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About Me

Slytherin - Dauntless - District  2  - Shadowhunter -

What you have here is a bookworm, optimist , awkward penguin, Nerdfighter, introvert and a dreamer. Someone made up entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions. Someone completely out of touch with reality. She is fond of being in her own world where no one could judge her eccentricities.

She is excessively weird that she could provide more weirdness to a whole race of aliens. Maybe one of the reasons why she created this third space is for a place where her alien friends could live in. They could help her express her thoughts and reveries in her other universe.

She studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In her spare time, she hunts demons with Shadowhunters. She volunteered for tribute once for the Hunger Games.

The most beautiful girl in the world, she is perfect in every way, she doesnt mind when you tell her you love her even if she doesn't love you because she respects you, she doesnt mind you looking at her either which is why it's often easy to look deep into her eyes and never want to stop, her smile is amazing and is enough to warm up the hearts of everyone in the room, if your lucky enough to get close enough to her she'll trust you with everything just as you can trust her she may break your heart but with extremely good reason and if you hurt her all she asks is that you say sorry face to face she has amazing friends and is the most intelligent, vivacious, inspiring and beautiful girl in the world and to be honest the list could go on, treat the Megan you know with respect and it will pay off                        
-       urban dictionary aka my bo

•   hi im Megan aka Alley

•   my real name is Megan tho

•   I dont mind if you call me either but Ill still get the same idea

•   Megan or Alley.

•   oops were in bullet points now sorry

•   im 16

•   Australian 

•   im a female if you havent already noticed. yay

•   never getting over Harry Potter or Divergent

•   or any of the other awesome books out there

•   i make a lot of typos and thats usually because Im to lazy to change them after I make them

•   I post a lot

•   and honestly ill talk to anyone actually like if we mutually follow i will literally never stop sending you ask messages it et really annoying

•   i live in Australia

•   oops already said that

•   yes kangaroos, nutella and vegemite

•   Gday Mate.

•   i have two sisters.

•   sometimes i make youtube videos

•   but only sometimes shhhh

•   is there anything else idk


now its time to make a long list of the stuff i enjoy isnt it oh okay:



•   Harry Potter

•   The Hunger Games

•   Divergent

•   Mortal Instruments

•   Infernal Devices

•   Vampire Diaries

•   Teen Wolf

•   Awkward.

•   Princess Diaries

•   youtubers

•   movies like all of them

•   yeah pretty much all disney

•   the casts of previously stated fandoms

•   thats it pretty much

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    Harry Potter, Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl.

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