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About Me

Hey! The name's Liberty!
No. Honest. I've been called Liberty since I was born. :|
Technically it's my middle name, but we can forget that. *eye twitch*

Common nicknames include:
Lib, Libs, Libby, Freedom, America, Justice, Harmony, etc. There's a buttload more but I really shouldn't go on ...
[Home Skillet Bagel with Butter (wtf?!), Kiki, Kitty, Katie, Katie with a C, Catherine (this is the unmentionable first name that I don't really mind but am not used to - substitutes and teachers on the first day of school have to call me five times before someone I know pokes me and I go, "OH HAI. I'M HERE. IT'S LIBERTY THOUGH.") , OH UNHOLY DEMON OF HELL (the bolded lettering denotes a particularly favourite nickname of mine - and no, I am not making any of these up)].

It's suggested that if you don't feel like typing in Liberty, one of the first 3 would suffice nicely. Honestly, people seem to gravitate to "Libby" for whatever reason, even on other sites where my username is "liberty." Obviously, it is the human nature to be lazy and shorten things where they can. I think that was my reasoning when I created my everything.

ANYWAYS. Been around here since this year, been on HPFF for 4 years - attendance is never consistent, I'm a pretty turbulent person. Actually, I'm a REALLY turbulent person

Constants involve: Harry Potter (been reading since I was 4), writing, chocolate (specifically Ferrero Rocher), music, and memories. <3
Variables include, but are not limited to: school, theatre, debate, "post to play" roleplaying, graphics, curiosity, and an unabashedly public display of what I love and believe (the things I do ... )
Inconsequential Factors: friends, boys, and happiness.
Motives: Pride, efficiency, security, stability

This is not to say my inconsequential factors don't matter, they're just easily thrown away (I understand if you don't want to make friendly now) nor does it mean that my motives are either my own or in pursuit of my own fulfillment. I'm a plane waiting to crash. And gosh, I'm so tired right now, you should ignore what I'm saying because I'm just complaining using an about me page and I really suck for that.

That's all you really need to know. Questions, Comments, Concerns?


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