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Posted 16 July 2010 - 03:29 PM

Welcome to TDA! This site is a graphics community devoted to filling requests for harrypotterfanfiction.com, but we're also a place for learning and improving one's graphical abilities. The following is a listing of materials and topics that should orient you with TDA's various areas. smile.gif

Dark Arts Information
Welcome! - for new members to say hello and discover more about the site

Rules - everything you could possible need to know as a member of TDA!

Notices From the Admin for all special announcements including promotions

Question & Answer Center - any questions can be asked here

Editorials/Opinions - for any suggestions or complaints about the site
Dark Arts Digest - our monthly newsletter

Social Media Hub - for information and suggestions regarding TDA's social media



Artist Galleries
Galleries and Artist Information - organized by rank

New Galleries Here! - where to post your new gallery if you would like to become a Member Artist


Before Requesting
Who Made This? - if you've forgotten the artist's name

Is This Okay to Use? - find out whether a site or an image is suitable for use in graphics
Wanted: Pictures - for help finding images for your request
Up For Grabs (UFG) - pre-made graphics, ready to use


Requesting Arena
Rules to Requesting at TDA - find out how to request graphics here

Banner Requests for HPFF
Chapter Image Requests for HPFF
Forum Graphic Requests - including signatures and icons

Other Story Graphic Requests - for requests for stories on fanfiction.net, Wattpad, etc.
Other Requests - for whatever is not covered above

The Giant Eraser - if you want an old graphic remade by the same artist

Out of Luck - where requests that do not follow the rules or are too difficult end up



Dark Arts Forums

Tutorial Central
Beginner Tutorials
Intermediate & Advanced Tutorials
Technique Tutorials for program-specific tips
General Area - for general questions and program help

Resource Arena

TDA Resources - for over 8,000 stock and people images
The Swap Meet - for help with finding images, fonts, screencaps, and other things for putting on your graphics.

Critique Corner
Individual Graphic Critique - post graphics for anyone to critique

Screening Room - for whole-gallery critiques by fellow artists

Promotion Help - lessons and tips on how to improve your graphics, including individual promotion critique

Duelling Arena
General Challenges - anyone, regardless of rank, may enter these
Member Artist Challenges - just for the Member Artist rank
Ultimate Challenges - for more complex challenges
Your Best Work - for the best graphic you've made each month
Last Graphic Maker Standing - a bi-annual duel to the death

Inspire Me! is where you find non-competition challenges to help kickstart your muse.



Alternative Art Forums

Traditional Art & Photography

Digital Painting

Digital Manipulations

Vector Art

Coding & Skinning


And the Rest! - for alternative art types that do not fit into the above categories



Off Topic Areas
General Off-Topic for polls and general discussion
Discussion Zone for TV shows, films, music, and more
The Lazy Lounge for games and spam

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