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I still believe in Heroes

02 January 2018 - 02:43 PM


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[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]story set for grad/staff

20 March 2017 - 08:08 PM

Story Title: Out of Reach
Link to your Story: http://harrypotterfa...php?psid=265503
Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: No thanks :)
Have You Requested This Banner Before?: No
Do You Have Permission to Change it?: Yes because I made the current banner ^_^

Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Alfred Enoch, Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright
Other Images You Would Like: Probably pics of Hogwarts but it's up to the artist really ^_^

Quotes to use on Banner: I always suspected she didn't love me
Color Preference: Up to artist
Mood of Your Story: A bit of drama I guess, since it's Dean telling his side of the story
Animation? If so, how? No thanks :)
Additional Information: This is Half-Blood Prince but told from Dean's POV as he's dating Ginny in the beginning but as his relationship changes and as the time goes they break up and she later starts dating Harry...


Chapter Title: She was definitely out of reach
Link to Chapter: http://harrypotterfa...hapterid=357675
Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?: No

Characters on Chapter Image: Alfred Enoch and Bonnie Wright
Other Images You Would Like: Up to artist

Quotes to use on Chapter Image: I thought this could last
Color Preferences: Maybe some sad colors
Mood of Your Chapter: Some drama I think? :unsure:
Animation? No thanks ^_^
Additional Information: I'm really sorry if I sounded a bit vague but it's pretty much Dean telling his story on how he and Ginny started dating and the development their relationship takes as Dean starts his 6th Year... the song I used as inspiration is "Out of Reach" by Gabrielle and once I heard it, I knew it was a perfect fit for this one-shot! :D Thanks to whoever picks this up! :blush: ^_^

[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][Being Filled][open]autumn.shades

25 April 2014 - 07:13 PM

Chapter Title: Death greets me warm
Link to Chapter: http://www.harrypott...erid=383612&i=1

Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before?: never :)

Canon Characters on Chapter Image: Bonnie Wright (post-Hogwarts images please), Daniel Radcliffe
Original Characters on Chapter Image: none
Other Images You Would Like: up to the artist

Quotes to use on Chapter Image: This story isn’t that one you read and has a happy ending
Color Preferences: dark and sad colours

Mood of Your Chapter: angsty, sad
Animation? none, thank you
Additional Information: I would like the CI to match the banner you made for me a bit, but if it doesn't work, whatever you make I'll love, I'm sure of it! ^_^ also, I want Ginny to be the main focus of the CI and Harry in the background please! :D ^_^ but you're an amazing artist, so you know better than me... hehe lol :P ^_^ thanks in advance Steph!!! :hug: