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About Me

Hey there!


Well it appears that you have stumbled across my profile, probably quite by accident. From here you have one of two choices; click that little arrow in the corner of your webpage and get back onto whatever you were looking at as quick as possible or hang around and take a look  :D 





  • Harry Potter
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Revenge
  • ​Skulduggery Pleasant 
  • Revolution
  • Grimm
  • House of Night
  • Hart of Dixie
  • Glee
  • Nashville



  • James & Lily (Harry Potter)  :wub: 
  • Rose & Scorpius (Harry Potter) :wub: 
  • Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter)
  • Teddy & Victoire (Harry Potter) 
  • Neville & Luna (Harry Potter)
  • Toby & Spencer (Pretty Little Liars)  :wub: 
  • Emily & Maya (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Emily & Daniel (Revenge)  :wub: 
  • Charlotte & Declan (Revenge) 
  • Emily & Jack (Revenge) 
  • Charlie & Jason (Revolution)  :wub:
  • Nick & Juliette (Grimm)  
  • Monroe & Rosalee (Grimm) 
  • Zoey & Stark (House of Night)
  • Zoe & Wade (Hart of Dixie)  :wub:
  • Marley & Jake (Glee) 
  • Will & Emma (Glee) 
  • Ryder & *me*  ;)  (my imagination) 
  • Rayna & Deacon (Nashville)
  • Scarlett & Gunnar (Nashville) 



I love writing about romance, taking pictures of my friends, watching funny movies, re-reading the Harry Potter series continuously, needlessly trawling the internet, taking the first few sips of Fanta Fruit Twist, harassing the general public with my friends, stalking random people in my trench coat, canon pairings, sitting in Cafe Nero for hours, getting stamps on my Nero loyalty card for a free coffee even though I don't like coffee, painting my nails, sitting inside whilst there's a storm outside, arguing with my English Teacher about Staffordshire Bull Terriers, relating song lyrics to real-life, doodling on my hand and filling up my notebooks...

I hate obnoxious people, spelling mistakes, the last few sips of Fanta Fruit Twist, most technology, strong winds, people who laugh at their own jokes, TWILIGHT, Michael McIntyre, loud chewing, French Lessons (no offence guys), tomatoes, pessimists, mud, drunk people, arguments over text or social networking sites (like what'r you gonna do, CAPSLOCK me into submission?), Will Weaton (for Sheldon's sake), fog, puddles and my Head Teacher...

I love getting messages from new people, so feel free to PM me any time I'll always answer as I have no life... I know, I'm such an exciting prospect for a friend. Well that's it!  :D


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    I'm addicted to HPFF!!! And I love requesting banners on here, because they always turn out so awesome. I write stories just so I can request banners!!! :D

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