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witch of the waste19 april (2017)

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#73 page thirteen.

page thirteen.

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Posted 03 July 2015 - 02:39 PM

Ashley I have no excuses for getting here late plz forgive me </3 BUT BETTER NATE THAN LEVER I have come to give your critique like you asked~ You put your weakness as repetition and also vaguely asked for a clean-out of sorts, so I will start there ^_^

I can totes understand why you'd worry about repetition being a weakness- of course, being a grad, you should be all about experimenting. But fooortunately, looking through your banners, I'm not seeing anything egregrious in terms of repetition - I think that your newer banners, especially, are great because you've been messing around with composition and putting more people onto the canvas, so A++. However (and I'm basing this off my knowledge of the unstyle challenge), you have a tendency to put +long quotes and there's very graphics in here that are truly minimalistic - you seem to favour fairly +busy compositions and while that works very well for you, you really should get out of your comfort zone a little more. It's what makes graphics like +this stand out more - it's still unmistakely yours, but the simpler composition and brighter colours (you also seem to like fairly dark colouring?) make it very different to the rest of your gallery. There isn't really much of a fix for this, I'm afraid, although what I'd recommend is taking a look through your gallery before you start something new - if you're making a banner, have a look at what you already have and pick the opposite. At a glance, I can see that your gallery would do great with some more pastels (I LOVE PASTELS), graphics with a little less text and some negative space going on in more than just your sigs.

image quality
For the large part, your image quality is greeeat but there's a few graphics where I think the lower image qual is letting the graphic down. First, the bigger Candice +here, and the people +here (which I'm p sure is just because they're screencaps, so I'm not horrified by it - but I think you have far stronger graphics in your gallery). Finally, you have lower quality +here (again, p sure it's screencaps. But I can see other graphics with anime characters that are a lot more polished, so). Also I just realised, while linking these, that the URLs are saying they're jpgs- from what I know, tinypic has a tendency to change PNGs to JPGs sometimes, so if the image quality issues continue, it might be tinypic over your graphicing. ^_^ That said, I've found the best ways to bring LQ images up to scratch is to use a mix of the blur and sharpening tools to make things work - sharpening eyes a tad, blurring the skin, etc, maybe duplicating the layer and using surface blur (to smooth the skin) and then lowering the opacity to get the details back, so you can definitely still use screencaps and things, but just remember that they need a little more preparation. ^_^

Like I said, I looove that you're experimenting with your composition because it's very easy to get stuck in a composition rut I would know. Howeverrr I would say that sometimes with your composition, especially in your banners, you lose your focal point a little because of the general busyness (is that a word?) of your graphics. For example, +here, the 'melancholy' stretching out past both pictures of the girl (is that Imogen Poots? I do not know) makes it very hard to work out whether I'm supposed to be looking at her first, or whether the text is the focal point. You have a similar issue +here where you have three girls of a similar size and text that takes up the same amount of space- so I don't know if I'm supposed to look at the main text first, or the girl by the byline. This leads to the well-known O___O syndrome, of course :P This is mostly present in your older banners, but I figure it's definitely something to look out for in the future too ^__^ Fortunately, your sigs have no such issue because they mostly all have one person on them (there's a challenge for you - time to make a sig with two or three people ;D )and I'm not seeing an issue with it on your CIs either, but it's still something to look out for in your banners/in case you start building your other graphics the same way ^_^

Your gallery is v strong and I actually love it very much because you have such brilliant colouring (and I am a colouring fiend) but I think for you to get to the next level, you absolutely need to be getting out of your comfort zone (as I don't know how you build your graphics I can't really tell you exactly what that is XD). Like I said, work on minimalism, brighter colouring, more people in your sigs, etc, but at this point, I think the only real critique I have is that you just need to keep experimenting  :dumbles:

If my explanations are terrible or you have a question or something, feel free to PM me 'cause I'll do whatever I can to help ^_^


Edit: comin' in here, taking ur new pages.. 

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Posted 03 July 2015 - 08:36 PM

jadeeeeeeee, tysm for your critique. this brings plenty to my attention and i already have some ideas for new stuff :D
it's crazy how blind you can be to your own work, like until somebody points this stuff out i'm like 'la la la la'
UR SUCH A GRACEFUL UNICORN thank you for your help *smooches* :loves: :queen: :dumbles:

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#75 katharos



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Posted 06 July 2015 - 10:38 PM

first of all i have to say your gallery is beautiful but i'm insanely jealous of your ability to hardcut!! i think in every graphic you have hardcutting and let me tell you, i'm too lazy for that and i'm in awe of how well you do it and how gorgeous your graphics are because of it! i also love how well you do text and how it's not cookie cutter at all, you do a lot of different text styles and font mixing and it's so pretty in each graphic! and your coloring it's different in every graphic but very pretty ♥ you're really really versatile as an artist and that's something super special about you! also you can make a freaking icon with a foot in it look pretty to me and i haaate feet :P my favorite graphics are your signatures and chapter images i'm in loveeee. also those friends icons omg i also love how you made them super old school with the text overlays and orange dots that brings me so far back lol i love everything and i hope you make more and more pretty things for me to be in awe over  :loves: 


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#76 floralprint


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Posted 06 July 2015 - 11:22 PM

malia, you are literally too kind I'M GONNA SQUEEZE YOU TO DEATH :hug: :hug:
LOL to the foot thing :lol: that icon set was for a battle and the round was 'make an icon set with this ONE picture' and i was like "uhhh what part of this girl haven't i used yet?" :'P
but no, your comment is the loveliest and i'm really grateful you dropped in :loves: :edward: :dumbles: :queen:
thank you so much bby <3

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#77 Asphodelic



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Posted 18 July 2015 - 11:03 PM

Can I just say... Holy Moly!!! :drop:
I don't understand what I am seeing here. I can't process this... this... phenomenon in one gallery!! xD
I can't even. Everything here is just crafted so beautifully! You're incredible - you know that! <3 With how you improved and quickly, becoming well known around the forums, and being a super star. :D
I feel guilty for not dropping in sooner, and I'll save you from my lame excuses, but I am here now, and ready to stalk. :sean:
Though I am late on this, still congrats on being a grad. Keep being beautiful and producing beautiful graphics. :wub:

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#78 ClearPlastic



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Posted 25 March 2016 - 03:35 PM

Hey Ashley! :) here for your requested critique!

You mentioned in your application that focal point and repetition were weaknesses of yours - I don't think focal points are a particular weak point in your work as your graphics seem to all have a clear focal point, but I think repetition could be. Not everything in your gallery is similar, but most of the bottom half of your banner section (after the vertical banner) all seem to be quite same-y. 2-3 people, text in the middle, also mostly 2 tone colouring, like how in the Nicole Kidman banner there's only browns and reds, and with the garden path banner there's only greens and browns, because there's not much variation in the stock. I'd say these are your two weaker banners - they look quite a bit older than the rest of your stuff so maybe scrap them? Not all the bottom half is repetitive though, the Ian somerhalder banner I love! Great monochrome colouring and the comp/bird stock is so interesting. That Samaire Cooper banner is def my favourite out of all of them. The colours are gorgeous and the composition is fresh and interesting. I think the vertical banner might be a bit weak as well - visually the sudden vertical ness kind of breaks up the flow of you gallery, and again i don't think its as good as your other stuff - too simple and a bit empty.

In your blends, to me it looks like there's a big discrepancy there too - top half is gorgeous but the older graphics look significantly weaker. The springtime glow album cover is pretty, but in comparison to that amazing moon sister manipulation it just doesn't hold up. Same thing with the other album cover. To me, your best graphics are the more experimental looking ones - that becoming invisible CI is absolutely stunning (my absolute favourite thing in your gallery, and the purple/yellow combo makes it stand out so much - definitely a staff level graphic). That a fire of devotion CI is stunning as well. I think Faded Sunsets CI should go - to me it's a bit flat and washed out. Composition is great though. Also love your What Kind of Man signature.

All in all I think you should definitely experiment more - technically speaking you've got everything down, Im not seeing any problems with blending or text, more just going more outside the box of what you're used to doing and figuring out new colouring, new comp, new ways to use certain textures etc. those awesome graphics I pointed out above show that you're definitely capable of making some truly amazing things, and I think with some of your weaker graphics (well, I say weaker but really they're just slightly less-pretty) it almost seems like it just needs that's extra touch for it to be fantastic. Also your weaker graphics in your gallery could be holding you back from getting promoted. So my advice would be to go a little bit crazy next time you make something :)

Feel free to shoot me a PM or something if there's anything you wanna ask :) I really hope I was helpful!

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#79 dust & decay

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Posted 17 April 2016 - 05:09 PM

i realized we have the same birthday, so i wanted to come in and comment on a birth-mate's lovely gallery :-D


first off, i love how you do text!! you make scripty stock look so pretty, and it goes so perfectly with so many of your pieces. i love how much attention you give it -- the text here is small and still detailed and so so perfect.  and i love the movement in the text in this banner. very cool!


this is one of my favorite pieces you have -- it has such a cohesive peaceful feel to it that makes looking at it such a pleasure. ♥


lovely lovely gallery, can't wait to see more!




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Posted 18 April 2016 - 02:43 PM

alishya - you are so sweet, thank for stopping in! :hug: and thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me!
eggie - omgosh i know i already thanked you for the critique but i'll say it again, thank you! this really helped me in terms of what i need to do to move forward, and also gave me a better idea of what to throw out. i appreciate it :dumbles: :edward:
mini - birthday twins!!! that is so cool. i can't believe you stopped in here to comment on my stuff!  :worship: thanks so much for taking the time to link your favs, i'm so flattered :loves:

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#81 Guest_apsara._*

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Posted 23 April 2016 - 02:11 AM

heyyy there ashley!


your graphics are literally my favourite things these days on the PYLC thread, so I thought I'd drop by your gallery and spread some love!


The versatility in your style is AMAZING! You use both stock and textures with such great skill, it's mindbogglingly brilliant! i also love how unique your composition- and how it's different and unique on every single graphic on here! I think your CIs are my favourite! This+ one is absolutely out of this world! the comp, the stock use, the colouring- everything's out of this world! I also absolutely adore this+ and this+! Again, the composition is MAGNIFICENT, and so is the colouring!!


I also love it when you go slightly minimalist, like here+! So elegant and gorgeous!! 

coming to your banners- this+ haaas to be my favourite! the use of textures and comp and text is A++++++++


but my overall favourite amongst everything you have on here definitely has to be this+! The comp is absolutely out of the world, and the monochrome is SO SO SO SOO good! 


all in all, what I'm trying to say in this v rambly comment is that you're awesome and I love your graphics, and keep making beautiful things like you do <3




#82 skittery


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Posted 27 May 2016 - 01:01 AM

Hey Ashley! :D


First of all, I wanted to say that I'm literature obsessed too! What are your favourite books?


Your graphics are so amazing and I'm really jealous of your skills. Your icons are great and your banners have an amazing style, especially the first two. I love the soft minimalism of those two. It's a really cool and unique style. 


I also love this and would so see a movie if that was the promotional poster! It looks really cool and I'm disappointed that it's not actually a real movie. This one is really cool as well. I love the composition and the colouring. It's really original. 


You're great! Update soon! ^_^



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Posted 27 May 2016 - 03:05 PM

ashley i love your gallery so much! ♡ your colouring and image placement ughhh! let's be friends. teach me your ways.

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Posted 14 June 2016 - 05:12 PM

I had to stop by and freaking GAWK at the BEAUTY and then gawk some MORE because of your Hawk Song blend! Besides my husband, I've never known anyone who has ever heard of the Keisha'Ra series! I love it oh-so very much and I feel all warm and fuzzy that someone else likes it as well! <3

I need to get back to graphics.... T_T


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Posted 14 June 2016 - 06:11 PM

rohini - how did i miss your comment???? thank you so much for coming by, i'm flattered that you think my style is versatile. i also appreciate you linking my things, i'm blushing over here. it is so wonderful having you on the site to talk to, thank you so much for spreading your kind words and encouragement :hug:
anna - hi! it's nice to *officially* meet you, i don't know if we've talked before. thanks so much for checking out my gallery and for the compliment about my graphics!! my favorite books change all the time, but right now they are pride and prejudice, emma, the girl on the train, and lock and key! i love meeting fellow literature enthusiasts :D thanks again <3
jenny - :worship: i can't believe you made your way over to my gallery. i've been admiring your graphics for like, years. your style is beautiful and it means a lot to hear you like my stuff. thank you so much for stopping by, let's absolutely be friends!! :queen: :edward:
WindingArrow - hey there!! omg thank you so much! YES I LOVE HAWKSONG. snakecharm, too. i read the rest of the series but the first two books are my favorite. zane and danica were like my otp before i even knew what that meant :P damn, i wish my husband was into cool books like keisha'ra. he's not much of a reader :P amelia atwater-rhodes has a wonderful writing style, i also really enjoy shattered mirror by her. i'm glad you like my blend, most people don't know what it's from! thanks again :D

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 11:42 AM

Hiiiiii best buddy! I just wanted to stop in for a second and casually fangirl over your gallery.


First of all, your new header set? DYING! Honestly one of my favorite parts of your gallery! +This CI makes my heart hurt in all the right ways and is beautifully composed dsjfdhfjsdfl. I can't even.


+This, +this and +this are AMAzing too! You're the queen of composition, I swear. 


You're too talented. Stop. 





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Posted 23 July 2016 - 03:05 PM

hey ashley! finally here with your requested crit <3
 - comp - 
Very little to critique here, your comp is generally great. You fill space well, you do negative space well (especially on your sigs). Be careful of having people and text too far away from each other, like on +this banner, but usually you have a super clear focal point. Or on +this banner, it would help if the couple on the left were a bit smaller- my eyes instantly go to the girl there, when the focal point is the text and the bigger Holly- there just isn’t enough of a size difference. But really I love how you put together your graphics- you use textures and stock both so well- and these are really just nitpicky things. 
 - coloring - 
The main thing here is to watch out for contrast- generally your lighter graphics could use a bit more (usually just darker shadows) and your darker graphics could use a bit less (more midtones, and the darkest parts tend to be a bit flat). Also (and this is 100% a taste thing, so feel free to ignore) watch for overly orange skin, which is really just on +the holly banner and the friends icons. Again, mostly just nitpicky, your coloring is lovely.
 - text - 
Font choices and colors and placement are generally good. I think you could be bolder with text- bigger and more intense colors, but that’s just my taste, but try being a little more experimental with text. Also, there are just a couple graphics where text is a little sloppy (not sure if that’s the best word exactly)- like the tracking on the word ‘lovers’ on +this blend is a bit off, or the line spacing on the names on +this, or on +this banner a couple of the words are touching, and then the amount of spacing on ‘nest’ looks odd when everything else is so compact. On +this, the main text is just a little bit too dark and hard to read- flipping the gradient or decreasing it would probably fix it. And sometimes the small text gets a bit pixelly. 
 - et c. - 
Larger images could use a tiny bit more sharpening- like on +this, the softness of the bigger face looks a bit odd compared to the sharpness of the background and text and smaller images, same thing with +this. Otherwise your filtering/image quality looks good, and I didn’t notice any blending issues or anything like that. 
So sorry again this was so late! Please feel free to pm if you have any questions/something wasn’t clear/you disagree with anything or any reason at all! Hope this is helpful ^_^
<3 cat

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 11:37 PM


Hi Ashley,

Just dropping by to leave a bit of gallery love for the holidays.

I’ve always thought your work was so beautiful and of course I wasn’t disappointed when I got to your gallery. It’s full of pretty things for me to squee over. :)

Your banners. OMG. They’re all so pretty and soft. I love the variety of comp on each one and how different the colorings are. Your Yzma banner is particularly stunning. I love all the bright colors on it.

The Champagne In A Paper Cup blend is so crisp and pretty too. The black and white coloring works really well and the comp is really cool.

Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with joy! :hug:


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Posted 12 January 2017 - 11:33 PM

Ashley! Your graphics are soo lovely, per usual. I love everything you make, but +this and +this are especially soft and beautiful. Big fan on the composition on your first two banners and also still madly in love with your movie poster. The comp on +this is so well done. Clean and crisp, just the way I like it. You have such a lovely style that's so special to you and I just love watching you grow! A+ work all around <3 


​Pleaseeee update soon I love your graphics <3 

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 04:08 AM

(first off, omg, look at all four names you guys, it's almost spooky :') )
katlynn - ahhhhh thanks so much for the gallery love, ily girl!! i had a blast w you during bblb honestly, you're such a fab buddy :loves: hope everything is great w you!
cat - i really appreciate the extra care you took for the nitpicky stuff, that is super helpful, cat! thank you so much for this critique. i've been feeling like my text falls flat and this helped give me some ideas of how to remedy that. thanks again!
kaitlin - that's a really cute graphic, thank you!! i'm glad you like my banners, thanks for the encouragement on my graphics :loves: this is rather belated, but i did have a great holiday season and i hope you did too <3
karaaaaaa - long time no see! aww, thank you for this, i appreciate what you said about my style, that is super encouraging. and yes, just updated today, actually :P back from hiatus. you know how it be

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