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the tempestupdated 11.17.17

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#1 .v0ldiemort

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 09:24 PM



Hey there! My name is Rodrigo. I am a 21-year-old theatre student.

I am about to graduate college. I love Shakespeare. I love The Magicians.

Anyway, hi. Please enjoy.



On the bats back I do fly

After summer merrily.

Merrily, merrily shall I live now



























Chapter Images







click for full size






Credits +

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#2 starbuck.



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Posted 31 October 2017 - 03:47 AM

hi rodrigo, welcome back to TDA! :)


you're off to a great start with your gallery :loves: i'm sure we'll be seeing you fly up the ranks ^_^ my favourite things are probably your icons, the cuts are awesome!


feel free to PM me with any questions ;)

#3 lucida.

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Posted 31 October 2017 - 12:47 PM

Hiya! I'm Alli :) I am in awe and I envy you for the way you use soft lighting with stock images  :drop: I really love your icons and the chapter image!! I can't wait to see more lovely stuff from you <3 


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#4 .v0ldiemort

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 10:30 AM

@starbuck hi! Thank you so much! I'm excited to be back. I have a lot more time to work on graphics now so it's good to be back. I'm excited to try and learn a lot more. Especially working with text!


@lucida hi Ali! Thanks so much! I really struggle with chapter images. They are an awkward size so I really appreciate it! Thank you both so much!

#5 flyingdove

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 05:58 AM

^ omg i'm not the only one who struggles with the sizing of chapter images. I don't know what it is, I just can never create a focus of the graphic because i'm trying to fit everything into a square.


HIya i'm Kelsey :D

You're use of colouring is absolutely lovely, it really creates a specific mood for all of your graphics, specifically your banners and your blending of stock is honestly beautiful :worship:


Cannot wait to see more of what you can do!  :dance:

KELSEY   :happy:We Are Groot 

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#6 .v0ldiemort

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Posted 11 November 2017 - 03:46 PM

Thank you so much Kelsey! It's been getting back into graphics! I am just working on the basics again lol!

#7 red herring

red herring

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 08:18 PM

Hi Rodrigo! I'm Ronnie, here with your critique! 


Ok, before I get started can I just say how much I'm fangirling over your graphics because all of the Stranger Things characters featured? I'm about 99% sure that means you watch the show, which is great because it's currently my favourite and none of my friends are caught up with season two which means I have no one talk with about it. So if you ever want to discuss theories + the newest season + least/favourite characters, just let me know. ^_^


(Also, we can also discuss our mutual love for Shakespeare. Gotta love the Bard.)


Ok, now actually onto the critique. To start off, my favourites! My favourite thing in your entire gallery is actually your current sig, +this. To me, it's absolute perfection, in part because of Joe Keery, but also because 1.) the yellow colouring is to DIE for, it looks so good, 2.) interesting comp, 3.) really great text! Every time I see you posting in the forums I always stop and look at your sig for a good thirty-sixty seconds or so just because I love it so much. :loves:

I'll first address the things you wanted me to pay attention to and then move onto some other stuff I noticed. First, text. So text seems to be a struggle for everyone, so you're definitely not alone in your battles to find just the right font, and the good thing is that you can easily improve with practice and experience. The sig I mentioned before I think is an example of really good text because it 1.) Fits in with the rest of the graphic, and 2.) Is interesting—and by interesting I mean it doesn't just look like you arbitrarily chose a font and slapped some text on there. It looks like you really thought about what font you wanted to use, how you wanted it to stand out (such as with the white stroke, which goes along well with the lightening bolt), and the positioning (I love how it seems to flow up Joe's body towards the top of the graphic.)


Going forward, try to keep continuity and interest factor in mind when you're working on text. For instance, I think there's a lot of experimentation that can be done on +this banner with text. Right now, the words "The Nightingale" are just in a cursive font that blends in almost TOO well with the base. Also, it's too big, as it spans almost a good half of the canvas. (And this is a point that you should take into consideration for all graphics you make—watch out for the sizing of your text!) If you want to practice trying out different font techniques, here's a couple of things you could consider giving a go before settling on a font/placement you like the best:

1.) Making both words smaller and stacking "the" on top of "nightingale" and moving both words closer to the model.

2.) Keep "the" in cursive and change "nightingale" to something a little more distinct (since it is the main word)—could either be another cursive font, or something bolder. Again, stack one on top of the other and move it closer to the model.

3.) Playing with strokes, drop shadows, and patterns on "nightingale." All of which can be found by clicking the button in +this picture.

4.) Playing with the warp text features on Photoshop. In the text panel near the top (see +this image for reference), you can play with some features that will allow you to bend and compress the text, which used in moderation can actually look pretty cool!

5.) Give it some texture! If you have a texture you particularly like, paste it into photoshop above your text layer and press Command + Option + G on your keyboard (I think it's something like Ctrl + Option + G on PC??) to link it to your text layer. If you want a more subtle effect, play around with the blending mode.

6.) Making the "N" in "Nightingale" the only piece of text in a really distinct font and putting everything else in a simple sans/serif font.


And of course these are just a few ways you can play around with text and make it seem more interesting and complex. When making graphics, I would suggest trying out a few different options for text before settling on one—I rarely stick with the first text option I chose; usually the finished graphic will use the a second or third option, or maybe a combination of two of them. Basically, you want to try out a couple of different scenarios before closing out of Photoshop, especially if you're getting the vibe that something isn't quite working. 


When it comes to text position, don't be afraid to move things around! Text doesn't have to all be clumped together in order to maintain the focal point. :) For instance, on +this banner the name of the author could easily go on the left side of the model, whereas the main text can go on the other side. Same with +this header—"DA Digest" could go on the left side of all the Natalias, and perhaps the "December" bit could go on the right side of the little Natalia, near the bottom? Just a few ideas, but remember to move things around to make a more complex graphic.


Another thing you said you struggled with was making your bases too stock/texture heavy. First off, I don't think there's anything wrong with using a lot of stock or textures on a graphic, but it's all about image selection and blending to make sure that things look neat and clean. I think +this header is a great example of where you've used both stock and textures brilliantly—the windows in the background with the moon near the top and the yellow of to the sides look great together and very clean. On your banners, for instance, such on +this and +this, I think the textures you've chosen have made the stock in the background too murky. In the second banner, for example, the sparks/light/fireworks texture is completely obstructing the beautiful stock you've chosen for your base, but you can still get a really pretty lighting effect from this texture by setting the blending mode to overlay or soft light or one of those blending modes, rather than something like lighten or screen. Same thing with +this CI—try setting the texture you've placed over top to overlay or soft light and see if you like the lighting effect it creates more than the blotchy white/black over top.


Composition-wise, I think this is actually one of your strong points! The comp in the Joe sig is especially good, and I like that you're already experimenting with putting multiple people in one graphic (such as in the Natalia header). Going forward, trying moving that multiple-person-per-graphic theory over to your banners as well, and make sure you watch out for covering up people's faces with textures. On +this header for instance, the lightning should be erased from the small Natalia's face.


Besides that, just keep adding to your gallery! (I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff in here soon, especially blends and CIs!) I hope this review was helpful, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about anything I said, or want to discuss ST. ;)

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#8 .v0ldiemort

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Posted Yesterday, 09:22 PM

Hi Ronnie!! 


Thank you so much for the awesome critique! I love love love Stranger Things! Seriously if you need to talk theories about this season please let me know!! Steve is currently my fave but I'm not sure overall favorite is a hard choice! And yes! Shakespeare! I direct Titus Andronicus this semester at school and it's been a BLAST! So please message if you'd like to talk!


Again thank you so much for your critique! I really loved reading all the text help! It's super nice about the texture work! I had no idea that was even possible!! I tried some of your techniques on the Nightingale banner and I think it looks better! Still not 100% sure but I think the comp is better! I'm gonna work on more CIs definitely and a few blends in the future! Thank you so much!! 

#9 BrokenButterfly


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Posted Today, 07:26 PM

Hi Rodrigo, I'm here with your requested critique. First of all, let me apologize for the delay in this, I've been bogged down by work stuff lately. I love your gallery, it full of great stuff. I've broken my comments down into sections where I'll mention what you are doing well and what, if anything, you can improve on. :)


Text- You have a great tack for your positioning of your text. The main text connects with your focal point and it flows with the overall graphic. Your text works really well with textured bases. In the case of your stock banner here+ the text is hard to read. The main word stands out in the title but the rest of the text is smushed and I'm not sure that was the best font for it. You could try experimenting with the spacing between letters as well. Ultimately I'd watch out for the small text on stock filled graphics. I am in awe of your font choices too. In most cases, the font is a great fit for the mood and the flow of the banner.


Composition- In most of your pieces you have a clear focal point. Your composition is very good but in some pieces, it could be more spread out. This banner+, for example, is stunning with the base and the coloring.  However, the text takes up the majority of the right side and the model the off left/center. The banner could flow more if you added in a smaller model on the right side. Also, The two models are fairly similar in size and the focal point is unclear because the eyes are drawn to two places at once.


Blending- Your blending is fabulous. Your models and stock flow together as one piece. I'd say that this is one of your stronger skills. :)


Coloring- You have cohesive coloring. Each piece is evenly balanced. I suggest experimenting more with monochrome and vivid bright coloring as well to give each piece a little more pop. Selective coloring and gradient maps may be particularly helpful. Another thing I'd watch for is matching skin tones in a graphic. Take this blend+ and see how the bigger face is more yellow than the smaller face? Also noted in this sig+ 3 of the models are darker/yellow in complexion when the fourth is light and white. Matching skin tones really helps the consitency of teh graphic. 


You are doing an amazing job and are off to a wonderful start. I have no doubt you will go far with your art. My favorite pieces are this+ for the text and this+ for the composition and the text. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm also glad to help you out anytime. Great work and I look forward to seeing more from you!

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