, karengillan.org, emma-watson.net, Hebe Beardsall, Roger Lloyd Pack, Arthurt Darvill, Jimi Hendrix, Enrique Iglesias, Bonnie Wright, James & Oliver Phelps, Rupert Grint, Grace Potter, Sia, Martin Freeman, Nataliajimenezmusic.com, Chris-pine.org, Amanda-Seyfried,net, doublevision.princeroyce.com, Jennifer Lawrence, kat-mcnamara.com, Luis Fonsi, Naya Rivera, Clint Mauro, Heloise Guerin, Helen McCrory, Jason Isaacs, Imogen Poots, Emilie de Ravin, Oscar Spendrup, Burkely Duffield, Demi Lovato, Logan Lerman, Noah Ringer, Katy Perry, Keke Palmer, Elsa Lanchester, John Cusack, Gina Carano, Kiera Knightly, Matthew McFayden, Josh Hutcherson, Daniel Radcliffe, Freddie Highmore, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Alan Rickman, Cara Delevingne, Maluma, fontspace.com, dafont.com, 1001fonts.com, ufonts.com, fontzone.net, Freda's Foliage and Flower Stock, Caren's Textures (Caren@TDA), Wildflower's Large Textures (wildflower4evr@TDA), Kate's Large Textures (Kate.@TDA), Deceit's Textures, Accursed's Texture Pack!, Laura's Dark Textures v.1, v.2 (Accursed.@TDA), 95 Large Textures by kate.@TDA, Wendy's Big Fat Image Pack, Wendy's Stock Pack, Vee's Texture Pack v 1.0 & 2.0, Assorted textures by sixxtear@TDA, legolas@TDA, Kaitlyn's Stock Pack v 2.0, Light Textures by Enigma@TDA, Cocos 911 Fully Legal Image Pack, Beeezie's Winter Stock Pack, .asperity's Boys Boys Boys Pack No. 2, .asperity's Girls Girls Girls Pack No. 3, colored swirly light textures by in.wonderland@TDA, accursed.'s boys and girls colorization pack, Pink Sherbet Photography, Coco786@TDA's texturepack_AR, Karen's image packs 1-3, Branwen's Next Gen Female pack, bl-ind's flickr pack, TreacleTart, Steadily, Page.thirteen, cat!, Newt Scamander, Clowder, Starbuck, Broken Butterfly, A little Life, Ryd4@Flickr, doortoriver@Flickr, enchantedgal@Deviantart, frenchfinds.co.uk, thousandshipz@flickr, memotions@flickr, anneh632@flickr, Bugman50@flickr, sahlgoode@flickr, dionhinchcliffe, muffet, erix!, Vicki Moore, Chiaralily@flickr, Ed Yourdon@flickr, 365daysdone@deviantart, Anna Dyszkiewicz@Behance, Aleksandra V.@Behance, Evey-V@Deviantart,  RavenOrlov@deviantart, lovelace@Brusheezy, artistmef@Brusheezy, Andrevh@Brusheezy, 1001Graphics@Brusheezy, bombay101@brusheezy, Flightofgrey@brusheezy, Sandy@Brusheezy, juiceboxvisual1@brusheezy, Disneyscreencaps.com, kissthemgoodbye.net, movie-screencaps.com, screencapped.net, screencapped.org, homeofthenutty.com.

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#2 tea cup

tea cup

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Posted 12 August 2015 - 12:45 AM

Hi there! Just a reminder that if you're using image packs from TDA (such as Wendy's Big Fat Image Pack) you have to check to make sure you're crediting the right thing - often, you don't need to credit the TDA artist who created the pack, but the pack itself will have a list of credits contained within it, to the person who took the photos/made the textures. Please double check that you've credit the packs from TDA correctly, and let me know. 


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#3 beyond the rain

beyond the rain

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Posted 14 August 2015 - 09:35 AM

Hey Jayde! After four years it's so great to see you finally made a gallery! 

First off....I love the gallery title, the Sound of Madness, sound of loneliness....I mean who knew that these emotions were so noisy .-. 


It's nice to see you've got a lot in your gallery already! Remember to look at tutorials and experiment with colouring and composition like I said - and join in on some of the MA challenges!! I can see you're experimenting with composition too - which is great! 


I like how you use all these fab circles and , outlines and shapes, but try not to overdo it - we want to see your fab blending skills too! 


If you ever need any help at all or just want an opinion or something I'm a PM away (here or on hpff!) 

Bex :wub:

// hey i'm bex // MY TUMBLR (M) // semi available - PM first //  that's all (M)


#4 magnifique.


    mrs. daisy ridley

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Posted 14 August 2015 - 10:50 AM

Hey Jayde! (3rd!!)

I will edit this later when I'm on my computer but yay! You have a gallery :D I saw your post over at the Hpff forums and I had to come stop by because this is so exciting!





(ps thank you for the lovely comment on my profile over @ the forums - I'm very excited to be in Hufflepuff!)




I'm with Bex, I love your gallery title. Sometimes I think that's the hardest part about posting a gallery, (I just made a new one after not being here forever and not having one and it was hard to name it!) and yours is just so gorgeous and appropriate for an artist who I'm sure will be doing great, great things!


I really love love love :loves: how much you're playing around with stuff and experimenting because I know that I'm still terrified to do blends, but I really like your second one! The hard-cutting is very nice on it, and as someone who pretty much only hardcuts people, I know how hard that is to make look good! I also really like the cuts of your Mulan icons. I love making icons with cartoon screencaps because you can do so much with them. I think that my favorite of your banners is the first one because I really like the different fonts you've paired together. I think they look really great, and it's so hard to make different fonts look nice together so awesome job! 


Keep experimenting and being awesome and I'm sure you'll be moving up the ranks in no time. And like Bex said - check out those MA challenges! Those are so awesome for learning more and getting outside your comfort zone, (and maybe finding a new technique or style that you absolutely love). Also, if you have any Photoshop-specific questions, feel free to pm me and ask because I've been using it for about 3 (ish?) years now & multiple versions of it so I know a fair amount about making it work!


Good luck and I hope to see more of your stuff soon! :)


Julie  :glomp: 

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#5 Jayde.

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Posted 17 August 2015 - 03:19 PM

Thank you both SO much for the comments!  



@Bex - Thank you SO MUCH for encouraging me and getting me to post up my gallery!   :hug:  I never thought in a billion years that I'd ever be an M.A. - and I owe it to you!  ♥  And thank you also for being the first to stop by and leave me a comment!  


Lol Yes, emotions can be quite noisy sometimes.   :P  And I'll definitely keep looking at tutorials and challenges, I've already joined one and I've got my eyes on another!   :D


You're right, I most definitely need to work on blending - stock is definitely my weakness right now - I have a hard time using backgrounds other than textures, I just can't seem to choose images that work well together.  So, that will be the first thing that I work on improving, and thank you SO much for the comment/suggestion!  


Again, thank you SO MUCH, for everything! :wub:




@Julie - Thank you SO much for stopping by and taking a look at this and commenting!  (And, I was wondering if this was the same person as over on the forums!   :P)  


I'm glad you like the title!  I've had this gallery title in my head for a while now, but there were actually a couple of others bumping around in my head, also, like "This is My December" and "This is my Fight Song", but since "The Sound of Madness" was what I've had in my head for a while, that's what I decided to go with!  Thank you for your comments - I'm glad you think it's gorgeous and appropriate!   :blush:

I was actually really terrified to do blends at first, too, but lately I think they've kind of become my favorite thing to do, and I have NO idea where that came from! :P  Thank you for your comments about my 2nd blend and the hard-cutting.  I was really worried about it looking okay, but, I've just recently gotten my hands on Photoshop CS6, and that's made hard-cutting a LOT easier!  And YAY, I'm glad you like the cuts of the Mulan icons!  I really enjoyed making them and I'm hoping to do more from another movie soon!  And  :fangirl: Thank you!  I'm not really sure why, but I really love the way that first banner turned out, also.  I was just kind of playing around one day, and by the time I had finished I was like  :drop: . lol.  Fonts have also been a bit of a weak spot for me, so I really appreciate your comments about the font combination on that banner!  ♥
I'm definitely going to keep my eye out on challenges - I really look forward to doing things that are a bit out of my comfort zone and challenging and pushing myself, and I hope to find my own unique style/technique!  And, as I said earlier, I just recently got Photoshop CS6, so I'm still learning a few things.  If I have any questions I'll be sure to PM you, and thank you for offering!  ♥  Again, thank you SO much for your comments!   :hug:

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#6 vintagemagic

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Posted 19 August 2015 - 06:11 AM

Miss Jayde! I'm Camile and I'm going to comment on you're lovely gallery if you don't mind. 


Banners: You do an excellent job of placing people so that they' don't get overall-y small or lost. Honestly I struggle with that because I want to make the person big but then their eyes get lost haha. I read that you're a little scared of putting anything other than textures in you're backgrounds and I feel you. But there's a nice trick when it comes to making them look like they're a part of everything and that is coloring! You've got CS6 now right? So play around with coloring because that can make a background that looks out of place look like it fits right in. If you ever want me to walk you through anything please don't hesitate to ask. 


When I first started blending I would select something with either the lasso tool or the square marquee then feather it out and hit delete. This creates smother edges and can blend two images together quite nicely. A fluffy eraser works well too. 


Icons: Loving the Mulan icons. They seem to loose an little in image quality it seems but I'm liking where you're placing the text. People either love or hate icons, personally I love them because they force me to focus on coloring. 


Overall the rest of your gallery is off to a really great start! You're doing well cutting out the images because I know that can be a pain. Careful of image quality of course...you'll hear this a lot haha. Play around with blending modes with you're images (like lighten/darken/screen) because it can either help you blend in the pictures or add a nice subtle texture. Good luck and please feel free to ask me if you have any questions lovely! 

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#7 Jayde.

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 08:43 PM

Hi there Camile!  Of course I don't mind you commenting on my gallery - I really appreciate it!  Thank you so much!  (and I could have sworn I responded before now, I'm sorry!)  


Thank you so much for your compliment about not making people too big or small! :hearts:  And yes, I have CS6 now, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do several different things, and unfortunately, coloring is just one of those things I haven't figured out how to do yet.  :(  But, once I figure it out, I will definitely take that into consideration - thank you SO much for the tip, and I will probably PM you soon to ask about how to color in CS6.  :P  And I did NOT know that trick about hitting 'delete'!  Thank you so much!  



I'm glad you like the icons!  I know the quality goes down a little, but I'm hoping to make some new ones soon!!


Yes, I definitely need to watch out for image quality, thank you!  Thank you SO much for stopping by and looking at my gallery and commenting and leaving this amazing feedback!!  :hug:

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#8 naboo.


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Posted 31 August 2015 - 09:53 AM

Hi Jayde! I'm Kennedy and I hope you don't mind me popping into your gallery!  ^_^


You already seem to have a really clear style to your graphics, and I think that's really great! Sometimes I think it's hard to find your own personal style, so I'm pleased to see you're not really having any issues with that! I adore your use of text -- text is my greatest enemy so I'm actually pretty jealous. Your text works well with your images in terms of placement and colour so I definitely think you know what you're doing! 


I think my favourite piece of yours is Keeping Secrets. I adore the text and your cuts are really good too! I would suggest trying to work with stock images to create bases as well as textures to try and bring out a slightly different look to your work. Obviously you don't have to, a lot of people seem to only make graphics with textures, but I think it would help you grow! 


All in all I'm loving what I'm seeing!  :thumbup:  Experiment with new techniques, but keep up the great work! 

K  e  n  n  e  d  y


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#9 Jayde.

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 10:31 AM

Hi there Kennedy!  Of course I don't mind you popping in - I'm thrilled that you did!  :wub:  Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!  


Thank you so much for your kind words!  I didn't really even realize that I have my own style yet *blushes*, but the fact that you see one emerging makes me feel so happy!  And  :hearts: Thank you for your comments about my text usage!  And  :drop: !  I am so flattered, but I am nothing to be jealous of!  I'll have to give your gallery a peek and leave you a comment!  I'm sure your work is fabulous!   :hug:


Aww, thank you!  I really don't know where that 'Keeping Secrets' banner came from, but I really like it too!  Honestly, the cutting I owe almost entirely to Photoshop - the tools in CS6 are much more advanced than the ANCIENT copy of Photoshop I was using before, and that has really helped me to improve!  And yes, I definitely need to start trying to work with stock - even if I wind up using textures more, I at least want to give stock a try, as well as some new techniques to help me grow as an artist!  So thank you so much for the advice!  


Again, thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving these amazing comments and suggestions!   :wub:

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#10 wildest dreams.

wildest dreams.

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 08:48 AM



i just wanted to come and comment on your gallery and let you know that I think you have a wonderful start!

i absolutely love your sigs and CIs, especially that animated one that's so cool!

i really hope to see more of your stuff around, especially as you have such a good start <33

i especially also love the textures and colours on this+ omg

if you ever need any help or a friend don't be afraid to message me any time!


- hannah <3

#11 nancy drew.

nancy drew.

    it's locked.

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 01:36 PM

Sis! I had no idea that you had a gallery here! :glomp: I'm trying to make my way around to all of my fellow member artists and take a peek at their galleries, and lo and behold, here you are!


I love +this blend, especially because I know how strong you are. I can feel your passion in it. ♥ I'm super terrified of bright colors, so extra good job for that reason! And +this is a super strong signature, too -- the colors on this one are particularly beautiful, and I think the text really works with it. Your colorizations are great, too -- color seems to be your strong suit!


Keep it up, Jayde! So glad to see you here. :)

r  a  c  h  e  l

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#12 gryffiefan


    the future Mrs Blake

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 10:18 AM

Hi there Jayde! I don't even know how I haven't been here already! :P


Anyways, you have a good start to your gallery so far! You have a nice comp and I see that you're experimenting so much. Your icons are great, they are a nightmare for me! And I see that you're not having such a hard time with text and you were able to manage that! ^_^

Your CIs are gorgeous! ♥ I especially like +this one and +this sig is really nice! And it also seems that colorization seems to be your strong point!

Keep up with the good work and I hope to see more from you soon! ♥


~ Cee 

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#13 Stille Nacht

Stille Nacht

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Posted 06 August 2016 - 09:16 PM

Hi Jayde!


I really like your gallery lay out. It's clean cut and really appealing to the eyes.


The banners that you have created are really nice. I like the color choices you've made. They're vibrant and really quite stunning. I especially like this one here. 


I really like the Frozen Icons, but I sort of feel like the Mulan ones fell a little flat. A couple of them look like they need to be stretched out to fit. Just a little bit of CC nothing major. 


The Signatures/Set are really creative. I especially like the Frozen one and the Hunger Games one. That animation... WONDERFUL! You're such a natural!!! 


Overall, I love the simplicity of your graphics. They're beautiful. You've made wonderful choices for the people you use, the colors you put together and the way that you compose each graphic you make. I am truly looking forward to seeing what else you create in the near future! :)

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#14 hamylton.


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Posted 07 August 2016 - 06:51 PM

Hi Jayde! 


You've got a really good start here and it's nice to see that you've started to use stock too as well as textures! I know how daunting it can be to use stock and to find the right images that will go together well. It's something I still have trouble with and I find myself looking up to the higher up artists with awe at how they make it work to flawlessly! My best advise is to just keep at it and try different things! That's the best way to learn!


Your use of colour is great and makes you whole gallery really come to life which is nice to see! 


Your text is generally pretty good! You pick colours that go well with the graphic such as +here and +here, but your latest few banners have all had white text which makes it stand out a little too much. Try picking a colour you see in the graphic to use as a text colour (while still keeping the text visible).


I'm really impressed that you have animation in here and you did it so well! Incorporating animation into a graphic isn't easy and you made it fit great!


One thing I have picked up on while looking through you gallery is that you tend to lack a focal point so it's hard for your eyes to know where to look or what the main feature is. Take +this for example. The people are the main focal point, but you have text our towards the sides which draws your eyes away. Try keeping the text closer to the people.


Overall, you have a really great start and +this is probably my favourite! It has great comp and text! 

amy. +watching it burn previously caomoyl


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#15 Guest_RéaltaCleite_*

  • Guest

Posted 08 September 2016 - 03:47 AM

Hi, Jayde! Long time no see.

I stopped by to drop my thought.

Your gallery layout is very beautiful. 

I like the banner, "Luis Weasley and the Polyjuice Plot" the best. How did you do to have the both side colors of the banner the same beige as the wall?

#16 Jayde.

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Posted 25 September 2016 - 09:53 PM

*Is officially the worst human being and comment-answerer EVER* I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond to these, you guys! :cry:  Thank you ALL so very much for stopping by and for leaving such sweet comments and suggestions! 



@Hannah - I'm so flattered that you think I'm off to a good start, and your comments about my sigs and CIs just ♥ . Honestly up until recently I thought they were my worst points!  :couch:   Haha, awww, I have to admit that CI was for a challenge, so I was kind of stepping out of my comfort zone there, but I'm glad it paid off and that you liked it so much! ♥  Thank you SO much for the offer, I'll definitely keep that in mind! Thank you again for stopping by and leaving those comments!




@Sis:cry:  :hug:  :wub:  I don't know whether to flail, scream, cry, run up and hug you, or some combination of the three!  I'm BEYOND happy to see you here, too! And yes, I have a gallery, though it's NOTHING compared to yours OMG.  When you wrote this comment, you were an MA and now you're all the way up to SENIOR! Like, what?!?  That is SO amazing, and I owe you SO MANY congratulations and gallery comments and squishes!  


D'awww, thank you!! ♥ I'm happy that you like the 'Fight Song' blend - I've actually been thinking of remaking it/doing another one based off the song, it really has become like my anthem lately. As for your comments about me being strong and you being able to feel my passion... there are just no words.  :cry:   About the color, thank you SO much for the compliments! Actually I think I'm kind of the opposite, I'm afraid of dark colors.  Bright colors seem to work better with me, but dark colors.. *shudders* :D   I'm so thrilled that you thought the sig and colorizations are good, and yes, I really do enjoy working with color! ♥


Thank you SO MUCH for all the squee-worthy kind words, and again, I'm thrilled to see you here, too! (And also omg I am SO SORRY for taking so long to respond!) 




@Cee - Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments! I'm so happy that you think I have a nice start and good comp! Yes, I'm definitely experimenting a lot more these days, I really REALLY want to get better at this! I'm so thrilled that you like my icons, but hey, don't be so hard on yourself! I've just had a look at your gallery and your icons look AMAZING, especially the blue ones with the bubbles! And awww, I'm glad you think my text is up to par, also! ♥


*Squees* I honestly thought CIs and sigs were my weak point, so I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you think they're gorgeous!  :hearts: And I'm so flattered that you think colorization is my strong point, I really do enjoy working with color! 


Thank you so, SO very much! You keep it up, as well, I really look forward to seeing more lovelies in your gallery soon, too! ♥




@Jenn - Eeek!! Thank you for the layout compliment! I'm a bit OCD so things tend to have their own particular place, I'm flailing because you think it looks clean cut and appealing to the eyes!  :loves:


Thank you so much for the banner comments! I'm really glad that you think the colors are vibrant - as I've mentioned in other responses above this one, I really do love color! ♥


Thank you SO much for the icon crit. You're definitely right, the Mulan icons were a bit flat - they were honestly the FIRST icon set I ever made, which was originally why I had put them in here. By the time I made the Frozen ones, I'd learned and grown quite a bit, so I really do like those much better than the Mulan ones and feel a lot more proud of them, so I definitely agree with your crit and I really appreciate you pointing it out, and I'm so happy that you like the Frozen icons! 


Omg, I am LOVING all these signature compliments! I really thought I was rubbish at sigs, but they're what I'm getting complimented on the most, which is awesome! And EEEK!! *Flails* You think I'm a natural at animation?!? *Dies* Thank you SO MUCH!  :wub:


I am SO pleased that you love the simplicity.. honestly, I feel sometimes that my graphics are a little too simple and wish I could make those complex, breath-taking graphics that the Seniors/Graduates/Staffs make, so it really feels good to hear that, even though my graphics can definitely NOT compare with theirs, they're still enjoyable! ♥  Thank you SO much for all these amazing compliments, you're really making my head swell tonight! 




@Amy - First of all, AMEH! I haven't seen you in FOREVER! *Squishes*  And now that that's out of the way, on to this absolutely perfect comment! ♥


 I'm so happy that you think I'm off to a good start. And omg SO MUCH YES - stock is so intimidating, especially when you go look at the Graduate+ Artist galleries!   :worship:  It's honestly SO much easier for me to use textures, mostly because I'm just afraid of stock, but I know that it's something I need to master if I want to move up in the ranks, so I'm definitely going to take your advice about trying different things! Thank you so much for the suggestion! 


GAH, thank you! ♥ I'm so flattered that you think my use of color is great and brings my gallery to life!


You make an excellent point about the white text standing out too much, duly noted and thank you so much for bringing it up! I have been working on taking your advice and choosing colors that are already in the graphic for the text, and I will continue to do so, I really love how it's worked out so far and I can already see a huge difference, so thank you SO much for that advice!    :hug:


*Squees*  Thank you SO much for the animation compliments! I really do enjoy working with animation, although my animated graphics are kind of few and far between because working with animation can be a bit trying at times, lol. :P 


Ugh, you're definitely right, and I think focal points will probably be the death of me, graphic-wise. :P I have OCD, so in my mind it's all about balance and "there's something on this side so there HAS TO BE something on that side", but it really doesn't work that way in graphic-making sometimes, so I've really got to work on controlling that urge! I've definitely taken your advice to heart and I'm trying to work on creating a focal point, I know I still need some practice though. Maybe taking a peek at a few tutorials or galleries will help! *Crosses fingers* Thank you SO much for this amazing piece of advice, as well! ♥  


Aww, I'm so flattered that you like the Amanda Sig! That was something I made for a challenge, and really that challenged pushed me out of my comfort zone and I was quite pleased with how that turned out, so it really makes me feel good to know that you like it, as well! (I think I need to enter challenges that are out of my comfort zone more often!  :D )


Thank you again, SO much, for everything! ♥




@Kenny - Oh my goodness, it definitely HAS been too long! I have missed you, and everyone else too, so much!  :hug:


Thank you SO much for dropping by, and I can't tell you how  :wub:  it makes me that you think my gallery layout is beautiful! 


Ahh, the Louis Weasley banner! I made that for a plunny I've had for a while now, I was trying to make myself get started writing it, lol. :P  As for making the sides of the banner transparent, when you go into Photoshop/Gimp/Your Program of choice, you create a transparent canvas, and then decorate however you want. And, the pieces that you want to be transparent here on TDA, or over on the archives, etc, just leave them blank/transparent in the program. Then, when you're finished with your graphic, save it as a .PNG file. (If you save it as .JPG or something else, the program will insert white there where it was supposed to be transparent). But if you save as a .PNG and then upload it, everything that you left transparent when you created it will be transparent on the page! :D  


I hope this helps, and thank you again SO much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! ♥

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 01:59 PM

Hi Jayde! I was just poking around TDA and I landed in your gallery! And WOW! I'm so glad I did! Your cutting is totally spot-on, and that's a hard thing to do. And your graphics are so clear and filled with beautiful color! It's such a cheerful gallery! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how you develop your style and composition! :)

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Posted 26 September 2016 - 02:36 PM

Hi Andrea!! I'm so happy that you went poking around TDA and wound up in my gallery, and even MORE happy and flattered that you're glad you did!   :wub:  Thank you SO much for your compliments about my cutting, I have to admit that part got a whole lot easier when I got CS6. (In other words, most of  the credit for that goes to the program, not me lol) :P And Aww, thank you!!   :hearts: I wanted to squeal when I read that you think my graphics are clear and colorful and that the gallery is cheerful!  :dance: Thank you so much, I will definitely keep at it! I've got a couple more challenges I'm planning on entering pretty soon. :D And I think right now style and composition are probably my two biggest challenges, so thank you so much for saying that you look forward to their development! I really hope to be able to develop them well enough soon! 


Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving this wonderful comment!  :hug:

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