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abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:35 AM) (Yay! I'm really glad that you do - we definitely have tried to make it more open and relaxed. :hug: )
starbuck. : (22 June 2018 - 05:34 AM) (i consider HPFT different to HPFF in a major way and i've been able to participate in the forums there in a much more comfy way than on hpff)
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:34 AM) My understanding is that they're going to let people post again - they reference "improved writing software."
hamylton. : (22 June 2018 - 05:33 AM) From what they've said, they're just putting it back online, which is why I don't see much problem with it
starbuck. : (22 June 2018 - 05:32 AM) Are they just going to preserve the archive or are people going to be able to post again? I mean, if they're preserving the stories what's the problem with that? I probably don't see the big picture right now since i haven't really thought about the HPFF problematic and haven't been a part of that community for years
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:32 AM) Ultimately, I'm happy for users who wanted HPFF to come back. I'm just really uncomfortable with how the takeover has happened, and I know other people who are uncomfortable as well. I wish everyone involved the best - I'm just withholding judgment and not getting excited just yet. :happy:
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:30 AM) I was part of a forum created from scratch, and I spearheaded creating an archive from scratch. One very consistent piece of feedback that we've gotten is that members really like the transparency and that we care about their feedback. I have not generally loved sites where the owners/administrators either didn't think to do that or just didn't value it, because feedback can often be really really helpful. I'm not saying that everyone has the same experience as me - I'm just saying that that's where I'm coming from.
hamylton. : (22 June 2018 - 05:29 AM) I think we've just run in a circle and confused each other :P
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:27 AM) Okay - I'm not saying that you do? I'm saying that some people have voiced discomfort with it. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, just like they're entitled to theirs. :happy:
hamylton. : (22 June 2018 - 05:26 AM) Yeah, and I agree that it wasn't the best, but I just don't consider it to be bad
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:25 AM) Sure. But that's a thing that you have to think of when you're signing up to run a site - people who don't think of it tend to not be great administrators. I'm not saying it will kill the site - I'm saying that I think that how they've conducted the takeover is problematic.
hamylton. : (22 June 2018 - 05:24 AM) If I was in their position, I know I wouldn't have thought to consult the members. They'll have enough going on trying to take over
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:23 AM) I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, and I'm glad that people will be able to access their favorite fics that aren't on another fanfiction site or the internet archive. I just personally really don't like the way they've communicated about this/conducted their takeover.
hamylton. : (22 June 2018 - 05:23 AM) I'm not saying they can do anything and it'll be okay. I'm just saying that just because it won't be run 100% like it was before, it doesn't mean it'll kill the site
abhorsen. : (22 June 2018 - 05:22 AM) Yeah - I mean, I'm sure that's their intention. I just really don't think they're going about it in a super ethical way, and even with good intentions, that tends to lead to less than ideal outcomes. :/

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