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Special Challenges

Participate in the Last Graphic Maker Standing challenge or make a friend and improve your graphics by participating in our Big Buddy Little Buddy program! Duel another artist in a Graphic Battle or challenge yourself by embarking on a Graphic Quest!


Graphics Battles

Adapted from the battles found at old Pandora's and RCR, these challenges allow you to challenge yourself against other artists.

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Finished Your Battle or Wan... - last post by .amaris

Graphic Quests

  1. Graphic Quests Archive

Challenge yourself by embarking on a Graphic Quest - make a graphic a day for two weeks, make only banners for a month...have a friend challenge you! You can also bet Vault points on finishing your Quest (for example - double or nothing - if you finish you get double the amount but if you don't you lose it all).

Inspired by abhainn and her Quest to make a graphic a day for the entire year of 2018.

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Angie's Quest - last post by archer.

Last Graphic Maker Standing

Challenges based off the LIMS challenges on LiveJournal. Who will fight it out to the end?

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Big Buddy Little Buddy

  1. BBLB Archive

Big Buddy Little Buddy is a 6-week long sitewide event that is all about making new friends! Participants will be matched up with a buddy -- a Big Buddy or a Little Buddy, depending on your rank and preferences -- who will be your partner for the duration of a BBLB Cycle. Together, you'll participate in brilliant bonding activities, mindblowing mini-challenges, beautiful bite-size challenges, as well as a crowning competition at the very end!

Please see here to sign up for BBLB or find all information/updates in regards to this event.

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