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graphic made my me, rules made by others in a place on the forum...

I am hoping to get this thing to like 30 million characters one day...let's see how I succeed at that.

Hi I'm Ashley, if you read all of this congratulations you must like me.
Leave me love in the comment box.
I am a college student that has way to much going on.
Real life keeps me from the internet, that makes me sad.
If it was up to me I would just make graphics for the rest of my life on TDA.
But that stuff surprisingly doesn't pay much.
Unless you work for a graphic design company.
You know at those places you never doing anything "fun".
More like it sucks your soul and meaning of life.
Then you wake up one day asking yourself
why you wasted all those years away at this stupid dead end job.
See where my mind take me?
I am going to college for Animation to make Pixar movies hopefully.
I want to be that one girl in the credits called "Technical Director".
You know, the people that do all the lighting and shading and textures in films.
Or a conceptual artist or a color person.
Pretty much whatever Pixar wants me to do I'll do it because
I want to meet John Lasseter.
Don't know him? He is the co-founder of Pixar along with Steve Jobs.
I can't meet Steve, but that is okay, because the Apple products are here with me.
John Lasseter once said, "If you do what you love you will never do one day of work".
So this is what my goal in life is do what I love, and don't worry about.
I am not worrying about the money or job potential I offer.
I am definitely not working in retail for the rest of my life.

So from that spiel you gathered I am creative and have over ambitious dreams, good.
Sometimes I wish I learned about YouTube earlier and had a decent camera
and wasn't afraid of the camera.
I could be YouTube famous maybe one day, making money, or not.
I get most of my news from BBC when it is one late night on Public Television.
Also I learn lots of amazing things from
Laughing Squid and The Phillip DeFranco Show.
I love lots of different television shows for the American: New Girl, Lost, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, True Blood, Vampire Diaries and I use to like Glee but it got sucky in my opinion.
For British shows I adore: Doctor Who, Skins (!), and The Misfits.
Music I love so much of it, it kind of scares me. One band that I could continuously listen to until I die is Brand New, no matter what my mood there is a song for it.
The female artist that I could scream all the lyrics
tied between Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry.
I have over 800 artists in my iTunes, I love each one for a different reason.
Anything acoustic or piano in it I love (Air Traffic captures my heart).
I love really sensitive music (Dashboard Confessional makes me cry).
But I love a good beat, pretty much all the crap...I mean stuff you hear on the radio.
I have to many interests and not enough time.
Biggest thing reading, drawing, painting, creating.
I can't sing and I can't dance so I do all the other creative stuff. Like knitting.
Tumblr is another obsession for me, it kills me as more and more people are aware of it, because I just pray it doesn't become dumb like facebook or myspace to admittedly become more "user friendly". Gah.

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