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Requesting Graphics at TDA

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 05:10 PM

Requesting Graphics at The Dark Arts


Welcome to the Requesting Arena+ user guide! Requesting graphics is an important part of TDA - many of TDA's artists began as requesters!

Step-by-Step - general guidelines

  • Make a topic in the relevant forum (it's split up by Story Graphics (banners, chapter images, story sets) / RPG and Forum Graphics (forum signatures&icons, character library images, tumblr roleplay requests) / Other Graphics (wallpapers, headers, layouts, character make-overs (for example if you want hair colour changed in an image or eye colour etc), etc))
  • If you have a specific artist in mind, please post it in the 'specific artist request'
  • Give a short description of the graphic you want made in the title ex. Banner for a romantic Ron/Hermione story
  • When posting, fill out the relevant form (linked further down in this post). Once it's posted, a moderator will check whether everything has been filled out correctly and mark it as [open]
  • If no one has taken your request after 48 hours (2 days), you may bump your request by making a post stating 'bump'
  • If you're requesting a specific artist, you may PM them with the link to the request.
  • After picking up a graphic, always rehost and credit, and post in the request to let us know you've taken the graphic.
  • If you are requesting for a site that doesn't allow guests to view member profiles (or stories) for which you requested a graphic,after you pick up your requested graphic, your request will be marked as [Awaiting Screencap] and you will have seven days to provide a screencap of the graphic being used. After you do, your request will be marked as [COMPLETED].

Do's and Don't's


  • ALWAYS request by filling out the relevant form [find them linked below]
  • Provide clear evidence that the story or forum profile for which you are requesting actually exists [see FAQ] - this means providing link and screencapture.
  • Wait 48 hours before bumping.
  • When requesting changes, be as clear and concise as possible [for an example see below]
  • Give the artists time to fill the request. 
  • PM the artist if you want to make changes to your request like the title or subtitle or mood, so the artist doesn't have to remake the graphic afterwards.
  • Be polite
  • REHOST AND CREDIT the graphic after pick-up
  • Only request one graphic type at the time. You can request banner + chapter images for the same story at the same time, but not two banners for two different stories. You can also request a story set (in the same request - no need to make two separate ones) but limit is three graphics per one story (for example: banner + chapter image + advertising banner).
  • You may use requested graphics on multiple sites provided it's the same graphic on each site (for example: using a banner for both HPFF and HPFT)
  • Once the request has been filled: pick up within 7 days.
  • After pick up, if you don't use the graphic we will first send you a PM to remind you to use the graphic, after that if you don't respond to the PM and don't use the graphic you requested we will have to raise your warn level.
  • Follow our Copyright Rules++ when providing your own images.


  • Mark your request as [open] yourself. This is the job of the moderators
  • Provide personal pictures in your request.
  • Request a graphic via the PM system, as this makes it a lot harder for us to control the requests for copyrighted images. If you've posted a request, you may PM the artist you've requested to check out your request.
  • Mass PM artists to ask them to fill your request as that is impolite.


Tumblr Roleplay Requests Rules and Guidelines

What type of graphics can be requested?

  • Icons for your character/muse FC. Please keep in mind no more than 20 icons can be requested in one request.
  • Promotional images for your blog. [ examples: here, here & here ]
  • Backgrounds for your blog. [ examples: here, here ]
  • Edits specific to your character, like picspam, a playlist graphic, etc.

VERY IMPORTANT! when requesting any graphic, make sure the images you provide follow our copyright rules. If you want to use artwork made by someone for your tumblr background, we need to see written permission by the artist who made the artwork.

Also, here at TDA, we always require the artist who has filled the request to be credited. Not doing so will put you on the blacklist and you won't be allowed to request here anymore. 

  • To credit icons & blog backgrounds, please add the credit in your rules/guidelines page (like: artist name @ TDA). Any request for icons & blog backgrounds will need a link to this page prior to it being filled, so we can make sure you have a place to properly credit.
  • To credit promotional images & edits, please add a credit in the specific post (artist name @ tda and if possible, a link to our site!). To ensure the graphics get used in a timely manner (that means, between 1-3 days after pick-up), and to ensure the proper credit has been given, we ask anyone requesting a promo or an edit to provide a link to the post using the graphics AFTER the request has been completed. Until this has been done, we will not mark the request as COMPLETE and failing to do so can result in a warn raise. 

In case of the latter, we will also ask our artists to put a watermark on the promo images and edits (doesn't have to be any bigger than your TDA name at the bottom corner of the graphic), in case the graphic in question gets stolen & reposted or the credit in the post erased. We know this isn't the fault of the requestor, but since it does tend to happen fairly often, it's an extra safeguard for us.






- What graphics can I request?

  • Story graphics for any site: banners, chapter images, ad banners, cover stories ... You can request multiple graphics for the same story but only three at a time in one request.
  • Forum Sets for any forum or RPG forum, including character library images or Tumblr Roleplay requests
  • Other graphics such as wallpapers, headers, pips ...

Example of a pip: staff-artist.png

- How can I provide the best evidence that my story exists?
Usually via link and screencapture. 

  • For story banners, please link to the story summary page of the story you want to use the banner for. You must have at least one validated chapter of this story to request a banner.
  • For chapter images, please link to the chapter that you wish to request an image for.
  • For forum images (such as signatures, avatars, etc.), please provide both link and screencapture of your profile. Many forums require an account to view profiles, so linking to the profile alone will not be enough for mods to adequately check it.
  • For anything else that does not fall into this category, please provide a relevant screencapture. (i.e. of a forum you want to request buttons for). If what you are requesting for contains personal information, please make sure that this is not shown in your screencapture. Please contact a moderator if you have any questions about this.

- Do I have to provide my own images?

No, you can leave that up to the artist, but it's preferable if you do provide an image or at least a name of the celebrity you want featured in your story. If you're not decided on who you want to use, provide a clear description (i.e., they must look between 20-30 with blond hair and blue eyes, and petite in stature). For stock images, these can be provided too (if you for example want candles to be features on your graphic), but please make sure they are in accordance with our Copyright Rules++..
- Can I re-request a graphic?
Yes, you can, but not before you have PM'ed the artist who previously filled the request and have asked if it's okay for you to do so. If they haven't replied after two weeks, you may re-request as well.
- What if I can't find the artist who made my previous graphic anymore?
They might have changed their names. Please check the  Name Change Masterlist or ask in the Who Made This? forum. 
- Can I have my request moved from the general area to the specific if I know someone who might like to fill my request?
Yes, you can ask a moderator to have your request moved and add the name of the artist of whom you might like to have this request filled.
- If the graphic that was made for me isn't what I wanted, can I re-request it?
You can't make a new topic, but you can ask the artists to make some changes or re-open the request for someone else to pick up. Please be specific when asking for changes. If you don't like a picture, provide another one. If you don't like a font, give an idea as to what sort of font you are looking for. Asking for changes on a graphic means you have to take the initiative to make it easier for the artist to make the right graphic for you. Do not by any means waste an artist's time.
This last bit very important! If you do not treat the artists with respect, you may receive a warning from the staff.
You will have 7 days to collect your completed graphic before a moderator will PM you a reminder. After another 7 days, if you have not yet posted in the topic to collect, the artist may remove the banner and post it in the Up For Grabs section, and you will receive 1 warning point. If there is some reason why you will be away and unable to visit the request for more than seven days, please post to say that that is the case, and moderators will take it into consideration.
After pick up, graphics must be used within 10 days, and for a minimum of 4 weeks (if there are extraordinary circumstances we are happy to consider this case by case via PM, please PM any Requesting Arena or Staff moderator about this). If the graphic isn't used in that time, or isn't used for a reasonable amount of time, then we will consider not opening future requests for that same character/story, so please be warned.

After pick up, if you don't use the graphic we will first send you a PM to remind you to use the graphic, after that if you don't respond to the PM and don't use the graphic you requested we will have to raise your warn level.

If you have further questions, please contact one of the Requesting Arena moderators.

Should you have additional questions, please post them in the Question & Answer Forum:)

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Posted 24 July 2014 - 04:45 AM



Do not change or alter the forms in anyway - simply fill in your information. Keep this as simple as possible for everyone!  :)

When posting a request, you need to refer to the standard request form. This helps to ensure that our artists have all of the information that they need and, also, that bits of your requests are not missed. Below you will find the code for the form (simply copy and paste it into your new topic (in the BBC Code Mode - you can toggle it on by clicking on the toggle button in the top left corner of the editor) and fill it out) as well as a guided form - one which contains details about the types of information we would like to see you include - and a sample completed form, to give you an indication of what your final form should look like. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Do not add [open] to your topic title. You may, instead, include the title of your story and/or any relevant information (characters, ship, era, mood, etc.) you think will entice an artist.  ;)

Standard Request Form Code for Story Graphics

[b]Story (or Chapter) Title:[/b]
[b]Link to your Story (or Chapter):[/b] link must lead to a [b]validated[/b] story
[b]Size of Graphic:[/b]
[b]Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?:[/b]
[b]Have You Requested This Graphic Before?:[/b]
[b]Do You Have Permission to Change it?:[/b] 

[b]Characters to Include (Canon or Original):[/b]
[b]Other Images You Would Like:[/b]

[b]Quotes to use on Graphic:[/b]
[b]Color Preferences:[/b]
[b]Mood of Your Story:[/b]
[b]Animation? If so, how?[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

Standard Request Form Code for Forum Sets (also for RPG Forum requests)

[b]Color Preferences:[/b]
[b]Preferred Mood:[/b]
[b]Link to Place to be Used:[/b] [url=undefined]my profile[/url]
[b]Link to Screencap:[/b] [url=undefined]screencap of my profile[/url]
[b]When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on [i]any[/i] site):[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

For Tumblr Roleplay Requests

[b]Type of Graphic:[/b]
[b]Graphic Size:[/b]
[b]Link to RP Blog and/or Rules Page:[/b]
[b]Images to be used:[/b]
[b]Colour Preferences:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

For Wallpapers

[b]Color Scheme Preferences:[/b]
[b]Desktop Orientation:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

For Headers

[b]Link to Place to be Used:[/b]
[b]Type of Site:[/b]
[b]Mood of your Skin:[/b]
[b]Color Preferences:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

For Pips

[b]Link to Place to be Used:[/b]
[b]Total Number of Pips:[/b]
[b]Text, Color & Image Pairing:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

For Character Make-overs

[b]What would you like to be changed (ie hair colour from blonde to brunette):[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]


Finished banners in this section will most often be 700 x 110 pixels in size, which is:


Please take this size in account when requesting certain images or details.


The chapter image you receive will be this size or less.



Forum sets



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Posted 24 July 2014 - 04:59 AM

Guided Request Form + Example (for a story graphic)


Guided Request Form
please do not use this form. it is provided only as a reference for what information goes where   :)

Story (or Chapter) Title: it must be the exact title that appears for your story/chapter. If you're going to change it, please say so.
Link to your Story (or Chapter): link must lead to a validated story.
Size of Graphic: for example 700x110 px for a banner
Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: if yes, include the name.
Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: if you have received a graphic from any site then you must say "yes" here.
Do You Have Permission to Change it?: if you have had a graphic made for you before, then you should ask for permission to change it from the previous artist. Note that, if you only just received the previous graphic within less than a month, you may be better to post your request in the Giant Eraser forum here instead to have your old graphic edited.


Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Please provide the name of the actor/model/etc. that you wish to portray the characters you would like on the graphic.
Other Images You Would Like: Specific objects/scenes/etc. that you would like included in your graphic (i.e. 'clouds' 'a tree' 'a locket'). Make sure any images provided comply with the Copyright Rules

Quotes to use on Graphic: if you would like a short quote on your graphic (usually no more than 10 words) please provide it here.
Color Preferences: if you have any preferences to colors - "no pinks" or "dark tones" please specify so here.
Mood of Your Story: if you have a "feel" that you're going for - romantic or angsty or fun loving - please let us know using this section.
Animation? If yes, How? if you would like your graphic to be animated in any way, please specify so here. If you do decide that you would like animation, please let us know how and what you would like animated. Do you just want the quote animated? Would you like the title to fade in an out or perhaps for the characters to fade in and out? Maybe a candle flickering? Without this information, your request will be delayed. [note: animation will make your request take longer to be filled as fewer artists can animate and even fewer still like to create animated graphics.]
Additional Information: this would be the home for any other information that you might want to include. if you have ships that you would like represented in your graphic, or if you wish to provide a short summary of your story so that the artist has a better understanding of what you're looking for, do so here. Also, if you have any character orders you would like observed (i.e., i would like draco on the left followed by hermione, harry, ginny, ron and cho) or artistic guidelines (i.e., samples of graohics/images that you've liked, stylistically).

Sample Request Form
this form has been filled out for a sample story. this form is only intended as a reference

Story (or Chapter) Title: Extempore
Link to your Story (or Chapter): http://harrypotterfa...php?psid=116956
Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: Yes (BitterEpiphany)
Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: No

Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Tonks (Natalie Imbruglia)
Other Images You Would Like: Daisy | Book

Quotes to use on Graphic: None
Color Preferences: None
Mood of Your Story: General
Animation? If yes, How? None, thank you.
Additional Information: This is a pretty general story and, while it's a Remus/Tonks ship, I don't really want any pictures of Lupin on the banner. You pretty much have free reign for colors that you might like to use.


EXTRA: Guidelines for Sites and Layouts
Skins and Layouts are a bit difficult to provide a form for but we have provided guidelines for the type of information that your artist will need to have. Please check in on your request often - a few times a day, if possible - to make sure that all of their additional questions are answered.
It's important to let your artist know approximately the width you would like the site to be. While most people, in this day in age, use a 1024x768 or larger screen resolution, Windows XP systems still ship at 800x600 and many people do still use this resolution, therefor, you may want to consider keeping your sites width - if it is going to be an absolute width - under 785 pixels. You should also consider the height of your header. A header that is taller than 400 pixels can make your page content disappear beneath it for people using smaller resolutions.

Another issue to consider is the type of layout you're looking for. Do you want to use a sidebar? Perhaps a horizontal navigation bar across the very top of the site or perhaps beneath the header but above the content? Would you like your navigation bar, wherever it may be, to be done with clickable images (mapped or otherwise) or would you prefer to use plain text? What links need to be included in this navigation bar?

Do you want a static background image or would you prefer it to be a tiling image? A solid color? Is it important that your site be "image lite" - relying mostly on tables filled with solid colors?

Do you have a prefered page font, size and color? Do you want your links to be always underlined or would you prefer that they only underline on hover? Do you have colors you would like used for your text? Do you want links to be a different color from the basic text color? Would you prefer that the artist choose these things after the skin is designed?

All in all, when requesting a layout or skin, there are a lot of things to be considered and being as clear as possible, while giving your artist as much leeway as possible, is really important.



Type of graphic: please specificy whether you want icons (and how many, if so), a promotional graphic, a background or an edit.
Graphic Size: Specify the pixel size. For icons, this will obviously range from 100x100 - 150x150. For promotional images keep in mind the new tumblr image dimensions (so width should be 540px standard instead of 500px to avoid stretching). For blog backgrounds, use your screen resolution as a reference.
Link to RP blog & rules page: This is so we can check out whether or not you've credited the graphics made after the request has been completed. We generally ask you to credit icons & blog backgrounds on your rules page. For more indepth info on how to credit, please check below.
Images to be used: For icons, we ask you to provide the artists with the screencaps/images of your FC. Same for promotional images and background graphics. AGAIN, KEEP IN MIND THE COPYRIGHT RULES! I know from experience a lot of roleplayers on tumblr use specific artwork for their promo images and blog backgrounds, a lot of which is under copyright. If you want to use artwork, we ask you to get the express permission of the original artist first (and make sure you can prove it to us) before using it in a request. If this rule isn't to your liking, then don't request on TDA, it's that simple.
Text: Fairly self-explanatory. Please provide the text you want on your background or promotional image and whether or not you want your character's initials to appear on your icons.
Colour Preferences: Would you rather have it be monochrome, light or dark? If you want your icons to be black and white, please specify this here as well.
Additional Information: for example:

  • Do you want your icons to have a border?
  • Any textures you want to be used specifically (such as dotted textures etc)?
  • If you want a blog background and you work with a post container  [FOR ARTISTS: here is an example of a blog with a post container, it's the box where the posts appear in] please provide a screenshot of your blank blog background with the blog container [LIKE THIS, the white square being where the blog container will be] so the artist will know where to put the images. Please be as concise as possible as to where you'd rather have the image positioned (for example, on top of the container, on the left side, at the bottom, etc etc). This will make it a lot easier for our artists to fill the requests like you want them to be filled & will also ensure your request gets picked up faster!

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 02:31 PM

Picking up requests (guide for artists)


Do's and Don't's



  • Pick up a request when you're junior+.
  • Fill the request as soon as possible. Preferably within 5 days
  • Notify the requestor if it's going to take longer. This way they can choose whether they want to re-open, or wait.
  • Ask for specifications or permission when changing something about the request. Ex. if a provided image proves to be hard to use, ask the requestor whether you can use another one. Or if the requestor asks for 8 people to be put on a banner but no animation, ask if you might use animation to make it easier for yourself.
  • Be polite. It goes both ways
  • Do not edit your post with your completed request graphic - double post instead! The Requesting Arena is an exception to the general no double posting rule, to make it easier for moderators to see if requests have been made. The same goes for if you need to drop the request, or any other reason you may need to post in the request again. 


  • Pick up a request before it's marked [open]
  • Pick up a request in the specific artist section not meant for you.
  • Pick up a request as a member artist unless it's in the member artist section or in the specific artist section with your username specified
  • Pick up more than one request at the time
  • Waste the requestor's time by picking up a request and then forgetting about it. If you don't have the time to fill requests, leave them for other artists. 
  • Ask requestors to post specific artist requests for you.


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